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05/19/22: Is George Washington fit only for contempt?
05/16/22: Who's afraid of liberal media bias?
05/12/22: The trade deficit is up again. No worries
05/10/22: 'They Lied!' is a lie
05/05/22: Mississippi's mainstream abortion law
05/05/22: 'I'm not concerned about a recession'
05/02/22: Canceling student debt will make things worse
04/25/22: It's a mistake to ban Holocaust denial
04/21/22: The blessing of 'rote' memory
04/19/22: 'Putin's price hike' is just the latest Biden inflation myth
04/15/22: The Passover story is an American story
04/11/22: The UN Human Rights Council makes a mockery of human rights
04/05/22: What if Ginni Thomas were a leftist?
04/04/22: Bruce Willis' nightmare: What can be crueler for an actor -- or a writer -- than losing the ability to use and understand words?
03/29/22: The return of 'Public Enemy No. 1'
03/21/22: The Iran nuclear deal may be imploding. Good.
03/07/22: Where STEM professors resist indoctrination
03/01/22: Giving incumbents the boot gives your country a boost
02/21/22: The 'Little Magician' who transformed American politics
02/15/22: If commerce and tourism had the power to undo Havana's repression, they would have done so by now
02/08/22: Big Labor's revival that wasn't
02/07/22: It's not just the Holocaust that Whoopi Goldberg got wrong
02/01/22: More education choices, fewer education fights
01/30/22: There's a term for senators like Kyrsten Sinema
01/25/22: Scrap the presidential debates
01/21/22: Biden is failing because he abandoned his mandate
01/17/22: About that eviction crisis
01/14/22: Hundreds of private groups were allowed to raise their banners on a public flagpole. But when a religious group asked, the answer was 'NO!'
01/12/22: Why are killers getting government cash?
01/10/22: The filibuster has been bad, but repealing it would be worse
01/05/22: Elizabeth Warren's one-trick inflation pony
01/03/22: Nobody knows anything
12/29/21: Yes, I expected better of Elizabeth Warren
12/28/21: As Russia gears up to invade Ukraine, the West faces a choice
12/27/21: Voting is for citizens
12/22/21: The myth of the underpaid government employee
12/21/21: Rethinking the Boston Tea Party
12/20/21: Restore the original immigration policy: An open door
12/16/21: Roe's 'viability' standard has been overtaken by science
12/15/21: The point of Smollett's hoax
12/13/21: No genocide Olympics
11/18/21: The inflation hawks have been right all along
11/10/21: When the CIA gets it wrong
11/08/21: F-bombing the president
11/05/21: The rise of the 'school board voters'
11/02/21: Of pencils and miracles
11/01/21: If China attacks, it must know Taiwan won't fight alone
10/28/21: Thomas Jefferson, honored and dishonored
10/26/21: A free press doesn't take government handouts
10/21/21: It isn't tax cuts that are driving federal deficits
10/14/21: With COVID-19, every disagreement became a culture-war flashpoint
10/12/21: Columbus gets an encore
10/10/21: Legalizing assisted suicide would send a devastating message
10/07/21: Who will defend Iraq's courageous peacemakers?
10/06/21: Support for the death penalty --- sorta
09/28/21: 'The United States is not at war.' Oh, really?
09/27/21: As Washington debates the debt limit, the hypocrisy is at flood tide
09/16/21: The sins we commit with words
09/06/21: Twenty years on, Islamic life in the United States is flourishing
09/03/21: Sirhan should die behind bars
09/01/21: What would Bin Laden say?
08/30/21: Should the unvaccinated pay the price for their folly?
08/26/21: Why this entire country, happily, is back in a lockdown time warp
08/24/21: Afghanistan and the 'forever war' myth
08/23/21: Love across the color line
08/19/21: The virtue-signaling stock exchange
08/17/21: The unbroken history of socialist failure
08/16/21: The census is too nosy
08/10/21: The wrestler who loved her country
08/09/21: The eviction moratorium and the rule of lawlessness
08/05/21: The grievance industry vs. the Boston Marathon
08/04/21: A hatemonger at the Olympics
08/03/21: Are Americans still charitable?
08/02/21: The very racist history of gun control
07/20/21: REVEALED: Harry Truman conned us all
07/26/21: No ministry of culture, please, we're American
07/15/21: Curb your Holocaust analogies, already!
07/13/21: Inflation and broken windows
07/07/21: Lincoln was the best. Buchanan was the worst. What about the others?
07/02/21: Online Lottery games would be a bad bet
06/28/21: It isn't Big Brother's job to turn Americans into voters
06/25/21: Again Supreme Court defends religious believers. Again it's unanimous
06/21/21: Women don't register for the draft, and men shouldn't either
06/18/21: Biden stays out of our face. Isn't it great?
06/15/21: The political myth that demography is destiny
06/08/21: The Down syndrome bigotry of world renowned biologist
05/31/21: No, Prince Harry, the First Amendment isn't bonkers
05/25/21: Which party gains if Roe goes down?
05/16/21: In nature and in government, sunsets are beautiful
05/13/21: A Dem in the White House? Cue the FDR analogiess
05/10/21: Is America racist? Kamala Harris and Tim Scott say no
05/05/21: Not a 'coup': When democracy actually works
05/04/21: Serena Williams' pain (and mine)
04/27/21: Is the president really prepared for America to walk away and let Kabul fall to the jihadists?
04/26/21: Thirty seconds over Mars
04/21/21: Heroes of the people
04/20/21: The IRS, Ann Landers --- and me
04/19/21: Religion in America is fading, but true believers are everywhere
04/14/21: Cheapening the memory of Jim Crow
04/13/21: 435 representatives aren't nearly enough. Let's make it 1,500
04/12/21: Elizabeth Warren's snotty tweet
04/08/21: The problem with Holocaust education
04/06/21: Obama the oppressor?
04/05/21: No! It’s too soon for the 2024 campaign
03/30/21: Death is the right penalty for Boston Marathon bomber
03/22/21: Move the Beijing Olympics --- or shun them
03/19/21: The COVID baby boom that wasn't
03/16/21: Frederick Douglass takes on cancel culture
03/15/21: Heed the science and abolish daylight saving time
03/08/21: Race-based admissions are wrong, and it's time the Supreme Court said so
02/22/21: The way to ensure that America won't have to fight to defend the democratic island against mainland China?
02/18/21: Don't get hooked on executive orders
02/16/21: The racial decency -- and irony -- of Rutherford Hayes
02/11/21: The cruelty of a higher minimum wage
01/28/21: Billionaires and multimillionaires don't need a government pension
01/27/21: The politics of an Auschwitz survivor's son
01/27/21: Abortion in America is legal, not popular
01/26/21: A short history of presidential grief
01/22/21: Inaugurate a human rights policy, President Biden
01/19/21: Why New Hampshire is suing Massachusetts
01/18/21: Freedom of association and the Big Tech purge
01/15/21: The birth of civil disobedience
01/12/21: 'This mobocratic spirit'
01/08/20: To defend objectivity and restore liberalism
01/05/20: Wrong, wrong wrong
01/04/20: More than politics divides us; national identity unites us
12/31/20: What was GREAT about 2020
12/29/20: 'Mostly Peaceful': from 2020's Words of the Year
12/23/20: Our lordly congressional public servants
12/22/20: Watch your #@&*$! language
12/14/20: Why Beethoven still endures
12/14/20: Borris and Natasha at America's top tech schools
12/11/20: Biden promised not to pardon Trump. Maybe he should do so anyway
12/08/20: 84 years of not suffering fools
12/07/20: Congress goes after forced labor, and big business objects
12/01/20: The nation's common tongue: Though hundreds of languages are spoken in this country, English stands alone
11/30/20: Jettisoning the Iran agreement didn't lead to more war. It led to more peace
11/24/20: Give thanks for the Pilgrims and private property
11/23/20: A student debt bailout would be unjust
11/19/20: 'Whatever helps Dems the most'
11/17/20: Harris' election isn't a bombshell
11/11/20: Tax-and-spend myths and facts
11/10/20: A defeat for discrimination --- but libs are salking
11/09/20: Ignore the hotheads: America just voted for less drama and strife
11/04/20: There's more to life than politics
11/03/20: Girl Scouts cave to the Twitter mob
11/02/20: Job 1 for the next president: Bind up the wounds of a polarized nation
10/29/20: Biden is right to be leery of court-packing
10/27/20: Another prominent lib decries leftist censorship
10/20/20: Biden's tax hikes will get you, too
10/19/20: Outrage over Gal Gadot portraying Cleopatra gets the history wrong --- and flies in the face of what acting is meant to accomplish
10/15/20: The most important election (since the last election)
10/08/20: In 2020, will Left Coast voters let government revert to making judgments based on skin color?
10/05/20: How not to squander your vote
09/27/20: Expect liberal rulings from the 'most conservative' Supreme Courts
09/25/20: Scrap life terms for Supreme Court justices
09/17/20: Our guest speaker today, class, is a Jew-hating terrorist
09/15/20: Disney thanks the dictators
09/14/20: A plea for humility from America's first superstar
09/07/20: The politicos you love to hate are people too
08/31/20: The Christian flag and the Boston flagpole
08/26/20: 'Jalopy,' 'blizzard,' and other words I love
08/24/20: Why I'm not going postal: The pandemic propels a wave of support for mail-in voting, but I intend to vote in person
08/20/20: 'Peace through strength' is a more durable foundation than 'land for peace'
08/18/20: Sexism and the female running mate
08/10/20: Here come the dumbest presidential debates in history
08/06/20: A defeat for 'cancel culture'
08/04/20: Bring back the filibuster!
