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08/27/04: The scorecard: Swiftees vs. Kerry
08/24/04: Malkin: In Defense of Internment
08/20/04: Then What About Iran, Senator Kerry?
08/17/04: Why are the media AWOL?
08/13/04: Kerry's Self-Woven Foreign Policy Web
08/10/04: "Unfit for Command" — unfit for discussion?
08/05/04: Senator Kerry: You can't have it both ways
08/03/04: Kerry's campaign theme: Judge me by my words alone
07/30/04: Who's fooling whom?
07/27/04: Kerry's liberal avoidance
07/23/04: 'Are we safer now' is the wrong question
07/20/04: Pop Quiz: Are you a typical Kerry supporter?
07/16/04: Don't dump Cheney
07/13/04: More lies about lies
07/09/04: Republicans and race revisited
07/06/04: But let them kill "it" anyway
07/01/04: Foreign policy incoherence of the anti-Bushers
06/29/04: Sticks and stones
06/25/04: The Divine and politics
06/22/04: Now who's lying?
06/18/04: Excessive screening of violence defeats purpose
06/15/04: Flushing Kerry out
06/11/04: President Bush should trumpet social issues, too
06/08/04: An unrelenting faith in America
06/04/04: Boy Scouts still under heavy fire 06/02/04: Who's misleading whom?
05/28/04: Homosexual Marriage: A Slippery Slope?
05/25/04: Kerry's war record: Where are the media?
05/21/04: The prospect of Kerry is scary
05/18/04: We can't quit now
05/14/04: Secularist double standards
05/11/04: The pugnacious antiwar left
05/07/04: Keeping the enemy in perspective
05/04/04: Liberalism, Kerry's wartime handicap
04/30/04: More Senate Judiciary Committee chicanery
04/27/04: The Mall of Shame
04/23/04: Those unstable, superstitious Christians
04/16/04: The elusive apology trap
04/14/04: The liberal establishment's full court press
04/09/04: Kerry needs a new mantra
04/08/04: Iraqi violence should strengthen U.S. resolve
04/02/04: John Kerry 2004 = John Kerry 1971
03/30/04: Now who's politicizing the war?
03/26/04: Don't believe your lying eyes
03/23/04: Perception versus reality in presidential elections
03/19/04: Nominating Kerry — Is Democratic buyers' remorse inevitable?
03/16/04: Sen. Kerry, champion of the appeasers
03/12/04: The one-sided culture war
03/09/04: Truthful, open exchange not ‘negative campaigning’
03/05/04: Dems unified around ‘the goal’
03/02/04: Dems hiding the ball
02/27/04: "Gay marriage" is not about "rights"
02/20/04: The Edwards surge: How significant?
02/17/04: Several questions for you, senator
02/13/04: Kerry's troubling consistencies
02/10/04: Kerry, Edwards and company: Have they forgotten?
02/06/04: I'm glad they're nominating Kerry
02/03/04: Kay vindicates Bush
01/30/04: Kerry, nominee by default
01/27/04: In search of a worthy presidential contender
01/23/04: Edward's superficial optimism
01/20/04: Revisiting the gravitas factor
01/16/04: Time has come for federal marriage amendment
01/13/04: Immigration, Part II: American culture
01/09/04: Bush Immigration Plan a Bad Idea
01/06/04: This'll be an interesting political year
12/30/03: Howard Dean: The Dems' death wish
12/23/03: Anti-Dean ad revealing
12/19/03: The Clintons' real legacy
12/16/03: Howard Dean's foreign policy vacuum
12/12/03: Dean is all the rage
12/09/03: Kerry's F-word unsurprising
12/05/03: The "offensiveness" of Christianity
12/02/03: The competing Bush haters
11/25/03: GOP TV ads showcase Democrat obstruction
11/21/03: Uprooting our biblical foundation
11/18/03: Hijacking the judicial appointment power
11/14/03: A Marshall Plan for our DNA
11/11/03: Multilateralism 'til we're blue in the face
11/07/03: Insidious judicial activism through foreign laws
11/04/03: More news from the front lines of the culture war
10/31/03: Obstructionism in the war on terror
10/28/03: A few choice Democratic debate snippets
10/24/03: Who's being extreme?
