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Jewish World Review /Oct. 23, 1998 / 3 Mar-Cheshvan, 5759

Roger Simon

Roger Simon Podesta is used to cleaning toilets

WASHINGTON -- Whenever there was a dirty job to do at the Clinton White House, John Podesta got to do it. And there were plenty of dirty jobs to do.

From Travelgate to Hillary Rodham Clinton's commodities trading to Whitewater to campaign fund raising to the Monica Lewinsky affair, Podesta was asked to head up the damage-control effort.

He was far more comfortable working on foreign policy and technology issues -- encryption policy is the kind of thing that makes Podesta's heart race -- but he nonetheless managed to satisfy not only both Clintons (no easy task, and many have the scars to prove it) but also Bill Clinton's Republican critics on Capitol Hill, many of whom today are lavish in their praise of Podesta's skill and personal integrity.

Tuesday, Podesta, 49, got his reward when Clinton named him as his new chief of staff, replacing Erskine Bowles on Nov. 1.

Bowles will go back to North Carolina, where he will decide whether to run for governor. In other words, Bowles will decide whether being Clinton's chief executive officer during the Lewinsky scandal will make a political future possible or impossible.

Podesta is an interesting choice for a job that is one of the two most important staff jobs in the White House. (Press secretary is the other.)

Known for his mordant wit, a love of roller coasters (the real kind, not the political ones), cowboy boots and Clinton's favorite card game, hearts, Podesta gave credit to his "blue-collar" Chicago upbringing for his success.

"I know that my father had to quit high school after one year to help support his family," Podesta said. "And I know that every day he worked hard on a factory floor, always believing in the American dream that his children would be better off than he was."

Podesta's father worked nights operating a machine that cut cardboard boxes while his mother worked days at a bank.

His brother, Tony, now 54, who heads a Washington public relations firm, said: "Anybody who grows up in Chicago follows either the Cubs or the White Sox, the Bears and politics. It's in the ground water."

Commerce Secretary William Daley, son of one Chicago mayor and brother to another, said of Podesta: "He understands complex policy issues, and he enjoys that a lot more than he lets on. He likes people to think he is political, but he is really interested in policy. And though he views himself as a Chicago guy, he understands Washington more than Erskine did. John understands the Hill, the Democratic constituency, labor, the leadership of the House, the lobbyists, all the pieces of the puzzle."

Like a number of people in the Clinton White House, Podesta worked for a long line of presidential losers: Ed Muskie, Eugene McCarthy and Michael Dukakis.

He finally found himself a winner in 1992 and specialized in preparing Clinton for his debates both in 1992 and 1996.

Podesta also spent nine years as a staffer on Capitol Hill, where he made contacts that may prove invaluable to Clinton as the House considers whether to impeach him and send him to the Senate for removal from office.

"He is a very self-contained guy who doesn't rattle; he is the kind of guy you want in a foxhole with you," one political observer said. "The dirty little secret of John is that he is quite ideological -- very liberal and much farther to the left than Clinton."

As chief of staff, Podesta will have an array of vital duties: running the White House staff, budgeting the president's time, coordinating policy and political concerns, and guiding Clinton through the most difficult crisis of his career -- a possible impeachment.

Republican lawmakers crucial to Clinton's future are fond of Podesta. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told The Washington Post: "John's an excellent fellow. He's honorable, he's a good adviser, he's very bright, and he has that rare ability to be wise."

"He knows how the White House works," Clinton said of Podesta. "But even more importantly, he knows why the White House ought to work and for whom every single one of us does work."

Clinton lied to Podesta about the Lewinsky affair, but Podesta told NBC News: "He has done so much for this country. I think he has a lot more to give. ... I thought the right thing to do was to stay here and defend this presidency and defend this president."

It may be another dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.


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