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Jeff Jacoby Archives

12/23/09: Not all tidings are of great joy
12/16/09: Economics 101: How little they really know
12/14/09: Tiger, the serial philanderer and race 11/19/09: The right is wrong on illegal immigration
11/19/09: Live from New York, a terror trial we'll regret
11/16/09: Obama and 'The Great I Am'
11/12/09: 'Don't call people bigots just because you disagree with them'
11/09/09: How to build a better House
11/05/09: The public's best option: Less government, more choice
11/02/09: Hyperbole and the health-care debate
10/29/09: The war against affordable books
10/22/09: The year the dominoes fell
10/19/09: Something stinks, but it isn't the voters
10/15/09: Peace vs. the ‘peace process’
10/12/09: A bluntly political act
10/01/09: The myth of the underpaid public employee
09/27/09: Silence the idiot box
09/24/09: Mandatory insurance: Yes, it's a tax
09/17/09: The man who hated hunger
09/14/09: What 'right' to health care?
09/09/09: Afghanistan, Obama, and the loyal opposition
09/07/09: Bad news: Illegal immigration is down
09/02/09: On soaking the rich
08/31/09: 'Kennedy' once meant 'tax-cutter'
08/26/09: Clunker Q&A
08/24/09: Do the right thing, Senator Kennedy. Resign
08/19/09: Chadors in the Cabinet can't cloak Iran's misogyny
08/10/09: Musings, random and otherwise
08/06/09: With imprisonment up, crime is down
08/03/09: Held hostage in North Korea
07/30/09: Health care: We don't need the Lexus
07/27/09: Abortion and the echo of eugenics
07/22/09: Black president demanding segregation in Jerusalem
07/15/09: Kabuki and Sonia Sotomayor
07/13/09: Read it before you vote, congressman
07/08/09: Minimum-wage folly
07/06/09: A deadly organ-donor system
07/01/09: No climate debate? Yes, there is
06/24/09: The 'democracy president' — not
06/22/09: '1984'+ 60
06/18/09: Obama, Iran, and the Tiananmen playbook
06/10/09: The 'racist' brand
06/08/09: In Cairo, Obama pandered
06/04/09: China's 'socialist road' to misery
05/20/09: A two-state peace isn't the Arab goal
05/18/09: Aren't all violent crimes ‘hate’ crimes?
05/14/09: The party of Powell
05/11/09: Lady Justice's blindfold
05/04/09: Courage, and the absence of courage
04/29/09: The efficiency paradox
04/28/09: $8 gas and the green agenda
04/23/09: A tortured debate over the 'torture memos'
04/20/09: JFK Democrats no more
04/08/09: Which son are you, Caleb?
04/06/09: In Israel, finally, a voice of realism
03/30/09: The coming nuclear renaissance
03/26/09: Embryos and ethics
03/16/09: Bush's 'folly' is ending in victory
03/23/09: Intelligence is no guarantee of goodness
03/16/09: Embryos and ethics
03/09/09: Intelligence is no guarantee of goodness
03/09/09: Whatever happened to global warming?
03/02/09: Musings, random and otherwise
02/26/09: More race talk is the last thing we need
02/16/09: The enemies of Jim Crow
02/11/09: Choosing octuplets
02/09/09: No arts czar, please, we're American
02/02/09: Money for nothing won't grow the economy
01/29/09: An over-optimistic stimulus plan
01/26/09: Roe and Doe, 36 years
01/22/09: Farewell to 43
01/19/09: Questions for Obama's science guy
01/15/09: Superstitions and skin color
01/08/09: Yes, it's anti-Semitism
01/05/09: Congress: New year, new pay hike
01/02/09:Has Israel learned its lesson?