07/29/20: Is English grammar racist?
07/27/20: Fear of speech is replacing freedom of speech
07/24/20: Voting is a privilege that prisoners rightly forfeit
07/13/20: As night descends on Hong Kong, the UN raises no objection
07/10/20: The enduring value of the Electoral College
07/03/20: 'A finger of the Almighty hand': Reclaiming Independence Day
06/30/20: 'Cancel culture' grows increasingly cruel
06/29/20: From Saudi Arabia, a welcome call for tolerance and moderation
06/25/20: Abolish the Cops. Abolish the Prisons. What Next?
06/25/20: It's not by accident or oversight that the nation's capital isn't a state: the Founding Fathers designed it that way
06/22/20: It's not by accident or oversight that the nation's capital isn't a state: the Founding Fathers designed it that way
06/18/20: Don't reform police unions. Abolish them
06/15/20: Statue-toppling, right and wrong
06/08/20: The week the looters came
05/14/20: The pernicious Logan Act should have been scrapped long ago
05/05/20: Keep politicians' names off relief checks. And everything else
05/01/20: Stop kicking the North Korean can down the road
04/23/20: Would Biden want Warren for VP? Don't count on it
04/09/20: Did the West overreact? What we'll know soon
04/06/20: This too shall pass (over)
04/02/20: Excluding Taiwan from the WHO is a political and medical outrage
03/30/20: A civil liberties pandemic
03/26/20: Coronavirus has forced Biden far from his comfort zone --- and it shows
03/23/20: The Equal Rights Amendment died in 1979. Let it rest in peace
03/19/20: When demand soars, prices should too
03/17/20: I'm skeptical about climate alarmism, but I take coronavirus fears seriously
03/12/20: 'Moderate' Joe Biden has moved way to the left
03/03/20: The shallow symbolism of fossil fuel divestment
02/17/20: The president who was not a pol: Could Zachary Taylor, 'Old Rough and Ready,' have prevented America's deadliest war?
02/14/20: Should it be illegal to sit out an election?
01/30/20: Trump should cancel the State of the Union
01/23/20: As Harry and Meghan 'step back,' Queen Elizabeth steps up
01/20/20: The war to liberate Iraq was just, even if it's no longer popular to say so
01/14/20: Make presidential debates worth watching
01/09/20: No matter what the candidates say, America isn't leaving the Middle East anytime soon
01/06/20: Politicians are only human
12/31/19: What was so great about the 2010s
12/24/19: To make Congress better, make it (a lot) bigger
12/19/19: Lindsey Graham and the impeachment pearl-clutchers
12/17/19: Actually, class warriors, skyrocketing inequality may be a myth
12/12/19: The welfare state 'Brezhnev Doctrine'
11/20/19: Warren plays the 'sexism' card
11/18/19: Are hate crimes up or down? Hint: Don't be fooled
11/07/19: Leave adoption out of the culture wars
11/04/19: 'Kill yourself,' she texted, and he killed himself. Does that make her a killer?
10/08/19: Blessed are the retractors
09/24/19: Where's the clamor over our disastrous national debt?
09/20/19: Which party, again, has no 'bedrock principles'?
09/17/19: The case against fracking is based on ideology, not science
09/13/19: Why Hong Kong's protesters fly the Stars and Stripes
09/03/19: Newsrooms won't be saved by Bernie Sanders' socialist nostrums
08/29/19: Abolishing birthright citizenship would be 'frankly ridiculous' --- and profoundly un-American
08/08/19: No, expanded background checks wouldn't prevent mass shootings
08/05/19: Our world has serious problems. Having more babies can help solve them
08/02/19: When murders increase, so does support for the death penalty
07/16/19: George Washington was right about 'baneful' two-party politics
07/08/19: 'Proclaim Liberty': How the Hebrew Bible molded revolutionary America
07/03/19: Dems are having a socialist moment, but it won't last
06/24/19: Would-be presidents can't wait to rule by fiat
06/19/19: De-link driver's licenses from the immigration wars
06/17/19: Hong Kong is being strangled, and the free world just watches
06/06/19: Non-diversity and the spelling bee
06/04/19: With the market making parental leave routine, who needs Congress?
05/23/19: A bigger NATO has been a better NATO
05/23/19: Nancy Pelosi, profile in courage? Hardly
05/20/19: Wouk and remembrance
05/09/19: Will Trump cling to power even if he loses?
05/08/19: When Muslim terrorists killed his daughter, his long crusade for justice began
04/25/19: The banishing of Kate Smith isn't 'sensitive' --- it's ridiculous
04/23/19: Mueller's report means impeachment won't happen
04/18/19: Those imprisoned for breaking laws should have no say in making laws
04/17/19: Passover and the secret of Jewish longevity
04/15/19: Don't dump the filibuster --- restore it to its former glory
04/02/19: Reparations for slavery are unworkable --- and unjust
03/26/19: Column-writing in the Internet age is much better. And much worse
03/22/19: The governor's bleeding-heart death-row betrayal is heartless
03/19/19: Lower the voting age? Let's raise it instead
03/14/19: Why the 'excellent' Electoral College is well worth keeping
02/22/19: Voter ID laws aren't worth fighting over
02/11/19: To soak the rich, keep tax rates low
02/08/19: The government shutdown was expected to damage the economy. It didn't
02/01/19: The secular upside to a religious America
01/21/19: As King foresaw, racism in America has been largely overcome
01/15/19: The PC commissars vs. Bryan Cranston
01/10/19: Is the bike-lane fever breaking?
01/04/19: Your guess is as good as theirs
01/02/19: Miracle of miracles --- The Internet didn't implode! A year after net neutrality's repeal, it's alive and well --- and faster
12/25/18: Apollo 8's perfect Christmas message
12/21/18: A war memorial is in the form of a cross. Is that a problem?
12/07/18: Break this political duopoly before it's too late
11/22/18: We gather together to give Thanksgiving its meaning
11/19/18: The kosher-industrial complex
11/16/18: Three cheers for congressional gridlock
10/30/18: A massacre in Pittsburgh and the 'hardening' of Jewish America
10/25/18: Outraged --- but only when it's convenient
10/22/18: Enlightened despots are never enlightened
10/18/18: Elizabeth Warren, typical white person
09/06/18: An idea that must be stopped: Gender quotas for corporate boards
09/06/18: The White House handshake that made everything worse
09/03/18: In easing up on mileage rules, the Trump administration gets it right
08/30/18: Why is a great Senate office building named for a modern racist?
08/23/18: Chelsea Clinton's twisted argument about abortion and economic growth
08/16/18: These employees eat at work. City Hall wants to punish them
08/09/18: At Smith College, the racist incident that wasn't
07/23/18: Why Dems should hope Roe is overruled
07/19/18: The transgender posse vs. Scarlett Johansson
07/09/18: 70 years ago, Humphrey changed the Democratic Party
06/04/18: If politics worked the way the Food Network works
05/28/18: Make more babies, America
05/23/18: Want to fire your congressman? There's a fund for that
05/17/18: The world needs a policeman, and there is no alternative to America
05/14/18: The Palestinians' real 'nakba' (Arabic for 'catastrophe')
04/27/18: Trump is off to a great start as Deregulator-in-Chief
04/23/18: Our @&*!^$^# public discourse
04/16/18: Her 'Little Pink House' was her castle --- until the government said it wasn't
04/09/18: The concocted uproar over 'privatizing' the VA
04/05/18: The citizenship question isn't the only one the Census should scrap
03/29/18: Registering to vote should be your choice, not the state's
03/22/18: The death penalty, humane and painless
03/20/18: Hillary tumbles down the 'marriage gap'Hillary tumbles down the 'marriage gap'
03/12/18: China's corporate tools
03/08/18: The 'scandal-free' Obama administration? An urban legend
02/20/18: The hack who repented: How a sleazy pol went to the White House and became a reformer
02/15/18: The Tea Party, RIP
01/23/18: In an age of e-commerce, the 'Quill rule' is more vital than ever
01/18/18: That GOP 'tax scam' is putting money in millions of workers' pockets
01/16/18: Oprah for president --- or for queen?
01/12/18: As a matter of fact, minimum wage laws hurt the poor
01/02/18: Voter suppression? Alabama election exposed a myth
12/28/17: Trump's Russia policies are proving surprisingly tough
12/26/17: Nikki Haley, the Trump administration's breakout star
12/21/17: The doctor won't see you now. Where it's a way of life
12/18/17: This is your brain on social media
12/07/17: The blessings of climate change
12/04/17: What the Constitution says about cakes and compelled speech
11/24/17: Scrap the Obamacare mandate
11/24/17: The Mayflower Compact and the seeds of American democracy
10/30/17: Life is annoying. Don't make it worse
10/12/17: If you can pay for aspirin, you can pay for birth control
10/05/17: Abusive gerrymandering can be stopped, but not by judges
10/02/17: 'Lies' in political campaigns should be refuted, not prosecuted
09/21/17: As Kurds vote for independence, Americans should cheer
09/18/17: Above the Arctic Circle, a Cold War Rosh Hashana
09/11/17: A chance for Congress to get its mojo back
09/04/17: Why do presidents have unfettered power to pardon?
