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Jewish World Review April 2, 2004 / 12 Nissan, 5764

James Lileks

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Slinging slime or citing facts? | Fractured as the bones of the body politic may be, we can all agree on one thing: This will be the longest, grimmest, harshest campaign in living memory. Right?

That's the conventional wisdom: It's going negative sooner than ever before, and the mud being slung is particularly disgusting. Blame, of course, the Republican Slime Machine, which will stop at nothing. Just look at how it attacked Richard Clarke — by sending out operatives to point out Clarke's contradictions. Heavens. Decent people everywhere took to their fainting couches over that one.

Slimy? No. Saying your opponent dates a goat and likes to set cats on fire is a slimy attack. Saying your opponent hangs around schoolyards in a trenchcoat passing out cotton candy — slime. Saying your opponent belonged to a group that took a vote on assassinating government officials — that's slime. No, wait a minute, that's truth. John Kerry belonged to Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and a proposal to kill some senators was discussed and voted down at a VVAW meeting in Kansas City, Mo., in 1971. Granted, Kerry says he quit the group just before that meeting — but ask yourself whether such a subject ever comes up in your social circle. Perhaps your book club regularly turns to the question of which high government official you plan to kill, but most people don't travel in such, ah, motivated company.

You want a hard ad, a tough attack? OK: "John Kerry, he's their man! Can't stop blabbing about Vietnam! John Kerry, he's their guy! Shot a man and watched him die!" Voiceover: "John Kerry may say he's for people, but he's the only presidential candidate ever to admit killing an Asian in another country." Cut to President Bush: "I'm George Bush, and I not only approved this message, I never plugged a guy who was trying to crawl back into the bushes."

That's a hard message. Until we hear ads like that, everyone needs to chill. We still have a ways to go.

Latest example of slime: Dick Cheney accused Kerry, a liberal Dem from Massachusetts, of having a pronounced affinity for raising taxes.

Whoa! The gloves are off!

Kerry's response: "They have found Dick Cheney in an undisclosed location and brought him out to attack me," Kerry droned. (Ho ho. Undisclosed location; that's novel. Next: Al Haig "I am in charge" jokes.) "That seems to be his designated role — not to create jobs, but to attack John Kerry." Speaking of one's self in the third person is usually reserved for popes and kings, but we'll let that slide. Consider this new job requirement for the vice president: creating jobs. Apparently there is a big button on the veep's desk marked "MAKE JOBS," and Cheney not only refuses to push it, he posts guards to keep others from depressing it when he's away attacking John Kerry the First.

Nonsense, of course; the veep's job is to hang around should the head man perish, not "create jobs." Governments don't create jobs. They help create the conditions in which jobs are created, or lost. If the government decides that it is good for workers to have paid family leave to grieve for a lost pet (hamsters on up, although we can work in goldfish in the next session), then employers might well decide to move customer support from New Jersey to Bombay, where they speak better English.

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In any case: Yes, we lost jobs after the '90s bubble popped. It's called "a recession." Then there was that whole war thing, which further depressed enthusiasms. You might remember that. It was in all the papers. But the Labor Department says that 2.2 million jobs were lost, not 3 million, as Kerry said in his response to Cheney. One might ask if he heard about these 800,000 workers from the foreign leaders who endorsed him.

Sorry! That was below the belt. Remember, everything's fair game this time. Except Kerry's record and public utterances. And if Kerry takes to a St. Louis pulpit, quotes Scripture and suggests Bush is a lousy Christian, well, that's hardly slime. Facts are facts.

G-d was unavailable for comment at press time.

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JWR contributor James Lileks is a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Comment by clicking here.


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