12/29/08: Don't believe everything you read
12/26/08: Obama and peeved progressives
12/15/08: Better than a bailout
12/11/08: A permanent case of the swelled head
12/10/08: Skepticism on climate change
12/08/08: How Obama can fix education
12/05/08: UN's obsession is grotesque and Orwellian
11/21/08: The great Bush ‘deregulation’ myth
11/17/08: Palin's political potential
11/13/08: Playing the race card on gay marriage
10/30/08: The 'dictator' label
10/20/08: Healthcare shouldn't be linked to employment
10/16/08: When guilt by association is fair game
10/13/08: A vote for voting on Election Day
10/10/08: Obama's 180 on genocide
10/02/08: A US welcome mat for Ahmadinejad
09/29/08: Barney Frank's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco
09/26/08: Watching Oprah from behind the veil
09/22/08: The drilling bill that bans drilling
09/18/08: Congrats, Dems, the smears and sneers are helping Palin
09/15/08: Seeing through Obamanomics
09/11/08: Let government mind your own business
09/04/08: A stark choice on abortion
09/02/08: McCain's maverick pick
08/28/08: Mr. Smith in Washington? Sell!
08/21/08: The myth of the white minority
08/18/08: When hindsight isn't 20-20
08/14/08: Back in the USSR
08/11/08: ‘Honor’ killing comes to the US
08/07/08: What, them worry?
07/28/08: Missing from that Berlin speech
07/24/08: Cheer up — these are the good old days
07/17/08: The brilliance of the Electoral College
07/14/08: Dems, the military, and McCain
07/10/08: Dancing on the grave of Jesse Helms
07/03/08: Israel still paying for its defeat
06/30/08: A silver bullet for Obama?
06/26/08: Answering Alex's mom
06/23/08: A world without children
06/19/08: The coming population bust
06/16/08: A blind eye to Mugabe's reign of terror
06/06/08: No profits, no oil
05/29/08: What about the Bush doctrine?
05/27/08: The other Obama is fair game, too
05/22/08: Misunderstanding marriage
05/18/08: Musings, random and otherwise
05/15/08: McCain's Supreme wrongheadedness
05/12/08: A triumph of life and hope
05/01/08: Leave the ‘plastic’ alone
04/28/08: Obama's ‘mainstream’ friends
04/22/08: The dire situation in Zimbabwe
04/17/08: A son's familiar journey
04/14/08: Pregnant, yes — but not a man
04/07/08: Choosing to eliminate unwanted daughters
04/03/08: Facing the truth about jihadist violence
03/31/08: When Zola wrote ‘J'accuse!’
03/27/08: Drive-by defamation
03/24/08: David Mamet, revised
03/20/08: Should people of faith empathize with Obama?
03/17/08: Patton and the 2008 vote
03/13/08: Slaughter, jubilation, and the ‘peace process’
03/10/08: How government makes things worse
03/06/08: Immigrants in prison? Not likely
03/03/08: The Pyongyang overture
02/28/08: The architect of modern conservatism
02/18/08: Obama, Che, and JFK
02/14/08: Immigrant, soldier, citizen
02/11/08: The irrelevance of Obama's color
02/07/08: The mystery in the voting booth
02/04/08: A conservative's case for McCain
01/31/08: Congress helps itself. Again.
01/28/08: The dominant Clinton
01/24/08: Ain't no free lunch
01/21/08: What would Reagan say?
01/17/08: Death of the Bush Doctrine
01/14/08: Top medical journal's outlandish political exaggeration
01/10/08: Let Hillary be Hillary
01/07/08: BR-R-R! Where did global warming go?
12/27/07: No ordinary candidate
12/24/07: The Islamist war on women
12/20/07: Life and death in New Jersey
12/10/07: A reassuring Iran report? Hardly
12/06/07: Politicians ‘do religion’ — and where they don't
12/03/07: The sky isn't falling
11/29/07: The fate of the Know-Nothings
11/26/07: Let's hear it for good news from Iraq
11/15/07: Is Israel a Jewish state?
11/05/07: A hero in Castro's gulag
10/30/07: Will newspapers survive?
10/25/07: The scope of presidential power
10/18/07: Big Brother at school
10/15/07: The Mitt-and-Rudy smackdown
10/11/07: Getting away with ‘art’
10/02/07: Getting away with ‘art’
09/24/07: The big lie about the ‘Great Silencer’
09/20/07: Afraid to tell-off Moveon
09/12/07: Light and darkness and a disembodied brain
09/10/07: 9/11 + 6
09/06/07: Destruction in black America is self-inflicted
09/04/07: Is Craig really a hypocrite?
