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08/08/08: When journalists applaud Obama
04/30/08: The Worst Campus Codeword
02/06/08: Open-minded want diversity to be banned
10/27/07: Brainwashing 101
10/26/07: Indoctrination starts when teachers are the students
10/24/07: Who Will Stand Up For Campus Free Speech?
10/10/07: Professors: Just As Liberal, Or More Moderate?
09/19/07: After Summers Comes The Fall
09/12/07: Indoctrination 101
08/13/07: Brawley case of the South
06/27/07 Bowling With Our Own: Robert Putnam's sobering new diversity research scares its author
06/25/07 Many are called but few are chosen to receive Sheldon Award
11/21/05 Remaking the Judge
11/14/05 We're All Victims
11/07/05 ‘Dangerously Radical’
10/31/05 The New McGovernites
10/25/05 The ACLU is crossing the line
10/17/05 Class(room) Warriors
10/03/05 The Parent Trap
09/26/05 All in the family
09/19/05 The Race Canard
09/12/05 Failure's Many Fathers
08/29/05 Getting No Satisfaction
08/22/05 Attack of the Nannies
08/08/05 Hey, It Wasn't My Fault
08/01/05 It's All Our Fault
07/25/05 Fun With Numbers
07/18/05 Rooting for the Martians
07/11/05 A Judge With No Agenda
06/27/05 Double Trouble Speak
06/20/05 An Autopsy Won't End It
06/13/05 A Guy With Gumption
06/06/05 Stories Not Told
05/30/05 Time to Fix the Court
05/23/05 The Media in Trouble
05/16/05 Sex for Dummies
05/09/05 Googling the Future
05/02/05 Full Disclosure
04/26/05 Not a Religious Fight
04/18/05 The End of Argument
04/11/05 Baking With Fire
04/04/05 End of the Affair
03/28/05 A regrettable limit on life
03/21/05 Double-standard trouble
03/14/05 A wage gap? It's men who get paid less
03/07/05 Time for a dose of Dr. No
02/28/05 Liberalism: Can it survive?
02/21/05 Making media accountable
02/14/05 Canada can't save you
02/07/05 What Harvard prez meant to say
01/31/05 Hillary's calculated move away from Democrat party
01/17/05 Crazy thinking
01/10/05 Playing the old blame game
01/03/05 Naked dorms & porn classes   —   I kid you not
12/13/04 Christmas censors
12/06/04 The wisdom of Solomon
11/29/04 Over the top
11/22/04 Don't discount moral views
11/15/04 What Kinsey wrought
11/09/04 What now, Dems?
11/01/04 A shoddy October surprise
10/25/04 Democrats and terror
10/18/04 The news thatís fit to print
10/11/04 When churches head left
10/04/04 Self-inflicted wounds
09/27/04 Making CBS play fair
09/20/04 The internment taboo
08/30/04 Pain in the heartland
08/23/04 A very Kerry Christmas
08/16/04 Stem cell debate is riddled with dishonesty
08/09/04 What war on terrorism?
08/02/4 Talk about getting religion!
07/26/04 The inadvertence files
07/12/04 Blogging the watchdogs
07/06/04 When dishing dirt is dumb
06/28/04 Comparing Bush to Hitler no longer confined to loonies
06/21/04 More dancing in the dark
06/14/04 The beauty of argument
06/07/04 Kerry's abortion problem
06/01/04 Liberal media? I'm shocked!
05/24/04 Double-standard trouble
05/10/04 The bishops and the pols
05/03/04 I'm terribly sorry. Really
04/26/04 George W. Bush, by the book
04/19/04 Could you repeat that, please?
04/11/04 Will our Northern neighbors stomp on free speech — when it involves morality?