10/21/03: The sport of Bush-hating
10/17/03: A week in the culture war
10/14/03: Senator Kerry should apologize
10/07/03: Judicial activism issue favors GOP
10/02/03: Targeting the elite
09/29/03: Warring with Christianity
09/22/03: Horowitz's Delicious Academic Bill of Rights
09/17/03: A dialogue with the 9 Little Generals
09/15/03: Al Sharpton has a point, sort of
09/10/03: Quit undermining president Bush and get on board in this war on terror
09/08/03: Paleocons lighten up: President Bush is not a neocon
09/03/03: Dems tied to losing strategy
09/02/03: The myth of church-state separation
08/27/03: When is enough enough?
08/25/03: A clashing of principles and jurisdictions
08/18/03: Targeting campus speech codes
08/13/03: Coulter's "Treason": Examining lib sympathies
08/11/03: Libs in denial
08/06/03: Anti-Christian litmus test
08/04/03: Sizing up 2004
07/28/03: Liberal bunkum
07/23/03: What would Dems have done?
07/21/03: Shades of the Twilight Zone
07/16/03: Reckless charges of deceit
07/14/03: NEA: Politicizing 'education'
07/07/03: Sodomy ruling Part II: A liberal gold mine
07/02/03: Democratic base needs anger management
06/30/03: Sodomy ruling damages freedom
06/25/03: Homeschoolers in the trenches
Republicans' 2004 strategy: Don't clone Bush, nationalize elections
06/18/03: Homeschoolers in the trenches
06/16/03: The Clintons: They're your problem
06/11/03: Whom do you trust?
06/09/03: A partial victory for religious freedom
06/04/03: WMDs: Don't change the ground rules
06/02/03: Homeland security and the Ashcroft card
05/27/03: The gay sword of tolerance
05/21/03: The ex-president's boys
05/19/03: Scapegoating to paradise
05/14/03: Campus roots of political correctness
05/12/03: Rampant relentless relativism?
05/07/03: Castro's bizarre enablers
05/05/03: The censorship conspiracy?
04/30/03: Turning judicial activism upside down
04/28/03: Santorum: Not guilty
04/23/03: Calling the kettle "black"
04/21/03: Liberalism: The Dems' noose
04/16/03: The intolerance of Secretary Paige's accusers
04/13/03: The Dem presidential candidates' lament
04/09/03: President Bush's coherent foreign policy
04/07/03: Bush, the failure?
04/02/03: Administration adults vs. media snipers
03/31/03: The stench of mainstream media narcissism
03/26/03: Squaring expectations with reality
03/24/03: Phony charges of diplomatic failure
03/19/03: It's multilateralism, stupid
03/17/03: Dissent does not equal patriotism
03/12/03: What's black and white and fuzzy all over?
03/10/03: Virtuosos of the attack mode
03/05/03: Talk radio - libs don't have a clue
03/03/03: Cold war libs still don't get it
02/26/03: Pomposity and circumstance
02/24/03: Tolerance: A two-way street
02/19/03: Known by the company we keep
02/18/03: Soft bigotry of elite contempt
02/12/03: Inspectors: Hapless dupes or enabling pacifists?
02/10/03: Reverse religious intolerance
02/05/03: Gun-control bullies
02/03/03: Pelosi's endless questions
01/29/03: You can't ignore the evidence
01/27/03: Some "choice" problems
01/23/03: On trusting a murderous dictator
01/21/03: The Dems' same old song
01/15/03: A staggering abuse of power
01/13/03: A good week for conservatives
01/08/03: Democrat idea bankruptcy
01/06/03: Human cloning: It's the soul, stupid
01/03/03: Rededication to 'The Proposition'
12/30/02: Tolerance, liberal style
12/26/02: Lott affair means greater challenges for GOP
12/18/02: It's about a lot more than Lott
12/16/02: The Last Jihad
12/11/02: A new kind of issue-theft
12/09/02: Disarmament means regime change
12/04/02: Race, law and society
11/27/02: Robust litigation unleashes inner morons
11/25/02: Daschle: Looking for that "Rush edge"
11/20/02: The 2004 scenario
11/18/02: The Dems' liberal face
11/13/02: The stubborn arrogance of liberal Dems
11/11/02: GOP: What now?
11/06/02: Dems in disarray
11/04/02: More liberal idolatry
10/30/02: Bill and Hil's petty party
10/23/02: Demoting abstinence
10/21/02: Muzzling conservative religious leaders
10/16/02: The gun control exploitation society
10/14/02: How can we pretend to be serious about protecting our borders when prominent politicians so casually dismiss illegal activity?