08/23/17: A free-speech rally, minus the free speech
08/22/17: Freedom of association is for businesses, too
08/17/17: Prevent Korean War II with a regime-change strategy for Pyongyang
07/31/17: Research isn't tainted just because industry picks up the tab
07/24/17: 'Let Obamacare fail,' says Trump. It already has
07/17/17: A nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown
07/13/17: What Rick Perry really said about supply and demand
07/10/17:: From normalizing Bill Clinton to normalizing Donald Trump
06/19/17:: When good things come from bad people
06/12/17:: Sorry, class warriors, unions aren't coming back
05/29/17:: One of the best ideas in human history
05/22/17:: Be wary of a Trump feeding frenzy
05/15/17:: A health-care debate to die for
05/11/17:: A back-of-the-bus human rights policy
05/08/17:: Freedom of speech, even in therapy
05/04/17:: Trump's tariff will hurt Americans
05/01/17:: Obama's third term
04/27/17:: Automatic forgiveness makes the world more dangerous
04/06/17:: Don't nuke the filibuster --- restore it
04/03/17:: Thirty years of 'varsity academics'
03/31/17:: When presidents break big promises
03/27/17:: Deliver us from Scripture-citers
03/23/17:: Gorsuch says judges aren't 'secret legislators'. Actually, they legislate all the time
03/20/17:: Ditch Obamacare, and don't stop there
03/16/17:: Climate models fail so often because climate science is so incomplete
03/13/17:: In the land where Jews are welcome, anti-Semitism is on the rise
03/01/17:: Scrap the NEA, and America's arts scene will thrive
02/20/17:: An echo of Trump in the last of the Whigs
02/16/17:: School choice keeps the peace
02/13/17:: Trump is right: Settlements don't impede peace
02/06/17:: Is that sermon political?
01/30/17:: Make SCOTUS nominees answer the tough questions
01/26/17:: Trump's 'Buy American' call is economic folly
01/19/17:: The fabulous wealth of the 'Oxfam 8'
01/12/17:: Racist opinions are hateful. That shouldn't make them crimes
01/09/17:: Barack Obama's legacy of failure
01/02/17:: What experts predict, reality will contradict
12/29/16:: The right to discriminate is vital to human liberty
12/27/16:: As socialism shattered the country, the useful idiots applauded
12/21/16:: Trump's envoy to Israel is ready to slay some sacred cows
11/28/16:: Less Frank Costanza, more Mike Pence
11/24/16:: Is Thanksgiving constitutional?
11/21/16:: Eminent injustice in cranberry country
11/16/16:: In defense of the Electoral College
11/14/16:: Conservatives vs. Trump: For Reaganites, life in the GOP is going to get harder
11/10/16:: Shocking, yes. Looming dictatorship? Hardly
11/08/16:: Another campaign ends, and my wishes didn't come true
10/21/16:: The candidates' high court priority --- and the Constitution's
10/16/16:: How the religious right embraced Donald Trump and lost its moral authority
10/10/16:: Congress unleashes the Furies, but never at itself
09/28/16:: Obama has shed his vanity. Just ask him
09/15/16:: What if Hillary collapsed after winning the election?
09/08/16:: Three prescriptions for a shorter campaign
09/06/16:: Israel doesn't need American foreign aid
09/01/16:: Campaigns so long they make children cry
08/30/16:: Does the death penalty deter?
08/25/16:: Have more kids; save the world
08/18/16:: Let us now praise famous nonpoliticians
08/08/16:: Reward organ donors, and thousands of lives will be saved
08/01/16:: Getting Everything You Want
07/29/16:: Parties change. Not always for the better
07/25/16:: A hater's guide to Hillary
07/21/16:: Failure of Turkey's coup was no victory for democracy
07/18/16:: Real debates illuminate issues. Presidential 'debates' debase them
07/14/16:: Making college 'free' will only make it worse
07/05/16:: Elie Wiesel's love of America
07/04/16:: The Leave campaign of 1776 reverberates to this day
06/30/16:: Cigarettes are hazardous, but some lawmakers are worse
06/27/16:: More firepower than the Marines: Federal civilian agencies are amassing guns and ammo
06/20/16:: Does it matter how many women sit on corporate boards?
06/14/16:: Payday loans are a poor option. No payday loans would be worse
06/08/16:: A civil rights hero? Muhammad Ali was anything but
06/06/16:: Should you need the government's permission to work?
06/02/16:: In Hillary, Americans don't trust
06/01/16: : Up and down -- but mostly up -- the income ladder
05/16/16: : A terrible weapon that achieved much good
05/13/16: : Killing us softly with overregulation
05/02/16: : The end of Holocaust remembrance
04/26/16: : Let patients pay the piper, and the price of health care will fall
04/18/16: : The Obama doctrine has made the world more dangerous
04/11/16: : If you don't rent to criminals, are you a racist?
04/04/16: : Authoritarian-in-chief Imagine Donald Trump with the immense power of the presidency
03/31/16: : Our embassy in Israel belongs in Israel's capital
03/28/16: : Why there are Muslim ghettos in Belgium, but not in the US
03/21/16: : Gender is etched in our DNA, but race is all in our heads
03/16/16: : Vote early, vote foolish
03/11/16: : A lesson for Trump in Bulger's rejected appeal
03/02/16: : Why this Reagan conservative voted for Bernie
02/29/16: : If the Supreme Court had term limits, confirmations wouldn't be so bloody
02/15/16: : The president without a party
02/11/16: : New Hampshire Republicans stain their credibility
02/08/16: : For Americans, global freedom is a mission that crosses party lines
02/04/16: : Does Hillary's resume make her the 'best-qualified' candidate?
02/01/16: : The extraordinary generosity of ordinary Americans
01/25/16: : Obama regrets polarized rancor. He should
01/11/16: : State of the Union spectacle would appall Thomas Jefferson
01/08/16: : The weakest economic recovery in modern times
12/31/15: : 2015 was an awful year? Look again
12/28/15: Obama's Cuba policy makes life worse for Cubans
12/23/15: Shock and awe over Agrabah
12/17/15: 'Mismatched' black students pay the price of affirmative action
12/10/15: Guns and the 'No-Fly' grandstanders
12/07/15: Christie's coveted, meaningless prize
12/03/15: Three cheers for cultural appropriation
11/16/15: Obama lied: 'I'm the president of the United States --- I'm not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.'
11/12/15: Another TSA debacle. Is anyone surprised?
11/09/15: Take the journalists off the debate stage
11/04/15: The brutal horror of China's one-child policy
11/02/15: US intelligence is no match for Iranian deception
10/29/15: So what if Ben Carson is a creationist?
10/26/15: Would Rabin have pulled the plug on a 'peace process' that failed?
10/22/15: Make redistricting better by making it color-blind
10/19/15: No, Bernie Sanders, Scandinavia is not a socialist utopia
10/15/15: The power to regulate is the power to destroy
10/12/15: Many presidents have known the grief of burying a child
10/05/15: Free your eyes from the shackles of the shutter
10/02/15: Delusional 'president' of non-existent state wins cheers instead of jeers at United Nations
09/30/15: When the General Assembly votes, the US should abstain
09/25/15: Cheapening evil
09/21/15: Opinion polling's heyday has come and gone
09/14/15: The Iran deal bait-and-switch
09/10/15: A 'Palestinian' hero acts, and Hebron gets a lesson in humanity
09/07/15: Strike down the Supreme Court's 'buffer zone'
08/31/15: Something worse than the IRS awaits greedy televangelists
08/27/15: Donald Trump, eminent-domain abuser
08/20/15: 'Sesame Street' moves to HBO, and everyone wins
08/17/15: American politics needs more civility, not less
08/13/15: Jindal puts the emphasis on assimilation
08/03/15: China has its own horrors to atone for
07/27/15: Iran can buy a lot of terror with $100 billion
07/23/15: Planned Parenthood videos should appall even pro-choice advocates
07/20/15: A Nobel prize for an ignoble deal?
07/17/15: Life without parole is no substitute for death
07/02/15: How judges corrode the rule of law
06/29/15: It'll take more than tanks to keep Putin from the Baltics
06/26/15: A moral world requires moral violence
06/22/15: From beyond the fringe, it's Donald Trump
06/19/15: Life without libraries? Unthinkable
06/11/15: American millennials rethink abortion, for good reasons
06/08/15: The case for Israel is rooted in more than security
06/01/15: It's socialism, not deodorant, that starves the poor
05/27/15: Let millionaire ex-presidents pay for themselves
05/22/15: Iraq and the White House time machine
05/20/15: Patriot Act's most controversial section fades to black
05/18/15: A fitting sentence for the Boston Marathon terrorist
05/11/15: When US troops left too soon
05/04/15: Thuggish censors in the marketplace of ideas
04/30/15: Strawberry field hands forever?
04/27/15: Politicians, 'profiteers,' and public health
04/23/15: Death or life for Tsarnaev?
04/20/15: Does Tehran mean what it says? Oh, yes
03/27/15: Obama's hypocritical attack on Netanyahu
03/27/15: The House of Tudor didn't get the last word
03/23/15: It's Election 'Day' for a reason
03/19/15: Back to firing squads? Thank death-penalty foes
03/12/15: Take Daylight Saving Time. Please
03/05/15: Putin has built a Russia of hate
03/02/15: The squabble over Bibi's speech
02/26/15: Look who's making an issue of Obama's religion
02/19/15: Could 'Grover the Good' win the White House today?
