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Roger Simon Archives

02/27/01: This Clintoon circle member said 'no'
02/23/01: Let's be humanitarians: It's time to ice Saddam once and for all!
02/02/01: Is 'soft money' the real problem?
01/31/01: Wealthy people and corporations will always find a way to influence politics but...
01/26/01: Democrats are sitting around dividing up the blame
01/24/01: Summing up Clinton's presidency in a single word
01/18/01: Love or hate him, Clinton was perfectly in touch with the temperament of his times
01/10/01: Paying for democracy
01/04/01: Buy stuff now!
12/29/00: AlGore's divorce
12/20/00: It ain't over just yet
12/12/00: About that concession speech, Mr. Gore
12/08/00: Why didn't Bush do better?
12/04/00: Watching Gore disintegrate
11/28/00: Politics isn't for sissies
11/23/00: We've switched over to mob rule
11/21/00: Election maybe a mess, but at least it's is an American original
11/17/00: The latest edition of Mr. Answer Man!
11/14/00: Apportioning votes by a coin flip
11/10/00: Gore's Waterloo: The beginning of the end?
11/01/00: The Al and Tipper show
10/26/00: Running on empty
10/20/00: Dubyah chills out
10/18/00: Will the candidates ever 'get real'?
10/16/00: What exactly does Gore do with all that debate prep time?
10/11/00: Gore the shark?
10/05/00: In Beantown, Jesse was the real entertainment
09/29/00: The power to bolster or destroy
09/26/00: It's high time for Boy Bush to do some serious kickin'
09/21/00: Press is circling Bush like vultures searching for road kill
09/15/00: What Bush has learned
09/13/00: Bush: "I hope they under-estimate my competitiveness"
09/11/00: Playin' with AlGore's mind
09/06/00: When Bush comes to shove
09/01/00: AlGore: 'We're ordinary people'
08/30/00: AlGore: Wealth and power are intrinsically bad
08/23/00: Charming AlBore? Yeah, right
08/18/00: Hollywood to Bubba: 'You are a mirror for all of us'
08/16/00: Gotta have the funk
08/08/00: To lead -- and save -- America
08/03/00: Buddha is back
07/28/00: "Sanitized" political conventions ruin politics
07/26/00: If you believe those polls ...
07/19/00: The tyranny of the suit and tie has been replaced by the tyranny of the blue jeans
07/17/00: Dubyah's dumb move
07/14/00: ... And the winner is: Has America's next president already been determined?
07/10/00: The truth about AlGore is beginning to spread --- even in the Times
06/30/00: When AlGore will know it's all over
06/22/00: At home with AlGore
06/16/00: Gore tries to save face
06/14/00: Dick's dollars
06/12/00: Journalists, street walkers and other ethical 'professionals'
06/06/00: A real democracy needs headless leaders!
06/02/00: Are you a virus?
05/31/00: Lazio's secret weapon
05/26/00: Disbarment? Heck, I didn't know they HAD lawyers in Arkansas
05/24/00: Why AlGore is self-destructing
05/19/00: The luck of the Clintons
05/12/00: No Bush bear-hugs for John Skywalker
05/05/00: 'You really should 'leave home without them'!
05/03/00: 'Those bones could be human'
05/01/00: McCain stands on the spot where he first fell
04/24/00: Dream on, John Skywalker
04/18/00: Weren't those protests swell?
04/07/00: The bumbler's brilliance --- or AlGore gets mad
04/04/00: AlGore strikes out again in credibility dept.
03/31/00: You've got hell: Deflating AlGore's confidence
03/29/00: Battle of the underachievers
03/22/00: Afraid of Pat?
03/16/00: Gore owes Bradley --- big time!
03/14/00: What the primaries have wrought: Seven lessons
03/07/00: "The election campaign is going to be brutal, incredibly negative, nasty, dirty, slimy, sleazy and one of the worst in history," says Gore honcho
03/03/00: Bradley's believers
03/01/00: When the geniuses screw up
02/18/00: Drunk on politics: McCain's bar buddies
02/16/00: Bush's should never have told daddy the truth
02/11/00: Life on Planet Campaign 2000 --- 'Hey, I'm a member of the press'
02/09/00: When journalists annoint the wrong candidate
02/03/00: Gore's goons 02/01/00: Battle of the babies --- or why Gore needs Bradley
01/27/00: Bradley running on formaldehyde
01/26/00: Bauer's desperation
01/20/00: Bradley's position on breast-feeding and other welcomes in Iowa
01/13/00: Bradley's secret weapon
01/11/00: McCain as the anti-Clinton?