10/09/02: Politics' proper role
10/07/02: The judicial route to power
10/02/02: The Dems' embarrassing cast of characters
09/25/02: New domino theory is red herring
09/23/02: CEDAW means "cede law"
09/18/02: Dems stir confusion over Iraq
09/17/02: Enemies, not guardians of religious freedom
09/12/02: Opponents of invading Iraq should answer questions
09/09/02: The Tyranny of the Ten
09/05/02: Rolling over on phony charges of racism
09/03/02: Public education versus homeschoolers
08/28/02: Sensitivity 08/21/02: NEA exploits 9/11 as propaganda tool
08/19/02: Hollywood's leftist sheep
08/14/02: More venom from Terry McAuliffe and his party
08/12/02: The nobleness of black conservatives
08/07/02: The Left still controls the Democratic party
08/05/02: Invading Iraq is in our national interests
07/31/02: Beware of high-fat tort-feasors
07/29/02: Clinton and the implacable AIDS lobby
07/24/02: Valuing human life and liberty
07/22/02: Self-marginalized Left-wingers
07/17/02: The phony charge of unilateralism
07/15/02: Individual rights vs. guilt by association
07/10/02: The system isn't broken
07/03/02: Purging Christianity from our culture
07/01/02: Bush's new, improved, but still problematic Middle East plan
06/24/02: The Left's "immutable truths"
06/19/02: The Bush Doctrine's other important pillar
06/17/02: No national education standards?
06/12/02: Death to the death tax
06/05/02: Phantoms of lost liberty
06/03/02: Getting back to reality
05/30/02: Campus thought tyranny
05/28/02: Bovine badinage
05/22/02: Casting more partisan stones
05/20/02: Photo-partisanship
05/15/02: Rethinking the UN
05/13/02: Conservative talk radio: Liberalism's favorite target
05/08/02: Iron sharpens iron
05/06/02: Conservative movement: Half empty or half full?
05/01/02: Chilling Christian expression
04/29/02: Reform hypocrisy
04/24/02: On root causes and relativism
04/22/02: Master of the obvious
04/17/02: Marching to one drummer
04/15/02: Welcome to my life, Yost
04/10/02: Why is the media so darn pro-Israel?
04/08/02: Undermining the justness of our cause
04/05/02: Targeting dodge ball and other inanities
04/01/02: The tyranny of the majority
03/27/02: The Pope's marines
03/25/02: The courts don't own the Constitution
03/20/02: Arab world: Problem of perception or reality
03/18/02: Discriminating against American culture
03/13/02: "Republicans did it first"
03/11/02: Bush tariffs are bad policy
03/06/02: Make them pay for "borking"
03/04/02: Yet another Clinton speech
02/27/02: NEA: Protection or indoctrination?
02/25/02: Calling terrorists evil: The historical precedent
02/19/02: Noxious reform
02/13/02: Using race as a weapon
02/11/02: Flagging moral confusion
02/06/02: Pro disestablishmentarianism
02/04/02: Yet more assaults on Christianity
01/30/02: Media poll manipulation
01/28/02: Marching to the Red Cross 01/8/02: 01/23/02: Who's politicizing the war?
01/21/02: Will Dems seek to exploit Enron?
01/16/02: 'Racializing' Sept. 11
01/14/02: Say no to televised trial
01/09/02: Sen. Daschle's partisan tattoo
01/07/02: Democratic hate speech
01/02/02: Constitutional wrongs, part 2
12/31/01: Avoiding two constitutional wrongs
12/24/01: Further assaults on Christianity
12/19/01: ABM treaty: Good riddance
12/17/01: Real constitutionalists please stand up
12/12/01: A true smear job
12/10/01: Domestic partisan warfare
12/05/01: The green light
12/03/01: Trying times
11/28/01: No more apologies
11/26/01: Hello muddah, hello faddah
11/21/01: For the victims?
11/19/01: Noonan: When Character Was King
11/14/01: Media bias, boredom, banality and big-headedness
11/12/01: A bipartisan presidency?