02/09/15: 'I see parchment burning, but the letters are soaring free'
02/05/15: Give Ukraine the military aid it needs for its defense
02/02/15: No, 2014 wasn't the 'warmest year in history'
01/29/15: We will take the lashes for Saudi blogger
01/26/15: On immigration, it's GOP v. GOP
01/22/15: Gun rights should cross state lines
01/15/15: The antisemitic derangement
01/12/15: Supreme Court justices shouldn't attend State of the Union
1/05/15: White racism has all but disappeared from US politics
12/29/14: Be less romantic about the past
12/22/14: A happy Christmas for the Castro regime
12/15/14: China's economy isn't No. 1 --- but if it were, so what?
12/08/14: The good that results from US 'boots on the ground'
12/02/14: As two-parent families decline, income inequality grows
11/24/14: The Jewish state's newest hero wasn't Jewish
11/20/14: Buy your health insurance out of state
11/13/14: Gas is cheaper. Where are the grandstanding politicians?
11/10/14: The wall came tumbling down
11/03/14: No wonder voters like a candidate who knows how to castrate hogs
10/30/14: A Clinton vs. Bush race --- Again? Democracies and dynasties don't mix
10/27/14: Same-sex weddings, and the right not to perform them
10/03/14: 'Who will rest and who will wander'
09/23/14: Why beheading?
09/11/14: Drink to your health
09/09/14: Run for president or reelection to the Senate: LBJ rule to stop GOP frontrunner?
09/04/14: A 'right' to be a jerk?
08/28/14: Your strategy was wrong, Mr. President
08/25/14: James Foley video is grim, but we owe it to him to bear witness
08/21/14: Hillary's Delphic politics
08/11/14: How about a year-round tax holiday?
07/28/14: Nixon: Painfully shy, but craving great purpose
07/17/14: How to alter the Constitution you so dislike
07/10/14: If Hillary runs, it won't be as a Clinton Democrat
06/30/14: Embattled GOPer scored voting-rights victory for minorities
06/23/14: Wedding gift registries tell guests it's not the thought that counts
06/19/14: Marriage and the 'wrong side of history'
06/17/14: Bizarre, outdated laws must go
06/12/14: A truly ‘unprecedented’ Palestinian response to Israeli construction would be neighborly
06/03/14: Tax the roads, not the fuel
05/27/14: The vaunted 'competence' of Barack Obama
05/23/14: How political insiders control the ballot
05/19/14: Pfizer and the flight from punitive taxes
05/16/14: 'Fossil free' isn't folly free
05/12/14: US legal bubble can't pop soon enough
05/05/14: The prison door keeps revolving
05/01/14: Sterling's words were vulgar and bigoted, but private
04/28/14: Amid Holocaust remembrance, antisemitism adapts and thrives
04/21/14: Goldwater lost in a landslide --- and won the GOP future
04/14/14: Islam, 'honor' violence, and the silence of the progressives
03/31/14: How unborn babies become 'clinical waste'
03/28/14: Dems' ObamaCare albatross
03/24/14: Public-sector pensions are eating taxpayers alive
03/20/14: This is no time to go wobbly on Ukraine
03/17/14: The punchline is the president's dignity
03/13/14: Eminent disaster
03/10/14: 'Six Californias' instead of one?
02/27/14: Where is our shame?
02/17/14: The man who didn't want to be president
02/13/14: No, death isn't 'too good' for Tsarnaev
02/10/14: Political values aren't coded in skin color
02/03/14: 'Leading from behind' to a new world disorder
01/30/14: Income gap? Not many are obsessed
01/27/14: The Court, the buffer zone, and the marketplace of ideas
01/06/14: Buffering out the right to hear
01/02/14: Four New Year's resolutions for the press
12/30/13: The Castro tyranny turns another year older
12/23/13: Another slip down the slope from gay marriage
12/19/13: Impeach Obama? Not a chance
12/16/13: John Kerry's wrongheaded priority
12/02/13: 'Tis better to give, but some give more
11/04/13: Does the First Amendment stop at 35 feet?
11/04/13: Which ObamaCare shoe will drop next?
10/29/13: The Saudis' UN snub was a message meant for Obama
10/21/13: Would Democrats embrace a JFK today?
10/17/13: The problem is the debt, not the debt ceiling
10/10/13: Compromise with Republicans, don't demonize them
10/07//13: A cup of civility: The lesson in the Starbucks non-backlash
09/26/13: What the Pope actually said
09/16/13: From the Iraqi pullout to the disaster in Syria
09/09/13: Darwin's conundrum: Where does compassion come from?
08/29/13: When 'never again' turns into 'yet again'
08/26/13: Does a police officer's race matter?
08/22/13: How to fix presidential debates
08/15/13: Commander-in-Chief denying Purple Heart to those desrving it
08/12/13: Government is dangerous. Handle with care
07/29/13: There oughta be a law? Don't be so sure
07/15/13: A quintessentially American hall of fame
07/11/13: Supreme Court life tenure needs a rethink
07/04/13: Words to transform the world
07/01/13: Civil-rights generation prisoner to its fears
06/08/13: Demography doesn't threaten the Jewish state
06/08/13: Washington booms --- thanks to other people's money
06/03/13: Is this any way to help the poor?
05/15/13: Secure borders? US already has them
05/09/13: Dzokhar Tsarnaev and the death penalty
04/25/13:There's nothing fair about the Marketplace Fairness Act for Internet sales
04/22/13: On North Korea, Kerry muddles the message
04/18/13: Things will be the same again
04/15/13: King's 'Letter' and the law
04/11/13: The essence of Thatcherism
03/25/13: Rare is the politician who takes a stand he knows may doom him politically
03/21/13: On balance, was the Iraq war worth it?
03/18/13: A Pope in Judaism?
03/14/13: Useful idiots, then and now
03/11/13: Education liberation
03/07/13: Americans speak every language, but only English unites us
03/04/13: Europe's Hezbollah cowardice
02/28/13: Still obsessed with Citizens United
02/18/13: After the 'toughest' gun law, gun crime rose
02/14/13: Abolition, word by word: The long battle of ideas that defeated slavery
02/11/13: Our commuters could learn something from Tokyo's
02/04/13: A popular secretary of state, not a great one
01/31/13: Freedom? In Japan, conservatives don't mention it
01/14/13: Bad guys' lawyers
01/03/13: People are truly good at heart? Sadly, no
12/31/12: Kerry's 'realism' slips into callousness
12/27/12: Those endless, onerous presidential campaigns
12/24/12: A party that doesn't think with its skin
12/20/12: Good laws will never abolish all evil
12/17/12: The baby bust generation
12/13/12: Freedom from union compulsion
12/06/12: Grant's greatest regret
11/29/12: What Medicare needs is a consumer-driven market
11/26/12: Yes, slash farm subsidies --- but don't stop there
11/22/12: A vast moral difference
11/19/12: Incumbents forever
10/29/12: Voting is a right, not a duty
10/25/12: The real George McGovern
10/22/12: Can a conscientious liberal back Obama?
10/18/12: What would Hippocrates do?
10/15/12: The moral giant and the leftist creep
10/08/12: What's the real race issue here?
09/27/12: Obama, the great divider
09/24/12: The ghosts of Jimmy Carter
08/23/12: Stingy liberals
08/20/12: Unlikely bedfellows on immigration reform
08/16/12: After the Olympics: Where's the humility?
08/09/12: The rich pay their fair share in taxes --- and then some
07/26/12: Public discourse, without the 'hard zinger'
07/23/12: How the marriage gap favors Obama
07/19/12: A slow reader's lament
07/16/12: Life terms for teen killers: neither cruel nor unusual
07/12/12: Minimum-wage laws are costly for the unemployed
07/09/12: Broaden the immigration debate --- and abolish the quotas
07/04/12: Celebrating, royal-free
07/02/12: No danger in a nuclear Iran? Seriously?
06/28/12: America the non-racist
06/21/12: Forget the research; our minds are made up
06/18/12: The #%@*&! problem
06/11/12: The end nears for a 50-year mistake
06/04/12: Facebook's expatriate and the Senate's demagogues
05/29/12: When 'minority' is a trick of definition
05/24/12: The peace process battered Israel's reputation
05/21/12: Two is enough
05/10/12: 'Never again' is now in North Korea
05/07/12: 'The defining issue of our time'? Hardly
04/30/12: The government's college money pit
04/26/12: Congressman's war on the Constitution
04/23/12: Obama is a unifier? Hardly
04/19/12: 'Victims' who persecute
04/05/12: An uncivil income tax system
03/29/12: With sunny authenticity, Reagan wooed the young
03/26/12: Romney, Republicans, and the young
03/22/12: A safer society with guns
03/19/12: On mandate, Romney plays both sides
03/15/12: On trial at Rutgers: Hate crime or thought crime?
03/12/12: Taxi medallions shackle cabbies
03/05/12: Santorum's 'snub' was no gaffe
03/01/12: Outraged by Mormon proxy baptism? Not this Jew
02/16/12: Quakers, conscience, and contraception
02/13/12: A second look at 'The Third Jihad'
02/09/12: A moment of clarity --- thanks to the Race for the Cure
02/06/12: Is a long primary fight good for the GOP?
02/02/12: 'Right-to-work' means freedom and choice
01/26/12: Shut up, they explained
01/19/12: Burning with despair
01/11/12: In New Hampshire, 'acceptable' is pronounced 'winner'
01/09/12: A 'referendum' on Romney
01/05/12: Pull the parachute
01/02/12: The Supreme Court's judgment isn't absolute
12/27/11: 'Dysfunctional' government is a feature, not a bug
12/26/11: The affirmative-action myth
12/19/11: An 'end point' for race-based admissions
12/12/11: E-mail isn't killing the Post Office
12/08/11: For Arab Christians, a wintry 'spring'
12/05/11: Frank's sneering insults won't be missed
12/01/11: In Oregon, a profile in incoherence
11/23/11: Making Americans
11/21/11: Memo to Washington: Kick the spending habit
11/16/11: Is America past its prime?