04/05/04 Why mission creep is creepy
03/31/04 A really ugly shade of green
03/15/04 The not-so-perfect storm 03/09/04 Not wedded to the law
02/23/04 'Euphemism of the Year'
02/17/04 A kick where it's needed
02/09/04 Campus censors in retreat
02/02/04 Kay's say and the CIA
01/19/04 Priceless image making
01/12/04 More immigration folly
01/05/04 :Dean's World
12/29/03: Down-and-dirty rhetoric cheapens civil discourse
12/22/03: Foiling those evil Grinches
12/15/03: The extreme sport of insult
12/08/03: Splitting society, not hairs
12/01/03: Hey, we're all victims here
11/24/03: Avoiding democracy
11/17/03: American culture war takes a surprising jog to the right
11/10/03: Script doctors wanted
11/03/03: Many are called but few are chosen to receive Sheldon Award
10/27/03: The good-news generation
10/20/03: Trouble at Guantanamo
10/13/03: The recycling of reputations
09/29/03: The truth, the whole truth
09/22/03: Reporters ignored atrocities to get access in Saddam's Iraq
09/15/03: Citizenship on the cheap
09/08/03: The press looks the other way with leftist race issues
08/11/03: The high and the mighty
08/04/03: Playing diversity football
07/28/03: Mangled quotes take on a life of their own
07/21/03: A case of stacking the deck
07/14/03: Creeping transnationalism
07/07/03: The Supremes' sophistry
06/30/03: Not a good day for the Court
06/23/03: Now cut that out!
06/09/03: Drawing fire and ire
06/02/03: Pushing the bias button
05/27/03: Graduation daze
05/19/03: Black, white, and red-faced
05/12/03: What few dare to say aloud about the NYTimes scandal
05/05/03: Taking it off the streets
04/28/03: Santorum's 'anti-gay' remarks deserve argument, not anger
04/22/03: Wonders of the war
04/15/03: Befuddled in Baghdad
04/07/03: Just the facts, please
04/01/03: Antiwar mongering
03/24/03: The truth about casualties: Inevitable numbers game resumes with Iraqi war
03/17/03: A time for certainty
03/11/03: Springtime for Saddam
03/04/03: Protection for protesters
02/24/03: Time to strip the anti-war protests of its hyperbolic lifeline
02/18/03: Heat from the street
02/11/03: Nanny boo-boos
02/03/03: That flailing feeling
01/28/03: Core issue of abortion sealed off from public input
01/24/03: Preference lobby still working to invent dishonest schemes
01/13/03: Lament of the libs
01/10/03: Anti-discrimination policies threaten First Amendment rights
12/30/02: So which party is now exploiting race?
12/23/02: MERRY C-------S TO ALL!
12/16/02: Social victims enjoy unusually creative year
12/09/02: Marriage on the rocks
12/03/02: A breach of free speech
11/25/02: Teed off about tees
11/18/02: Put on a sappy face
11/11/02: Terror topples the Dems
11/04/02: Seeing through prisms
10/22/02: Leaving the left behind
10/18/02: Well-meaning coercion is sign of our times
10/14/02: Campus hate parade?
09/30/02: Left Side Story
09/24/02: A $100,000 joke?
09/17/02: The absent professors
09/10/02: Rage is not the rage
09/03/02: Blackboard bungle
08/13/02: License plate brouhaha is about ideology, not free speech
08/05/02: Climb every molehill
07/29/02: Media critics now play 'gotcha' on the 'net
07/22/02: Off with their headlines!
07/16/02: At Postmodern U., professors who see no evil
07/08/02: Religious exemptions to dress codes move through the courts
07/01/02: Pledge furor more evidence of elites' hostility to religion
06/25/02: They hate your mommy
06/18/02: Going soft in the head
06/10/02: Heck hath no fury...
06/04/02: An unspoken threat
05/29/02: A gay culture in the church
05/21/02: Jewish quotas are making comeback in college admissions
05/13/02: Running away with the law
05/06/02: A blog's bark has bite
04/30/02: High-minded citizens eager to break laws they don't support
04/24/02: Media to Israel: Go $#^%^$$ yourselves
04/16/02: Is pedophilia going mainstream?
04/09/02: Enslaved to the past
04/02/02: Bogus bias at MIT
03/26/02: Of rage and revolution
03/18/02: Deaf to good sense
03/11/02: With bias toward all
03/04/02: It's grin-and-bare-it time at U.C.-Berkeley
02/25/02: Two parents bad for children?