01/05/00: Deciphering 'Beltway' talk and fashion
12/18/98: Busy, busy Bubba
12/08/98: "Doing the people's business"
12/04/98: Censure-plus
11/24/98: Bubba's brilliance
11/24/98: See Bubba run; Run, Bubba, run
11/20/98: Lost in Japan
11/17/98: Saddam will strike because we did not
11/12/98: Too bad we can't just blow Saddam away
11/10/98: Will the Republicans ever learn?
11/05/98: Monica? Monica who?
11/03/98: Telling the truth about journalists
10/30/98: The vanishing president
10/27/98:Bubba's last hurrah?
10/23/98: Podesta is used to cleaning toilets
10/15/98: Glenn will once again be an American original
9/24/98: The greatest political actor of our time
9/17/98: Bubba's 'weasel words' --only a partial list (There's only 24 hours in a day)
9/17/98: Hah, I told ya so!
9/08/98: Orthodox Jew Lieberman's moral outrage: Why religion matters in politics
9/04/98: Bubbasky
8/27/98: Cigars?
8/25/98: Why it's all-Lewinsky-all-day-all-night
8/21/98: From magnifying glass to microscope
8/19/98: Let's be blunt: Bubba really needs a shrink --- and fast!
8/13/98: At home, with real, live FOBs
8/11/98: Bubba's new secret weapon: the Marine Band
8/07/98: Has the presidency been reduced to a 'Leno' joke?
8/05/98: Tell the truth?
7/30/98: All ya need is luv...and to deny, deny, deny
7/28/98: 'Man-of-da-people,' huh?
7/23/98: Can frequent-flyer miles alone earn Bubba a Nobel Prize?
7/21/98: San Francisco: not only 'gay,' but happy
7/17/98: Why Bubba claims Y2K is US' biggest problem
7/14/98: Close Amtrak --- PLEASE!
7/9/98: Flag burning is for nuts!
7/7/98: Forget about his legal defense fund, buy Bubba shirts!
7/1/98: Wall-nuts
6/26/98: Perks and the press
6/23/98: There's a good reason Bubba wants gun-control...
6/19/98: Why Clinton can get away with going to Tiananmen Square
6/16/98: Maybe Big Brother ain't so bad after all
6/11/98: He claimed responsibility for Rwanda, so why isn't Bubba stopping Serbian genocide?
6/9/98: The Internet president?
6/4/98: You can call me ‘slick;' and you can call me ‘sick;' but never call me ‘Dick' .... as in Nixon, that is
6/2/98: Being a 'talkin'-head' is hard work
5/29/98 Pay the pol, pick the policy
5/27/98 A 'loo' in London
5/21/98Buba is back from Europe ... but what did he accomplish?
5/18/98Roses for Buba
5/12/98: Just who is "Mr. Republican" these days?"
5/7/98:"Why Clinton keeeps "going and going and going""
5/1/98:"Bubba v. Tabacka"
4/29/98:"You may ask, but should they tell?"
4/24/98:"McCurry and the kids from the ‘hood "
4/23/98: "NOW" should change its name to "THEN"
4/20/98: Freedom to be a jerk?
4/14/98: Bill is Hef's kinda guy
4/7/98: South African memories --- and a paradise not yet found
3/24/98: Bill's 12-day safari
3/20/98: Peace for Ireland?
3/18/98: Flat tire? Spare me
3/13/98: Latrell Sprewell's genius
3/10/98: On truth and reality
3/5/98: No, I'm not harrassing Hillary
3/3/98: The Unforgettable Henny Youngman
2/26/98: Grow up, boys!
2/24/98: Go get 'em, Bill!
2/19/98: My 15 minutes
2/17/98: The manic-depressive presidency
2/12/98: Drip, Drip, Drip
2/10/98: Clinton tunes out the networks
2/5/98: The flight of the Beast: America's love-hate relationship with scandal
2/3/98: Speaking Clintonese
1/29/98: What the president has going for him
1/27/98: Judgment call: how Americans view President Clinton
1/22/98: Bimbo eruptions past and present
1/20/98: Feeding the beast: Paula Jones gets the full O.J.
1/15/98: Let's get it over with: it's time to deal with Saddam, already
1/13/98: Sonny Bono is dead, let the good times roll
1/8/98: Carribbean Cheesecake: First couple has cake, eats cake
1/6/98: PO'ed: a suspected druggie jumps through the employment hoops
1/1/98: Cures for that holiday hangover
12/30/97: Buy stuff now
12/25/97: Peace to all squirrelkind
12/23/97: Home for the Holidays: Where John Hinckley, never convicted, will not be
12/18/97: Bill's B-list Bacchanalia: Press and politicos get cozy, to a point
12/16/97: All dressed up... (White House flack Mike McCurry speculates on his next career)


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