11/14/11: A deep breath for free speech
11/10/11: A nuclear Iran would be the gravest threat
11/07/11: Medallion madness
11/03/11: Occupiers, Tea Partiers, and the Tenth Commandment
10/31/11: Losing the peace in Iraq?
10/27/11: Romney's threat to China
10/19/11: Too steep a price for Shalit's release
10/13/11: In Egypt, a new sort of pogrom
10/10/11: The left, the race card, and Herman Cain
10/06/11: David Horowitz's search for meaning in mortality
09/28/11: Professor Warren's ire
09/26/11: Climate skeptics don't 'deny science'
09/22/11: A Palestinian state? Don't count on it
09/19/11: For Elizabeth Warren, a story from 1984
09/15/11: Liberty's resilience, even after 9/11
09/11/11: The war on terror is a war of ideas
09/07/11: Uncle Sam's IOUs can't save Social Security
09/05/11: A Ponzi scheme? That's not the point
09/01/11: Anti-religious diatribes come in different forms
08/29/11: Disaster isn't a stimulus package
08/25/11: The Sage of Omaha speaks, but his actions speak louder
08/22/11: When 'inconsequential' means 'better'
08/18/11: Making Washington inconsequential
08/15/11: 'Tea Partiers sound an urgent alarm
08/08/11: 'Energy independence' is a pipe dream
08/04/11: Smearing the Tea Party
07/25/11: Migraines, Michele, and me
07/21/11: Population boon
07/18/11: How many lawmakers does it take to . . .
07/11/11: Let convicts choose: Prison or the lash?
07/04/11: Philosophy, faith, and the Fourth of July
06/27/11: Good intentions, bad health policy
06/23/11: The world's best policeman
06/20/11: Who cares about American history?
06/07/11: No blind eye to the 'worst of the worst'
06/02/11: Cooler heads contend with climate panic
05/30/11: Much ado about Bibi and Barack
05/26/11: A ban on circumcision?
05/23/11: Gingrich and 'the party of food stamps'
05/19/11: Romney stands steadfast for a bad idea
05/16/11: Obama's inexcusable indecision on Syria
05/05/11: The debt-ceiling scaremongers
05/3/11: Bin Laden was right about one thing
05/02/11: Hitler is dead. Hitlerism lives on
04/25/11: Why the 2012 hopefuls don't inspire
04/18/11: There's no fairness in taxing e-sales
04/14/11: The myth of 'Herbert Hoover economics'
04/11/11: The indispensable freedom of association
03/30/11: Shaking the house that Assad built
03/28/11: Gingrich vs. Gingrich
03/21/11: This time, don't betray the rebels
03/16/11: Massacre of the innocents
03/14/11: What NPR needs is a little tough love
03/10/11: A RomneyCare fix for Romney
03/03/11: Union ‘rights’ that aren't
02/21/11: Lara Logan and Egyptian liberation
02/16/11: Retire the racial bean-counters
02/14/11: Why are the zealots obsessed with smoking?
02/09/11: No room at the table for the Muslim Brothers
02/07/11: Made in the U.S.A.
02/02/11: Egypt and the 'freedom agenda'
01/31/11: The case for mercenaries in Somalia
01/27/11: Abortion's awful euphemisms
01/24/11: Obama, the Great Deregulator?
01/17/11: Voices of patience and wisdom
01/13/11: Arbitration's intolerable bind
01/10/11: The widening fight against public-sector unions
12/27/10: A House poorly divided
12/20/10: Mitt Romney does the health-care straddle
12/15/10: Yes, genocide is ‘an American concern’
12/13/10: Why do the liberals rage?
12/06/10: Is capital punishment racist?
12/02/10: North Korea runs unchecked
11/24/10: No subsidy for NPR
11/22/10: TSA: One step behind the terrorists
11/17/10: Warning labels and the nanny-state
11/15/10: Created by God to be good
11/08/10: The GOP gets a second chance
11/04/10: Europe says no to deficit-spending 'stimulus'
11/01/10: The 'big dog' of campaign spending
10/28/10: Condescension and comeuppance
10/20/10: Fannie, Freddie, Frank, and fiction
10/18/10: The undeniable Jewish state
10/14/10: ObamaCare blowback
10/11/10: The most conservative court? Hardly
10/06/10: Congress beats the trade-war drum
09/22/10: The waste of recycling
09/20/10: Get excited about recycling? Not me
09/15/10: Lessons of the Koran's non-burning
09/08/10: The man out to topple Barney Frank
09/07/10: Victims on the road to ‘peace’
09/01/10: 'Clunkers' was a classic government folly
08/30/10: Let the private sector fund stem-cell research
08/26/10: Lifting the embargo would entrench Cuba's rulers
08/23/10: Lighten up, Mr. President
08/19/10: The ‘disengagement’ disaster, five years on
08/16/10: Born in the U.S.A.
08/04/10: Anti-Semites and double standards
08/02/10: Electoral College bypassers should be careful what they wish for
07/28/10: Keelhauling Kerry
07/26/10: A free press takes no subsidies
07/21/10: Does the press deserve a bailout?
07/19/10: Look who's defending states' rights
07/15/10: Fouled by the taxman
07/04/10: Were the Founders hypocrites?
06/30/10: Declining on the bench
06/28/10: The union-only protection racket
06/23/10: The ‘good’ Communist --- not
06/17/10: In love with socialized medicine
06/14/10: Musings, random and otherwise
06/09/10: Oil fuels better lives
06/07/10: A mosque at Ground Zero? Moderate Muslims say no
05/31/10: Give peace a chance with government-free schools
05/26/10: Rand Paul and the right to be odious
05/21/10: Not another 'hollow charade'
05/17/10: Is the ADL finally grasping the necessity of school vouchers?
05/13/10: Who decides what 'marriage' means?
05/10/10: Law and disorder
05/05/10: What's wrong with price gouging?
05/03/10: Signing on the line is a public act
04/28/10: The medium isn't the message
04/26/10: Freedom takes more than technology
04/19/10: Look who's carrying on
04/14/10: A Boston Tea Party
04/12/10: Support for Israel runs on party lines
03/29/10: Women in science: The news isn't bad
03/24/10: No place for race
03/15/10: 100 million 'missing' girls
03/10/10: Iraq's new birth of freedom
03/08/10: Uniform standards are not a good fit
03/04/10: Gore's overheated doomsday rhetoric
02/15/10: A ride in Big Brother's Audi
02/10/10: ‘Engagement’ won't unclench the mullahs' fist
02/01/10: Candidates, campaigns, and New Coke
01/28/10: Public-sector pay, private-sector backlash
01/25/10: 'The freedom to think for ourselves'
01/18/10: Blame Obama for the bluest state's blues
01/14/10: Harry Reid's racial imbroglio
01/11/10: The protectionist delusion
01/06/10: Medicare and the Mayo Clinic
01/04/10: Let's keep the death tax dead
01/01/10: The 2000s: A descent into incivility
12/31/09: The wake-up call from Flight 253
12/28/09: Musings, random and otherwise
12/23/09: Not all tidings are of great joy
12/16/09: Economics 101: How little they really know
12/14/09: Tiger, the serial philanderer and race 11/19/09: The right is wrong on illegal immigration
11/19/09: Live from New York, a terror trial we'll regret
11/16/09: Obama and 'The Great I Am'
11/12/09: 'Don't call people bigots just because you disagree with them'
11/09/09: How to build a better House
11/05/09: The public's best option: Less government, more choice
11/02/09: Hyperbole and the health-care debate
10/29/09: The war against affordable books
10/22/09: The year the dominoes fell
10/19/09: Something stinks, but it isn't the voters
10/15/09: Peace vs. the ‘peace process’
10/12/09: A bluntly political act
10/01/09: The myth of the underpaid public employee
09/27/09: Silence the idiot box
09/24/09: Mandatory insurance: Yes, it's a tax
09/17/09: The man who hated hunger
09/14/09: What 'right' to health care?
09/09/09: Afghanistan, Obama, and the loyal opposition
09/07/09: Bad news: Illegal immigration is down
09/02/09: On soaking the rich
08/31/09: 'Kennedy' once meant 'tax-cutter'
08/26/09: Clunker Q&A
08/24/09: Do the right thing, Senator Kennedy. Resign
08/19/09: Chadors in the Cabinet can't cloak Iran's misogyny
08/10/09: Musings, random and otherwise
08/06/09: With imprisonment up, crime is down
08/03/09: Held hostage in North Korea
07/30/09: Health care: We don't need the Lexus
07/27/09: Abortion and the echo of eugenics
07/22/09: Black president demanding segregation in Jerusalem
07/15/09: Kabuki and Sonia Sotomayor
07/13/09: Read it before you vote, congressman
07/08/09: Minimum-wage folly
07/06/09: A deadly organ-donor system
07/01/09: No climate debate? Yes, there is
06/24/09: The 'democracy president' — not
06/22/09: '1984'+ 60
06/18/09: Obama, Iran, and the Tiananmen playbook
06/10/09: The 'racist' brand
06/08/09: In Cairo, Obama pandered
06/04/09: China's 'socialist road' to misery
05/20/09: A two-state peace isn't the Arab goal
05/18/09: Aren't all violent crimes ‘hate’ crimes?