08/30/07: Good news, but not for everyone
08/27/07: Casinos and the American way
08/23/07: Truth and the Armenian genocide
08/20/07: Global warming: Case not closed
08/16/07: Hot words on global warming
08/13/07: Zimbabwe's horrors
08/09/07: Scrap the scalping laws
07/26/07: Why are we rewarding Iran?
07/25/07: A teacher with faith and reason
07/09/07: Why we fly the flag
06/25/07: Science, stem cells, and ‘ideology’
06/21/07: The fights on the Right
06/18/07: Ludicrous lawsuits
06/14/07: Demonizing illegal immigrants
06/11/07: Six Days to remember — accurately
06/04/07: Giving voice to the dissidents
05/25/07: Look in the mirror, Jimmy Carter
05/21/07: One party's fringe is the other's mainstream
05/17/07: With justice for some
05/14/07: A world of good news
05/10/07: Israel's deadly stupor
05/03/07: Lawful incest may be on the way
04/30/07: What drives the Dems?
04/26/07: New questions for the Islamic Society
04/23/07: A time for tears and silence, not politics
04/19/07: Do we really need religion?
04/16/07: Doubting doomsday
04/02/07: The smell of irresolution
03/29/07: Messages to my son
03/26/07: Finally an ally in the struggle against establishment Islam
03/22/07: GOP “family values”
03/20/07: What if we deport them all?
03/15/07: Illegal immigrants are here to stay
03/05/07: Judge rules public schools have right to teach charges whatever they deem appropriate — parents and morality be damned
03/01/07: Ex-presidents' big payday
02/26/07: Love, marriage, and the baby carriage
02/19/07: Support the troops by thwarting the mission?
02/15/07: Has any population ever been less suited for statehood than the Palestinians?
02/12/07: Setting the driving public free
02/08/07: Chicken Little and the global warming debate
02/05/07: The message in the Boston bomb scare
02/01/07: Segregation on Capitol Hill
01/29/07: The tax-code quirk and the health care mess
01/25/07: Only the GOP is the anti-jihad party?
01/22/07: Are women giving up on marriage?
01/18/07: Musings, random and otherwise
01/15/07: Mitt be nimble
01/11/07: The Boston mosque's Saudi connection
01/08/07: Arguments Left and Right
01/04/07: An act of moral hygiene
01/02/07: Castro's true legacy is a trail of blood
12/28/06: We'd elect a black president? That's not news
12/26/06: Climate of fear
12/21/06: Words that can kill
12/18/06: The Constitution's guardrails
12/14/06: The atheists' bleak alternative
12/11/06: Oh, brother
12/07/06: ‘Conversations’ with the enemy
12/04/06: Fighting to win in Iraq
11/20/06: Anti-military bigotry by the Bay
11/16/06: Democracy and same-sex marriage
11/13/06: The Republican debacle
11/02/06: Scenes from the jihad
10/30/06: Time to retire the race card
10/26/06: The population pessimists
10/23/06: If we had known then . . .
