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Jewish World Review /Nov. 20, 1998 / 1 Kislev, 5759

Roger Simon

Roger Simon Lost in Japan

TOKYO -- "Conveyor belt sushi," my friend said.

Gesundheit, I replied.

"This is your first time in Japan," my friend said, "and knowing how easily impressed you are, I know you will like conveyor-belt sushi."

How is this different from regular sushi? I asked.

"It's on a conveyor-belt," he said.

The sushi is on a conveyor-belt? Like in a factory?

"No, not like in a factory," he said. "Like in a restaurant. You sit at a counter, and the sushi rides around on a little conveyor-belt in front of you. And you just take what you want when it passes by."

Does sushi travel well? I asked.

"Quite well," he said. "There is a place in San Francisco, I am told, where the sushi rides in little boats in this moat in front of you, but I consider that too showy."

My friend, I should mention, has a very definite, though ill-defined, sense of taste.

"OK," he said. "You want to get some conveyor-belt sushi now?"

I don't know, I said. What time is it? I mean what time is it here, and what time is it back home?

"Don't start," my friend said.

I am well known among my friends for being unable to figure out time zones. I don't mean simple time-zone differences like the difference between Washington and Los Angeles (four hours, except during leap years).

But when I go to Asia, I am lost.

"It is 14 hours later here than in Washington," my friend said for the 10th time.

But how come sometimes it's not the same day of the week? I asked.

"Because it's 14 hours!" he said.

I don't get it, I said.

"If it is before noon over here, then it is the day before back in Washington," he said.

I don't get it, I said. Does this have something to do with the International Dateline?

"Very definitely," he said.

I ignore the International Dateline, I said. It's easier that way.

"Fine," he said. "Let's go to lunch."

What time is it? I asked.

"What difference does it make!" he shouted. "You don't understand the time anyway."

But I have to know if I'm hungry! I wailed.

He stuck me in a car, and we went off into Tokyo rush hour. That it was rush hour was no clue to the time. It is always rush hour in Tokyo. But it has to be the politest rush hour in the world. Nobody honks. Nobody cuts off anybody else. Nobody shouts or gestures rudely.

Now I know I'm not in America anymore, I said, looking out the window at a truck that actually yielded the right of way to us.

We got to the sushi place and sat at a counter, where, lo and behold, the sushi traveled on a little assembly line.

It was all very efficient, the Japanese equivalent of fast food (though they also have McDonald's).

You took a tea cup off a stack and a tea bag off another stack. Every few feet down the counter were boiling water dispensers, so you could make your own tea.

You grabbed whatever sushi you wanted and stacked up the plates. Each plate was color coded for a different price.

When you wanted your check at the end, you just stood up and someone came running over, counted up the plates and wrote you a check.

You paid the cashier, and you were out of there.

It was quite a meal. I had raw salmon, raw tuna, raw yellow tail, raw eel and raw fish eggs. When we got back out onto the street, I kept looking at my watch.

"What's wrong?" my friend asked.

I just figured out the time zones! I said.

"So?" he said.

So, I said, that turned out to be


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