05/14/09: The party of Powell
05/11/09: Lady Justice's blindfold
05/04/09: Courage, and the absence of courage
04/29/09: The efficiency paradox
04/28/09: $8 gas and the green agenda
04/23/09: A tortured debate over the 'torture memos'
04/20/09: JFK Democrats no more
04/08/09: Which son are you, Caleb?
04/06/09: In Israel, finally, a voice of realism
03/30/09: The coming nuclear renaissance
03/26/09: Embryos and ethics
03/16/09: Bush's 'folly' is ending in victory
03/23/09: Intelligence is no guarantee of goodness
03/16/09: Embryos and ethics
03/09/09: Intelligence is no guarantee of goodness
03/09/09: Whatever happened to global warming?
03/02/09: Musings, random and otherwise
02/26/09: More race talk is the last thing we need
02/16/09: The enemies of Jim Crow
02/11/09: Choosing octuplets
02/09/09: No arts czar, please, we're American
02/02/09: Money for nothing won't grow the economy
01/29/09: An over-optimistic stimulus plan
01/26/09: Roe and Doe, 36 years
01/22/09: Farewell to 43
01/19/09: Questions for Obama's science guy
01/15/09: Superstitions and skin color
01/08/09: Yes, it's anti-Semitism
01/05/09: Congress: New year, new pay hike
01/02/09:Has Israel learned its lesson?
12/29/08: Don't believe everything you read
12/26/08: Obama and peeved progressives
12/15/08: Better than a bailout
12/11/08: A permanent case of the swelled head
12/10/08: Skepticism on climate change
12/08/08: How Obama can fix education
12/05/08: UN's obsession is grotesque and Orwellian
11/21/08: The great Bush ‘deregulation’ myth
11/17/08: Palin's political potential
11/13/08: Playing the race card on gay marriage
10/30/08: The 'dictator' label
10/20/08: Healthcare shouldn't be linked to employment
10/16/08: When guilt by association is fair game
10/13/08: A vote for voting on Election Day
10/10/08: Obama's 180 on genocide
10/02/08: A US welcome mat for Ahmadinejad
09/29/08: Barney Frank's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco
09/26/08: Watching Oprah from behind the veil
09/22/08: The drilling bill that bans drilling
09/18/08: Congrats, Dems, the smears and sneers are helping Palin
09/15/08: Seeing through Obamanomics
09/11/08: Let government mind your own business
09/04/08: A stark choice on abortion
09/02/08: McCain's maverick pick
08/28/08: Mr. Smith in Washington? Sell!
08/21/08: The myth of the white minority
08/18/08: When hindsight isn't 20-20
08/14/08: Back in the USSR
08/11/08: ‘Honor’ killing comes to the US
08/07/08: What, them worry?
07/28/08: Missing from that Berlin speech
07/24/08: Cheer up — these are the good old days
07/17/08: The brilliance of the Electoral College
07/14/08: Dems, the military, and McCain
07/10/08: Dancing on the grave of Jesse Helms
07/03/08: Israel still paying for its defeat
06/30/08: A silver bullet for Obama?
06/26/08: Answering Alex's mom
06/23/08: A world without children
06/19/08: The coming population bust
06/16/08: A blind eye to Mugabe's reign of terror
06/06/08: No profits, no oil
05/29/08: What about the Bush doctrine?
05/27/08: The other Obama is fair game, too
05/22/08: Misunderstanding marriage
05/18/08: Musings, random and otherwise
05/15/08: McCain's Supreme wrongheadedness
05/12/08: A triumph of life and hope
05/01/08: Leave the ‘plastic’ alone
04/28/08: Obama's ‘mainstream’ friends
04/22/08: The dire situation in Zimbabwe
04/17/08: A son's familiar journey
04/14/08: Pregnant, yes — but not a man
04/07/08: Choosing to eliminate unwanted daughters
04/03/08: Facing the truth about jihadist violence
03/31/08: When Zola wrote ‘J'accuse!’
03/27/08: Drive-by defamation
03/24/08: David Mamet, revised
03/20/08: Should people of faith empathize with Obama?
03/17/08: Patton and the 2008 vote
03/13/08: Slaughter, jubilation, and the ‘peace process’
03/10/08: How government makes things worse
03/06/08: Immigrants in prison? Not likely
03/03/08: The Pyongyang overture
02/28/08: The architect of modern conservatism
02/18/08: Obama, Che, and JFK
02/14/08: Immigrant, soldier, citizen
02/11/08: The irrelevance of Obama's color
02/07/08: The mystery in the voting booth
02/04/08: A conservative's case for McCain
01/31/08: Congress helps itself. Again.
01/28/08: The dominant Clinton
01/24/08: Ain't no free lunch
01/21/08: What would Reagan say?
01/17/08: Death of the Bush Doctrine
01/14/08: Top medical journal's outlandish political exaggeration
01/10/08: Let Hillary be Hillary
01/07/08: BR-R-R! Where did global warming go?
12/27/07: No ordinary candidate
12/24/07: The Islamist war on women
12/20/07: Life and death in New Jersey
12/10/07: A reassuring Iran report? Hardly
12/06/07: Politicians ‘do religion’ — and where they don't
12/03/07: The sky isn't falling
11/29/07: The fate of the Know-Nothings
11/26/07: Let's hear it for good news from Iraq
11/15/07: Is Israel a Jewish state?
11/05/07: A hero in Castro's gulag
10/30/07: Will newspapers survive?
10/25/07: The scope of presidential power
10/18/07: Big Brother at school
10/15/07: The Mitt-and-Rudy smackdown
10/11/07: Getting away with ‘art’
10/02/07: Getting away with ‘art’
09/24/07: The big lie about the ‘Great Silencer’
09/20/07: Afraid to tell-off Moveon
09/12/07: Light and darkness and a disembodied brain
09/10/07: 9/11 + 6
09/06/07: Destruction in black America is self-inflicted
09/04/07: Is Craig really a hypocrite?
08/30/07: Good news, but not for everyone
08/27/07: Casinos and the American way
08/23/07: Truth and the Armenian genocide
08/20/07: Global warming: Case not closed
08/16/07: Hot words on global warming
08/13/07: Zimbabwe's horrors
08/09/07: Scrap the scalping laws
07/26/07: Why are we rewarding Iran?
07/25/07: A teacher with faith and reason
07/09/07: Why we fly the flag
06/25/07: Science, stem cells, and ‘ideology’
06/21/07: The fights on the Right
06/18/07: Ludicrous lawsuits
06/14/07: Demonizing illegal immigrants
06/11/07: Six Days to remember — accurately
06/04/07: Giving voice to the dissidents
05/25/07: Look in the mirror, Jimmy Carter
05/21/07: One party's fringe is the other's mainstream
05/17/07: With justice for some
05/14/07: A world of good news
05/10/07: Israel's deadly stupor
05/03/07: Lawful incest may be on the way
04/30/07: What drives the Dems?
04/26/07: New questions for the Islamic Society
04/23/07: A time for tears and silence, not politics
04/19/07: Do we really need religion?
04/16/07: Doubting doomsday
04/02/07: The smell of irresolution
03/29/07: Messages to my son
03/26/07: Finally an ally in the struggle against establishment Islam
03/22/07: GOP “family values”
03/20/07: What if we deport them all?
03/15/07: Illegal immigrants are here to stay
03/05/07: Judge rules public schools have right to teach charges whatever they deem appropriate — parents and morality be damned
03/01/07: Ex-presidents' big payday
02/26/07: Love, marriage, and the baby carriage
02/19/07: Support the troops by thwarting the mission?
02/15/07: Has any population ever been less suited for statehood than the Palestinians?
02/12/07: Setting the driving public free
02/08/07: Chicken Little and the global warming debate
02/05/07: The message in the Boston bomb scare
02/01/07: Segregation on Capitol Hill
01/29/07: The tax-code quirk and the health care mess
01/25/07: Only the GOP is the anti-jihad party?
01/22/07: Are women giving up on marriage?
01/18/07: Musings, random and otherwise
01/15/07: Mitt be nimble
01/11/07: The Boston mosque's Saudi connection
01/08/07: Arguments Left and Right
01/04/07: An act of moral hygiene
01/02/07: Castro's true legacy is a trail of blood
12/28/06: We'd elect a black president? That's not news
12/26/06: Climate of fear
12/21/06: Words that can kill
12/18/06: The Constitution's guardrails
12/14/06: The atheists' bleak alternative
12/11/06: Oh, brother
12/07/06: ‘Conversations’ with the enemy
12/04/06: Fighting to win in Iraq
11/20/06: Anti-military bigotry by the Bay
11/16/06: Democracy and same-sex marriage
11/13/06: The Republican debacle
11/02/06: Scenes from the jihad
10/30/06: Time to retire the race card
10/26/06: The population pessimists
10/23/06: If we had known then . . .