02/25/02: A gaggle of gag orders
02/12/02: An unfair ticket to college
02/05/02: The Sins of the Fathers
01/28/02: 'Diversity' proponents should learn what the word means
01/21/02: Color me confounded
01/14/02: Carping in Harvard Yard
01/08/02: Giuliani saved New York from blight of stupid ideas
01/02/02: Small gems pop up here and there in this year's rocky road
12/26/01: Terrorism means never having to say you're sorry
12/18/01: Seasonal symbols make some people see red
12/10/01: Nattering newsrooms
12/03/01: Hell's litigious angels
11/27/01: Our shattered chatterers
11/19/01: Quagmire, schmagmire
11/12/01: The public's right to know exists even in wartime
11/05/01: Let's have a 'sensitive' war
10/29/01: Campus speech codes now turn against both Left and Right
10/22/01: America's elites must come to the aid of their country
10/15/01: Radical cultural relativism leaves some blind to evil
10/08/01: Good sense and nonsense vie for campus supremacy
10/01/01: Learning to love terrorists
09/25/01: Muslims must shoulder responsibilities as citizens
09/17/01: A war of two worlds
09/11/01: Stealth language at the U.N. is dangerously undemocratic
08/20/01: 'Affluenza' hits the Hamptons
08/25/01:Have it your way in the new moral order
08/14/01: IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (PART 17)
08/07/01: America's big cities suffer from culture of 'riot ideology'
07/16/01: Is there an echo?
07/10/01: P.C. lexicon should come in handy
07/03/01: Mixture of fact and fiction is very much in the air
06/25/01: Simon Says, take another step toward mindless inclusion
06/19/01: Is the trend toward single moms starting to reverse?
06/11/01: Honest voting mistakes do not create disenfranchisement
06/05/01: Duffers in the court
05/31/01: Miffing the myth makers
05/21/01: Married with children: Twisted statistics exaggerate the nuclear family's woes
05/14/01: Bully, bully: Do gossip and rumors count as punishable behavior?
05/08/01: But where's the art?
04/30/01: Kerrey's attempts at 'healing' cover up real issue of crime
04/24/01: The media run riot
04/17/01: Now there are even separate graduation ceremonies
04/10/01: "Mainstream" media are advocates when they cover gays
04/03/01: Why don't conservatives care about saving the planet?
03/27/01: Ivy League therapy
03/20/01: Hold that conscience
03/12/01: The no-speech culture
03/05/01: The 'transgendered' boom
02/27/01: Lovely monsters
02/20/01: When perfectly reasonable principles are carried too far
02/13/01: Bill and Hill are pills
02/06/01: Partner hopping
01/30/01: Sensitivity police
01/22/01: Found in the White House dumpster on Jan. 20, 2001
01/16/01: New slogan belies what the Army really is
01/08/01: The black dissent
01/03/01: The year's best quips on life, politics – and golf
12/19/00: Supreme confusion
12/11/00: Racial rhetoric conveniently ignores election facts
12/05/00: Savage fantasy
11/27/00: Victims of the year get the recognition they deserve
11/20/00: It's a chad, chad, chad, chad world
11/13/00: The election rhetoric is running much too high
11/07/00: How yesterday's hero becomes tomorrow's heel
10/30/00: Would Bush's Supreme Court picks make a difference?
10/24/00: Yankees, go home!
10/17/00: Un-American activity?
10/10/00: A tempest in an ink pot
10/03/00: The Al Gore quiz
09/26/00: The sleeper effect
09/19/00: Baby-saving made easy
09/12/00: Line between reporting and editorializing continues to blur
09/05/00: In the key of F
08/29/00: Hollywood connection
08/22/00: Some friendly advice to the GOP
08/15/00: You can't make this up
08/08/00: The niceness strategy
08/01/00: When rules don't count
07/25/00: Anti-male bias increasingly pervades our culture
07/18/00: Banned in Boston
07/12/00: What Jacoby had to deal with!
07/11/00: Will boys be boys?
07/05/00: Partial-sense decision
06/27/00: Attitude toward death penalty gets in the way of facts
06/20/00: Double troubles
06/13/00: Fools paradise
06/06/00: Accidental conspirator
05/30/00: Faking the hate
05/23/00: Was it law or poetry?
05/16/00: Here, there and everywhere, people have gone bonkers
05/09/00: Tufts evangelicals are punished for acting on their beliefs
05/02/00: Elian's opera isn't over until nearly everyone sings
04/25/00: All the news that fits: The media serve up many stories from a standard script
04/19/00: Those darned readers: The gap between reporters and the general public is huge
04/05/00: Census sense and nonsense
03/29/00: Hollywood message films leave no room for other views
03/22/00: The Vatican confesses, but is it enough?
03/14/00: Watch what you say: The left can no longer be counted on to defend free speech
03/07/00: McCain's malleable messages
03/01/00: Bush's appearance at Bob Jones U. will dog him all the way
02/23/00: 'Multi-millionaire' show is new evidence we're insane

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