10/19/06: Censoring ideas
10/17/06: A lifesaving killer returns
10/13/06: Kennedy's ‘borking’
10/09/06: Undeserved forgiveness
10/05/06: Public praise is fair game
10/02/06: Dumbing down democracy
09/28/06: A war we have to win
09/25/06: A whiff of the devil
09/21/06: The missing Muslim outcry
09/15/06: Clinton got it right on welfare reform
09/11/06: A new low in Bush-hatred
09/07/06: Khatami's propaganda tour
09/05/06: Musings, random and otherwise
08/31/06: Sacrificing truth on the altar of diversity
08/23/06: What Israeli security could teach us
08/17/06: When Mike met Mahmoud
08/07/06: When anti-Semitism is a big story — and when it isn't
08/03/06: A million bad reasons to vote
07/31/06: Hezbollah is our enemy, too
07/27/06: Historical amnesia at the NAACP
07/24/06: The ‘chicken hawk’ slur
07/20/06: The crumbling legacy of Tip O'Neill
07/17/06: The enemy is Iran
07/13/06: Putin silences the airwaves
07/06/06: About our ‘dictator’
06/29/06: A press storm over secrets
06/26/06: Life in an Islamist US
06/22/06: ‘Speak English’: Misreading a sign of the times
06/19/06: FEMA's follies
06/15/06: Signs of success in Iraq
06/08/06: Demagogues and the marriage debate
06/05/06: The Divine’s ‘silence’ — and the Pope's
06/01/06: The crumbling GOP base
05/30/06: Hysteria at the ACLU
05/26/06: Empowerment through English
05/25/06: Some of Israel's most ardent supporters have had enough
05/22/06: The real cause of the immigration crisis
05/18/06: Muslim reformer facing lawsuit — from co-religionists
05/15/06: As Father Coughlin spins in his grave
05/11/06: Musings, random and otherwise
05/08/06: The rules according to Kennedy
05/04/06: An encounter with Lech Walesa
05/01/06: Totalitarian chic
04/28/06: When parents' values conflict with public schools
04/12/06: Legal, permanent — and alone
04/10/06: Justice for Moussaoui
04/06/06: Hold that opinion
04/03/06: Letter to a mentsh-in-training
03/30/06: A nation like ours
03/27/06: America takes side of Israel
03/24/06: The obligation of unwanted fatherhood
03/23/06: The humanitarian case for war in Iraq
03/20/06: Scalia loosens up
03/16/06: Adoption, kids, and the gay agenda
03/13/06: Politics, marriage, and women's votes
03/09/06: Notes from Harry Browne
03/02/06: ‘Freedom for the thought we hate’
02/27/06: Anatomy of Summers's fall
02/20/06: When fear cows the media
02/16/06: The flames of hate in Alabama
02/09/06: The ‘throw-away-the-key’ fallacy
02/06/06: Today censors may be coming for some Mohammed cartoons; tomorrow it is your words and ideas they will silence
01/30/06: The Hamas victory is good news
01/26/06: Don't go wobbly on Iran
01/19/06: Musings, random and otherwise
01/12/06: Katrina and consequences
01/09/06: Bringing faith into contempt
12/29/05: 9,240 VICTIMS, AND COUNTING
12/29/05: Slurs fly from the left
12/22/05: Goodwill to foe as well as friend
12/19/05: Obsessive anti-Semitism
12/15/05: Defying terror to vote for the future
12/12/05: Protecting life by taking it away
12/08/05: Misplaced sympathy for killers
12/05/05: Abortion's paradoxical politics
11/21/05: Adjusting the Patriot Act
11/17/05: Truman bounced back — so will Bush
11/14/05: Of Powerball and ‘profiteers’
11/10/05: Privacy by decree
11/07/05: A war of values, not religion
11/03/05: The good news from Iraq is not fit to print
10/24/05: Sex is now a matter of health and the law, while morality is reserved for tobacco
10/20/05: Pakistan's dirty laundering
10/17/05: Norway's Nobel agenda
10/13/05: Social Security still needs fixing
10/10/05: Elian and the party line
10/06/05: The people's voice on gay marriage
10/03/05: The timeless truth of creation
09/29/05: Big government deja vu
09/27/05: Common sense on terrorism
09/26/05: Iraq’s good news chronicle
09/22/05: The paradox of fuel efficiency
09/19/05: Make them answer
09/15/05: Katrina's colorblind relief
09/12/05: Barking about gasoline
09/08/05: Supreme Court term limits
09/06/05: The looting instinct
09/02/05: Gaza's final evacuees
08/29/05: Hypocrisy on adult consent
08/26/05: Is Iraq Vietnam? Ask the troops
08/22/05: Lott's a slow learner
08/12/05: On condemning terrorism
08/08/05: The A-bomb was a lifesaver
08/05/05: The Republican pork barrel
08/01/05: Nazi echoes in the Gaza ‘disengagement?’