10/19/06: Censoring ideas
10/17/06: A lifesaving killer returns
10/13/06: Kennedy's ‘borking’
10/09/06: Undeserved forgiveness
10/05/06: Public praise is fair game
10/02/06: Dumbing down democracy
09/28/06: A war we have to win
09/25/06: A whiff of the devil
09/21/06: The missing Muslim outcry
09/15/06: Clinton got it right on welfare reform
09/11/06: A new low in Bush-hatred
09/07/06: Khatami's propaganda tour
09/05/06: Musings, random and otherwise
08/31/06: Sacrificing truth on the altar of diversity
08/23/06: What Israeli security could teach us
08/17/06: When Mike met Mahmoud
08/07/06: When anti-Semitism is a big story — and when it isn't
08/03/06: A million bad reasons to vote
07/31/06: Hezbollah is our enemy, too
07/27/06: Historical amnesia at the NAACP
07/24/06: The ‘chicken hawk’ slur
07/20/06: The crumbling legacy of Tip O'Neill
07/17/06: The enemy is Iran
07/13/06: Putin silences the airwaves
07/06/06: About our ‘dictator’
06/29/06: A press storm over secrets
06/26/06: Life in an Islamist US
06/22/06: ‘Speak English’: Misreading a sign of the times
06/19/06: FEMA's follies
06/15/06: Signs of success in Iraq
06/08/06: Demagogues and the marriage debate
06/05/06: The Divine’s ‘silence’ — and the Pope's
06/01/06: The crumbling GOP base
05/30/06: Hysteria at the ACLU
05/26/06: Empowerment through English
05/25/06: Some of Israel's most ardent supporters have had enough
05/22/06: The real cause of the immigration crisis
05/18/06: Muslim reformer facing lawsuit — from co-religionists
05/15/06: As Father Coughlin spins in his grave
05/11/06: Musings, random and otherwise
05/08/06: The rules according to Kennedy
05/04/06: An encounter with Lech Walesa
05/01/06: Totalitarian chic
04/28/06: When parents' values conflict with public schools
04/12/06: Legal, permanent — and alone
04/10/06: Justice for Moussaoui
04/06/06: Hold that opinion
04/03/06: Letter to a mentsh-in-training
03/30/06: A nation like ours
03/27/06: America takes side of Israel
03/24/06: The obligation of unwanted fatherhood
03/23/06: The humanitarian case for war in Iraq
03/20/06: Scalia loosens up
03/16/06: Adoption, kids, and the gay agenda
03/13/06: Politics, marriage, and women's votes
03/09/06: Notes from Harry Browne
03/02/06: ‘Freedom for the thought we hate’
02/27/06: Anatomy of Summers's fall
02/20/06: When fear cows the media
02/16/06: The flames of hate in Alabama
02/09/06: The ‘throw-away-the-key’ fallacy
02/06/06: Today censors may be coming for some Mohammed cartoons; tomorrow it is your words and ideas they will silence
01/30/06: The Hamas victory is good news
01/26/06: Don't go wobbly on Iran
01/19/06: Musings, random and otherwise
01/12/06: Katrina and consequences
01/09/06: Bringing faith into contempt
12/29/05: 9,240 VICTIMS, AND COUNTING
12/29/05: Slurs fly from the left
12/22/05: Goodwill to foe as well as friend
12/19/05: Obsessive anti-Semitism
12/15/05: Defying terror to vote for the future
12/12/05: Protecting life by taking it away
12/08/05: Misplaced sympathy for killers
12/05/05: Abortion's paradoxical politics
11/21/05: Adjusting the Patriot Act
11/17/05: Truman bounced back — so will Bush
11/14/05: Of Powerball and ‘profiteers’
11/10/05: Privacy by decree
11/07/05: A war of values, not religion
11/03/05: The good news from Iraq is not fit to print
10/24/05: Sex is now a matter of health and the law, while morality is reserved for tobacco
10/20/05: Pakistan's dirty laundering
10/17/05: Norway's Nobel agenda
10/13/05: Social Security still needs fixing
10/10/05: Elian and the party line
10/06/05: The people's voice on gay marriage
10/03/05: The timeless truth of creation
09/29/05: Big government deja vu
09/27/05: Common sense on terrorism
09/26/05: Iraq’s good news chronicle
09/22/05: The paradox of fuel efficiency
09/19/05: Make them answer
09/15/05: Katrina's colorblind relief
09/12/05: Barking about gasoline
09/08/05: Supreme Court term limits
09/06/05: The looting instinct
09/02/05: Gaza's final evacuees
08/29/05: Hypocrisy on adult consent
08/26/05: Is Iraq Vietnam? Ask the troops
08/22/05: Lott's a slow learner
08/12/05: On condemning terrorism
08/08/05: The A-bomb was a lifesaver
08/05/05: The Republican pork barrel
08/01/05: Nazi echoes in the Gaza ‘disengagement?’
07/29/05: When Justices refuse to retire
07/27/05: Failures of intelligence
07/25/05: An antidemocratic plot
07/22/05: How to offend ‘a fantastic ally’
07/18/05: Poland's new fascination with Jews
07/01/05: Musings, random and otherwise
06/29/05: The overused ‘Nazi’ insult
06/27/05: Eminent injustice in New London
06/24/05: The power of Presidential solidarity
06/20/05: De-link health care from employment
06/17/05: GM's healthcare dilemma
06/13/05: Separating school and state
06/10/05: The slavery shakedown
06/06/05: Mitt Romney, cover candidate
06/03/05: The Right's balance
05/30/05: Death of a Marine
05/27/05: The case for judicial term limits
05/25/05: Minorities, ‘racism,’ and the UMASS flap
05/20/05: Why Islam is disrespected
05/13/05: Bush's Moscow misstep
04/18/05: Where did our sweet boy go?
04/15/05: Does Israel want Arab democracy?
04/11/05: Patriot Act no threat to libraries
04/08/05: The Pope who turned Antisemitism aside
04/04/05: One nation under law
04/01/05: Sharon's retreat is a victory for terrorists
03/28/05: The wrong Rx
03/25/05: Terri Schiavo: Less certainty, more prayer
03/21/05: Why not torture terrorists?

03/18/05: ‘Treat these detainees like dogs’
03/14/05: The marriage newspeak
03/11/05: The Arab Spring
03/07/05: A phony ‘consensus’ on youthful killers
03/04/05: An inglorious suicide
02/28/05: The pirates of eminent domain
02/21/05: Terminate the gerrymander
02/18/05: A Prophet without honor in his country
02/14/05: Driving up the cost of college
02/11/05: Driving up the cost of college
02/07/05: Religious hatred, Saudi-style
02/04/05: Dean For DNC Chairman? YEEAARRGGHH!
01/31/05: Remaining silent is torture in itself
01/24/05: An eighth of every paycheck
01/20/05: Same man, different president
01/17/05: How to spend a surplus
01/17/05: A bigger, more democratic Congress
01/10/05: The problem with Mahmoud Abbas
01/07/05: Angry with the Divine
01/03/05: When love matters more than blood
12/31/04: Overwhelmingly, political hate speech today comes from the Left
12/27/04: In the footsteps of FDR, Truman, JFK
12/24/04: Musing, random and otherwise
12/17/04: Iraq through Iraqis' eyes
12/10/04: Medical marijuana: The real stakes
12/06/04: Annan is a symptom of the UN's sickness
12/03/04: Intellectual diversity? Not on campus
11/19/04: The thanks we owe Ashcroft
11/08/04: The marriage consensus
11/04/04: Big loss for the Bush haters
11/01/04: A question of character
10/29/04: The radical and the reactionary
10/27/04: Kerry's religious references
10/25/04: The ignorant American voter
10/22/04: Old enough to kill. old enough to die?
10/15/04: One question not asked
10/04/04: The abusers of eminent domaine
09/27/04: Why the 9/11 fund was a mistake
09/24/04: Saudi Arabia's religious hatred
09/22/04: Election Day, RIP?
09/20/04: How to steal an election
09/13/04: Heard the one about Kerry's sense of humor?
09/10/04: Where is the Muslim outrage?
09/07/04: Schwarzenegger's homage to America
09/02/04: The right kind of diversity
08/30/04: Why Koch is on Bush's bandwagon
08/27/04: It's Kerry's antiwar record they resent
08/25/04: Some of Kerry's biggest fans are in the press
08/13/04: When diversity is only skin-deep
08/09/04: In Vietnam today
08/06/04: The gerrymandering scandal
08/03/04: Buzzwords and cheap shots
08/02/04: Good news from Iraq is underreported
07/26/04: Bush-haters do Kerry no favors
07/23/04: An illusion of security
07/19/04: Chappaquiddick's unanswered questions
07/19/04: Lessons of a school budget crisis
07/16/04: A contest between big spenders
07/12/04: A new look at Bush's ‘16 words’
07/09/04: Edwards's glaring weakness
07/06/04: Iraq's Independence Day
07/02/04: The unstoppable Bill Buckley
06/28/04: Romney's profile in courage
06/25/04: Anti-Semitism and the UN
06/21/04: What's going right in Iraq 06/18/04: Let enterprise boldly go into space
06/14/04: Mutilations and Muslim law
06/07/04: The liberal terminology of abortion
06/04/04: The real Dem in the presidential race
06/01/04: Vouchers and the promise of equality
05/25/04: Ted Kennedy's anti-American slander
05/24/04: Overblown fears about the Patriot Act
05/21/04: Sky-high gas prices? Not really
05/17/04: The end of the gay marriage debate?
05/14/04: The images we see — and those we don't
05/03/04 The enemy of women
04/29/04 The Kerry medals mystery
04/28/04 Do soldiers' coffins belong on page 1?
