Jewish World Review July 14, 2004 / 25 Tamuz, 5764


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Planned Bush Speech to NAACP Revealed | Before President George Bush made his final decision not to speak at this week's convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), he and his speech-writing staff prepared a draft of an address that he would have delivered if pressure from the media had become so intense that he had no other choice.

Here is a partial transcript of that speech, which was accidentally emailed to 1.5 million GOP supporters last night...

"My fellow Americans, members of the NAACP, Senator Boxer. It's an honor to be with you tonight representing the political party that introduced the 1957 Civil Rights Act — which at the time was the first civil rights legislation in 82 years. Although Senator Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat from my home state, and Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democrat from my opponent's home state, both worked to prevent the full implementation of the 1957 Act, it formed the foundation upon which the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voter Rights Act still stand."

"I also represent the political party whose Congressional delegation voted overwhelmingly for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — 82 percent of Republican Senators voted 'yes' and 80 percent of Republican House members approved — helping to overcome the weak support by the opposition party where only 69 percent of Democrat Senators and 61 percent of Democrat House members voted for the Act."

"I'm also delighted to come as an ambassador from the party of Abraham Lincoln, whose emancipation proclamation officially put an end to slavery in America."

"I bring greetings from Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, who would be here tonight if they weren't so busy working to ensure peace and freedom for the oppressed people of the world. I also come to you on behalf of the thousands of men and women of color who defend freedom worldwide every day as part of our United States armed forces."

"I have come tonight to declare a new emancipation for people of color. By the authority vested in me as President of all the people of the United States I declare that all Americans are free to work for a living, free to seek education, free to worship G-d, free to live under the same laws to which we all submit as a peace-loving people."

"The new emancipation proclamation also states that all Americans are free to be lazy, ignorant and G-dless without expecting the government to come to their aid. All Americans are also free to violate our laws — after which they will receive the just consequences of their exercise of that freedom.

"The new emancipation proclamation hereby sets free those who have been held in captivity by the vain hope that government is their beneficent master. It breaks the chains that have bound men, women and children in a cycle of dependency that leads to despair."

"I declare that all Americans are free from the tyranny of special interest bosses who have become wealthy by telling others that they can't succeed in our free society. From this day forth, let every American exercise his freedom from politicians who profit by trading men's votes for men's souls, and who become rich and powerful by creating programs which keep legions of our citizens poor and powerless."

"Thank you for allowing me to address this august society of freedom-loving people tonight. I know that you join me in celebrating this new birth of freedom. G-d bless you, and G-d bless the United States of America."

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JWR contributor Scott Ott publishes the satirical website, whose motto is "News fairly unbalanced. We report. You decipher." Comment by clicking here.


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08/26/03: U.S. to Send 22 Million Troops to Protect Iraq
07/17/03: Dem Candidates Demand Bush Share Campaign Funds
07/16/03: Gephardt, Lieberman Vie for Underdog Status
07/14/03: Bush To Personally Verify Future CIA Reports
07/11/03: PETA Defends Ball Player Who Hit Sausage
07/10/03: Islamic Jihad Chosen as 'World's Most Responsible' Group
07/02/03: CBS Pairs Rather with Donahue to Boost Ratings
07/01/03: Palestinian Terror Leaders Prepare to be 'Joint Chiefs'
06/30/03: Palestinian terror groups look forward to off-season
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06/11/03: French tourism plunges after WoodyAllen ads
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06/03/03: FCC: Readerless Papers May Buy Viewerless Stations
06/02/03: Sean Penn's NYTimes ad boosts Mescaline sales
05/22/03: Lieberman Proposes Govt. Agency to Cut Bureaucracy
05/21/03: Republicans Raise Money to Help Gephardt Miss Votes
05/19/03: Wal-Mart to offer more books that few people read
05/13/03: DNC Devises New Strategy to Attract Donors
05/09/03: Dems: New Filibuster Rule Unfairly Targets us
05/08/03: Drug Makers End Video Deal with News Anchors
05/06/03: Failure to Find Saddam Proves He Never Existed
05/01/03: Clinton still humbly serving his country
04/29/03: Hillary Clinton Memoir Tops Harry Potter
04/28/03: Coalition Hires British Paper to Dig for Evidence
04/22/03: NOW Defends Scott Peterson's Right to Choose
04/15/03: Shroud of CNN Missing from Baghdad Museum
04/14/03: Pelosi praises U.S. troops for defending immorality
04/11/03: Chirac Apologizes for Applauding Fall of Saddam
04/07/03: United Nations Holds 'Grand Re-Opening' Event
04/07/03:Chemical agent found at Iraqi Information Ministry
04/04/03: War Provides Terrorists Long-Awaited Motive
04/01/03: Lieberman won't promote gay marriage on Sabbath
03/31/03: Lennon joins dead celebs opposed to war
03/28/03: New War Show Lets Audience Call Shots
03/26/03: U.S. offers Iraq Russian-made equipment
03/24/03: Decapitation attack on 'peace movement' succeeds
03/20/03: Gulf War, a golf war? U.S. presses to end war before Masters Tourney
03/19/03: France proposes using metric hours for ultimatum
03/18/03: Airport screeners halt Hussein exodus
03/17/03: Encryption experts work to decipher Kaptur comment
03/14/03: U.S. to Return Statue of Liberty to France
03/13/03: CIA Leaks Again: Shhh! Don't tell bin Laden
03/12/03: "We're damaging these homes and vehicles as a form of political speech"
03/11/03: Bush caves in to Russian and French veto
03/07/03: Speechless: U.N. delegates await translation of Bush remarks
03/06/03: Moseley-Braun Drops Hyphen, Hopes for Sponsor Deal
03/05/03: Bush Admits to Belafonte's 'Possessed of Evil' Charge
03/04/03: Powell continues 'saber rattling' in Pakistan interview
03/03/03: Daschle demands release of top al Qaeda operative
02/28/03: Rather to interview prez on same terms as Saddam
02/27/03: U.S. accepts Saddam's latest proposal
02/26/03: 'Win Without War' releases new talking points
02/25/03: Blix orders Iraq to destroy 'human shields'
02/24/03: Secret U.S. Plan for Cyber-War to Feature Windows XP
02/21/03: Gephardt insists he's really running for President
02/20/03: French President changes name to 'Chiraq'
02/19/03: Chirac offers new EU members 'Freedom of Silence'
02/18/03: Meteorologist Fired for "Positive" Snow Report

© 2003, Scott Ott