07/29/05: When Justices refuse to retire
07/27/05: Failures of intelligence
07/25/05: An antidemocratic plot
07/22/05: How to offend ‘a fantastic ally’
07/18/05: Poland's new fascination with Jews
07/01/05: Musings, random and otherwise
06/29/05: The overused ‘Nazi’ insult
06/27/05: Eminent injustice in New London
06/24/05: The power of Presidential solidarity
06/20/05: De-link health care from employment
06/17/05: GM's healthcare dilemma
06/13/05: Separating school and state
06/10/05: The slavery shakedown
06/06/05: Mitt Romney, cover candidate
06/03/05: The Right's balance
05/30/05: Death of a Marine
05/27/05: The case for judicial term limits
05/25/05: Minorities, ‘racism,’ and the UMASS flap
05/20/05: Why Islam is disrespected
05/13/05: Bush's Moscow misstep
04/18/05: Where did our sweet boy go?
04/15/05: Does Israel want Arab democracy?
04/11/05: Patriot Act no threat to libraries
04/08/05: The Pope who turned Antisemitism aside
04/04/05: One nation under law
04/01/05: Sharon's retreat is a victory for terrorists
03/28/05: The wrong Rx
03/25/05: Terri Schiavo: Less certainty, more prayer
03/21/05: Why not torture terrorists?

03/18/05: ‘Treat these detainees like dogs’
03/14/05: The marriage newspeak
03/11/05: The Arab Spring
03/07/05: A phony ‘consensus’ on youthful killers
03/04/05: An inglorious suicide
02/28/05: The pirates of eminent domain
02/21/05: Terminate the gerrymander
02/18/05: A Prophet without honor in his country
02/14/05: Driving up the cost of college
02/11/05: Driving up the cost of college
02/07/05: Religious hatred, Saudi-style
02/04/05: Dean For DNC Chairman? YEEAARRGGHH!
01/31/05: Remaining silent is torture in itself
01/24/05: An eighth of every paycheck
01/20/05: Same man, different president
01/17/05: How to spend a surplus
01/17/05: A bigger, more democratic Congress
01/10/05: The problem with Mahmoud Abbas
01/07/05: Angry with the Divine
01/03/05: When love matters more than blood
12/31/04: Overwhelmingly, political hate speech today comes from the Left
12/27/04: In the footsteps of FDR, Truman, JFK
12/24/04: Musing, random and otherwise
12/17/04: Iraq through Iraqis' eyes
12/10/04: Medical marijuana: The real stakes
12/06/04: Annan is a symptom of the UN's sickness
12/03/04: Intellectual diversity? Not on campus
11/19/04: The thanks we owe Ashcroft
11/08/04: The marriage consensus
11/04/04: Big loss for the Bush haters
11/01/04: A question of character
10/29/04: The radical and the reactionary
10/27/04: Kerry's religious references
10/25/04: The ignorant American voter
10/22/04: Old enough to kill. old enough to die?
10/15/04: One question not asked
10/04/04: The abusers of eminent domaine
09/27/04: Why the 9/11 fund was a mistake
09/24/04: Saudi Arabia's religious hatred
09/22/04: Election Day, RIP?
09/20/04: How to steal an election
09/13/04: Heard the one about Kerry's sense of humor?
09/10/04: Where is the Muslim outrage?
09/07/04: Schwarzenegger's homage to America
09/02/04: The right kind of diversity
08/30/04: Why Koch is on Bush's bandwagon
08/27/04: It's Kerry's antiwar record they resent
08/25/04: Some of Kerry's biggest fans are in the press
08/13/04: When diversity is only skin-deep
08/09/04: In Vietnam today
08/06/04: The gerrymandering scandal
08/03/04: Buzzwords and cheap shots
08/02/04: Good news from Iraq is underreported
07/26/04: Bush-haters do Kerry no favors
07/23/04: An illusion of security
07/19/04: Chappaquiddick's unanswered questions
07/19/04: Lessons of a school budget crisis
07/16/04: A contest between big spenders
07/12/04: A new look at Bush's ‘16 words’
07/09/04: Edwards's glaring weakness
07/06/04: Iraq's Independence Day
07/02/04: The unstoppable Bill Buckley
06/28/04: Romney's profile in courage
06/25/04: Anti-Semitism and the UN
06/21/04: What's going right in Iraq 06/18/04: Let enterprise boldly go into space
06/14/04: Mutilations and Muslim law
06/07/04: The liberal terminology of abortion
06/04/04: The real Dem in the presidential race
06/01/04: Vouchers and the promise of equality
05/25/04: Ted Kennedy's anti-American slander
05/24/04: Overblown fears about the Patriot Act
05/21/04: Sky-high gas prices? Not really
05/17/04: The end of the gay marriage debate?