04/26/04 America-hatred among the Arabs
04/23/04: Kerry's U.N. fetish
04/19/04 Faith in the depths of hell 04/16/04: What the convention is worth
04/11/04: Everyone got it wrong before 9/11
04/02/04: What has gone right in Iraq
03/22/04: Kerry, Cuba — and the truth
03/19/04: On flattering minorities
03/12/04: Time for regime change in Tehran
03/08/04: Same-sex marriage vs. civil rights
03/05/04: A North Korean in Canada
03/04/04: Kerry's sweep bodes well for Bush
03/01/04: Kerry's lack of political courage
02/17/04: A hypocritical marriage debate
02/13/04: John Kerry's shifting stands
02/09/04: An Auschwitz in Korea
02/06/04: The most bloated budget ever
02/02/04: Into the sewer
01/30/04: A just war, with or without WMD
01/26/04: A little less freedom of speech
01/22/04: Quizzing the candidates (cont'd)
01/20/04: Quizzing the candidates
01/16/04: Is lawful polygamy next?
01/12/04: The decline of assimilation
01/09/04: Fleeing free trade
01/05/04: Another January, another Congressional pay raise
12/29/03: Hate speech ... from the Left
12/26/03: The triumph of Chanukah
12/22/03: Clark's credibility gap
12/18/03: Justice and Saddam Hussein
12/15/03: The respect donors deserve
12/12/03: The party of big spenders
12/08/03: Lieberman vs. Lieberman on religion
12/04/03: Bigotry and the Muslim world
11/27/03: Giving thanks for capitalism 11/24/03: Marriage ruling echoes Roe v. Wade
11/21/03: Down the slippery slope
11/17/03: The timeless meaning of marriage
11/14/03: In Reagan's footsteps
11/10/03: The race-baiter in the campaign
11/06/03: A 'botched' occupation?
10/24/03: Bigotry and the Muslim world
10/17/03: Put Nobel laureates to the test — of time
10/10/03: The headlines omitted the real WMD news
10/07/03: A bum 'bigotry' rap on Rush
09/29/03: When murderers die, innocents live
09/23/03: Why Arnold offends them
09/19/03: Taiwan deserves a UN seat
09/12/03: The war on US didn't begin on 9/11
09/09/03: Needed in Iraq: a tougher US hand
09/03/03: Harvard's tainted money
08/29/03: More prisoners, less crime
08/08/03: The man the race industry hates
08/04/03: 'Roadmap'? What 'Roadmap'?
07/21/03: The Republican spending orgy
07/18/03: The frenzy-of-the-month club
07/14/03: The death of American racism
07/09/03: Same-sex marriage vs. society's ideal
07/07/03: The lull before the storm
06/30/03: The ‘benefits’ of race-based admissions
06/20/03: An uprising to cheer
06/11/03: Musings, random and otherwise
06/09/03: A growing rift with Europe
05/27/03: Preferences, racial and otherwise
05/23/03: The bottom line for teachers unions
05/12/03: Castro's cheerleaders
05/08/03: In 'enlightened' New England, it hurts to give
05/06/03: Help the living before the dead
04/25/03: The search for the 'smoking gun'
04/21/03: Trading truth for access?
04/14/03: Kerry's abortion litmus test
04/11/03: Meanwhile, in Cuba, the tyranny goes on
04/07/03: Explaining the war to a six-year-old
03/31/03: Empowering a terroristocracy in the name of 'peace'?
03/27/03: America the liberator
03/10/03: Changing the definition of marriage
03/07/03: Liberate Iraq -- even with unclean hands
03/03/03: Why talk radio tilts right
02/21/03: A boost for Saddam
02/10/03: On outing Kerry
02/06/03: The neverending voyage
02/03/03: This hasn't been a 'rush to war'
01/31/03: Killing the terror regimes
01/29/03: How not to win the war
01/24/03: The UN's moral irrelevance
01/22/03: Musings, random and otherwise
01/17/03: The Sharpton hypocrisy
01/13/03: The fig leaf of 'diversity'
01/10/03: Israeli restraint makes terrorism more likely
01/02/03: The double standard on political hate speech
12/30/02: Good for the spirit, good for the body
12/23/02: The college president who owes a greater duty to a fugitive serial killer than the public or to the law
12/20/02: The death penalty by the numbers
12/16/02: Yes, Virginia, there is (still) a liberal media bias
12/03/02: On the brink of regime change --- in Iran
11/27/02: Light's victory over darkness
11/25/02: A 'Republican' lesson from a Democratic convention
11/22/02: The slippery senator
11/18/02: The campus 'diversity' fraud
11/01/02: Saddam's shop of horrors
10/24/02: Musings, random and otherwise
10/17/02: Jimma's ignoble prize
10/14/02: New Jersey's bigot laureate
10/11/02: Today it is libs who are most likely to demand the silencing of speech they disapprove of
10/04/02: Learning English from Day 1
09/30/02: The world will follow us to war
09/27/02: The face of antisemitism
09/20/02: Starving time in Zimbabwe
09/14/02: Against moral confusion / 9-12-2002
09/03/02: With 'eternal friends' like these
08/30/02: Enriching survivors was a costly mistake
08/26/02: John Kerry's absent passion
08/23/02: Bonnie, get your gun
08/19/02: A screenwriter's remorse
07/29/02: The real abortion extremists
07/26/02: Another round of Kemp-Roth
07/19/02: Jews among Arabs, Arabs among Jews
07/15/02: Musings, random and otherwise
07/12/02: The new civil rights champions
07/03/02: Riding the rails
07/01/02: The prerequisite to peace
06/24/02: Frisking AlGore
06/17/02: Offense, not defense, is the key to homeland security
06/14/02: Looking at the horror
06/07/02: The cost of a death-penalty moratorium
06/03/02: Executing 'children,' and other death-penalty myths
05/29/02: A real threat?
05/24/02: The message in Arafat's headdress
05/20/02: (Mis)playing the popularity card
05/10/02: Outspoken, Muslim -- and moderate
05/10/02: The heroes in Castro's jails
05/06/02: The disappearing history term paper
05/03/02: Musings, random and otherwise
04/29/02: The canary in Europe's mine
04/15/02: Powell's crazy mission
04/12/02: The slavery reparations hustle
04/08/02: Peace at any price = war
03/26/02: Decency matters most, Caleb
03/22/02: The U.S. embargo and Cuba's future
03/19/02: The keepers of Cuba's conscience
03/15/02: A walk in Havana
02/26/02: Buchanan's lament
02/12/02: What 'peace' means to Arafat
02/05/02: Antismoking: Who pays?
02/01/02: Turn the Saudis
01/25/02: Making MLK cry
01/21/02: Ted to tax cut: Drop dead
01/18/02: Musings random and otherwise
01/14/02: An ultimatum to Saudi Arabia
01/11/02: Friendship, Saudi-style
01/07/02: Shakedown at Harvard
01/04/02: More guns, more safety
01/02/02: Smears and slanders from the Left
12/28/01: Congress gives to others -- and itself
12/24/01: The littlest peacemakers
12/20/01: How to condemn terror
12/18/01: Greenland once was
12/14/01: Parents who never said ''no''
12/11/01: Wit and (economic) wisdom
12/04/01: The war against Israel goes on
11/30/01: Tribunals, motorcycles -- and freedom
11/19/01: Friendship and the House of Saud
11/12/01: The Justice Department's unjust monopoly
11/09/01: Muslim, but not extremist
11/02/01: Too good for Oprah
10/29/01: Journalism and the 'neutrality fetish'
10/26/01: Derail these subsidies
10/22/01: Good and evil in the New York Times
10/15/01: Rush Limbaugh's ear
10/08/01: With allies like these
10/01/01: An unpardonable act
09/25/01: Speaking out against terror
09/21/01: What the terrorists saw
09/17/01: Calling evil by its name
09/13/01: Our enemies mean what they say
09/04/01: The real bigots
08/31/01: Shrugging at genocide
08/28/01: Big Brother's privacy -- or ours?
08/24/01: The mufti's message of hate
08/21/01: Remembering the 'Wall of Shame'
08/16/01: If I were the editor ...
08/14/01: If I were the Transportation Czar ...
08/10/01: Import quotas 'steel' from us all
08/07/01: Is gay "marriage" a threat?
08/03/01: A colorblind nominee
07/27/01: Eminent-domain tortures
07/24/01: On protecting the flag ... and drivers ... and immigrants
07/20/01: Dying for better mileage
07/17/01: Why Americans would rather drive
07/13/01: Do these cabbies look like bigots?
07/10/01: 'Defeated in the bedroom'
07/06/01: Who's white? Who's Hispanic? Who cares?
07/02/01: Big(oted) man on campus
06/29/01: Still appeasing China's dictators
06/21/01: Cuban liberty: A test for Bush
06/19/01: The feeble 'arguments' against capital punishment
06/12/01: What energy crisis?
06/08/01: A jewel in the crown of self-government
05/31/01: The settlement myth
05/25/01: An award JFK would have liked
05/22/01: No Internet taxes? No problem
05/18/01: Heather has five mommies (and a daddy)
05/15/01: An execution, not a lynching
05/11/01: Losing the common tongue
05/08/01: Olympics 2008: Say no to Beijing
05/04/01: Do welfare mothers a kindness: Make them work
05/01/01: Another man's child
04/24/01: Sharon should have said no
04/02/01: The Inhumane Society
03/30/01: To have a friend, Caleb, be a friend
03/27/01: Is Chief Wahoo racist?
03/22/01: Ending the Clinton appeasement
03/20/01: They're coming for you
03/16/01: Kennedy v. Kennedy
03/13/01: We should see McVeigh die
03/09/01: The Taliban's wrecking job
03/07/01: The No. 1 reason to cut taxes
03/02/01: A Harvard candidate's silence on free speech
02/27/01: A lesson from Birmingham jail
02/20/01: How Jimmy Carter got his good name back
02/15/01: Cashing in on the presidency
02/09/01: The debt for slavery -- and for freedom
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