05/14/04: The images we see — and those we don't
05/03/04 The enemy of women
04/29/04 The Kerry medals mystery
04/28/04 Do soldiers' coffins belong on page 1?
04/26/04 America-hatred among the Arabs
04/23/04: Kerry's U.N. fetish
04/19/04 Faith in the depths of hell 04/16/04: What the convention is worth
04/11/04: Everyone got it wrong before 9/11
04/02/04: What has gone right in Iraq
03/22/04: Kerry, Cuba — and the truth
03/19/04: On flattering minorities
03/12/04: Time for regime change in Tehran
03/08/04: Same-sex marriage vs. civil rights
03/05/04: A North Korean in Canada
03/04/04: Kerry's sweep bodes well for Bush
03/01/04: Kerry's lack of political courage
02/17/04: A hypocritical marriage debate
02/13/04: John Kerry's shifting stands
02/09/04: An Auschwitz in Korea
02/06/04: The most bloated budget ever
02/02/04: Into the sewer
01/30/04: A just war, with or without WMD
01/26/04: A little less freedom of speech
01/22/04: Quizzing the candidates (cont'd)
01/20/04: Quizzing the candidates
01/16/04: Is lawful polygamy next?
01/12/04: The decline of assimilation
01/09/04: Fleeing free trade
01/05/04: Another January, another Congressional pay raise
12/29/03: Hate speech ... from the Left
12/26/03: The triumph of Chanukah
12/22/03: Clark's credibility gap
12/18/03: Justice and Saddam Hussein
12/15/03: The respect donors deserve
12/12/03: The party of big spenders
12/08/03: Lieberman vs. Lieberman on religion
12/04/03: Bigotry and the Muslim world
11/27/03: Giving thanks for capitalism 11/24/03: Marriage ruling echoes Roe v. Wade
11/21/03: Down the slippery slope
11/17/03: The timeless meaning of marriage
11/14/03: In Reagan's footsteps
11/10/03: The race-baiter in the campaign
11/06/03: A 'botched' occupation?
10/24/03: Bigotry and the Muslim world
10/17/03: Put Nobel laureates to the test — of time
10/10/03: The headlines omitted the real WMD news
10/07/03: A bum 'bigotry' rap on Rush
09/29/03: When murderers die, innocents live
09/23/03: Why Arnold offends them
09/19/03: Taiwan deserves a UN seat
09/12/03: The war on US didn't begin on 9/11
09/09/03: Needed in Iraq: a tougher US hand
09/03/03: Harvard's tainted money
08/29/03: More prisoners, less crime
08/08/03: The man the race industry hates
08/04/03: 'Roadmap'? What 'Roadmap'?
07/21/03: The Republican spending orgy
07/18/03: The frenzy-of-the-month club
07/14/03: The death of American racism
07/09/03: Same-sex marriage vs. society's ideal
07/07/03: The lull before the storm
06/30/03: The ‘benefits’ of race-based admissions
06/20/03: An uprising to cheer
06/11/03: Musings, random and otherwise
06/09/03: A growing rift with Europe
05/27/03: Preferences, racial and otherwise
05/23/03: The bottom line for teachers unions
05/12/03: Castro's cheerleaders
05/08/03: In 'enlightened' New England, it hurts to give
05/06/03: Help the living before the dead
04/25/03: The search for the 'smoking gun'
04/21/03: Trading truth for access?
04/14/03: Kerry's abortion litmus test
04/11/03: Meanwhile, in Cuba, the tyranny goes on
04/07/03: Explaining the war to a six-year-old
03/31/03: Empowering a terroristocracy in the name of 'peace'?
03/27/03: America the liberator
03/10/03: Changing the definition of marriage
03/07/03: Liberate Iraq -- even with unclean hands
03/03/03: Why talk radio tilts right
02/21/03: A boost for Saddam
02/10/03: On outing Kerry
02/06/03: The neverending voyage
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