11/07/01: The First Amendment: The scoundrel's refuge
11/05/01: The nature of the beast
10/31/01: America's media detractors
10/29/01: Cool heads must prevail
10/24/01: Being realistic about the enemy
10/22/01: Patriotism: No refuge for scoundrels
10/17/01: Fundamentalist Islam, Christianity and tolerance
10/15/01: Toward freedom from religion
10/11/01: Terrorism, hatred and evil
10/08/01: President Bush's moral clarity
10/04/01: The Shaw Doctrine
10/01/01: Letting Bush be Bush
09/26/01: Reasons for optimism
09/24/01: Beyond justice to survival
09/17/01: Meeting force with force
09/12/01: The pitfalls of moderation and compromise
09/10/01: Planned Parenthood confronts Kryptonite
09/06/01: Bush administration shows backbone
09/04/01: Remembering the real victims
08/29/01: The Clinton doctrine and Condit corollary
08/27/01: The O.J. Syndrome: Shaming a profession
08/21/01: Promises, promises
08/15/01: A heartfelt, but misguided decision
08/10/01: Bush-Ashcroft should reject racial preferences
08/08/01: What's so divine about budget surpluses?
08/06/01: Grassroots conservatives and Republican resolve
08/01/01: Social Security shell game
07/30/01: Democrats demagogue Social Security
07/26/01: Legislating morality is not taboo
07/23/01: Independence vs. isolationism
07/18/01: Pro-lifers going wobbly on stem cell
07/16/01: Gun-control radicals target Ashcroft
07/11/01: Protecting choice or sanctifying abortion?
07/09/01: Patients' bill of regulations
07/05/01: Repeal Motor Voter!
07/02/01: Schundler's victory affirms conservative appeal
06/27/01: Squeaky Democrats get the grease
06/25/01: Advice and consent --- or slash and burn?
06/18/01: Some flawed arguments against SDI
06/13/01: Blame America first and always
06/11/01: The sordid politics of race-baiting
06/06/01: Moderation in all things? Not quite.
06/04/01: It depends on what the meaning of 'religion' is ...
05/29/01: GI-Jeffords enlists in Democratic army
05/23/01: Kofi Annan, U.N.'s U.S. critic at large
05/21/01: This book's a good buy 'At Any Cost'
05/16/01: Ashcroft Bible studies harm no one
05/14/01: Hell hath no fury like a party scorned
05/09/01: Human rights betrayed
05/07/01: Bipartisanship, Daschle style
05/02/01: Education: It's not the money
04/30/01: Tobacco suit should go up in smoke
04/25/01: Bush should give greens a red light
04/23/01: Is war with China inevitable?
04/18/01: BP Amoco: Green or greenbacks?
04/16/01: Bush passes first test
04/12/01: 'Courting' politics
04/10/01: The anti-growth club
04/04/01: Campaign finance reform fallacies
04/02/01: How to destroy a nation
03/28/01: Double trouble for Dubya
03/26/01: Bush seeks Israeli security, not a peace prize
03/21/01: Bush tax cuts and Dem distortions
03/19/01: Celebrating disbarment
03/14/01: Campaign cold feet and Democratic hypocrisy
03/12/01: Missiles, berets, morale and diplomacy
03/07/01: The GOP and race revisited
03/05/01: Dems and the ghost of 2002
02/28/01: Common threads in Clinton pardons
02/26/01: Clinton defenders should apologize
02/22/01: Clinton woos media as Bush governs
02/20/01: Liberal idealism: Where have all the flowers gone?
02/14/01: The Clintons and selective media outrage
02/12/01: Bush's tax cut challenge: A historical view
02/07/01: Democrats' Dubya dilemma
02/05/01: Dubya is confounding the media
01/29/01: The Teamsters, the DNC and the reformers
01/29/01: The Old Limey
01/25/01: Clintonís disgraceful departure
01/22/01: Ashcroft: Principle above self
01/17/01: Justice for Riady?
01/15/01: Ashcroft: A hill to die on
01/10/01: Returning to the supply side
01/08/01: Reasons for optimism
01/03/01: Bush's daunting challenges
12/28/00: Ashcroft: A triumph for the rule of law
12/26/00: A tinge of revenge?
12/20/00: GOP: Breaking the race barrier
12/18/00: Civility doesn't require surrender
12/13/00: Al Gore: Innocent victimizer
12/11/00: Judicial restraint and ordered liberty
12/06/00: The four years war
12/04/00: Debunking Gore myths
11/29/00: Defending the smaller principles
11/27/00: Albert O'Gore and the little people
11/22/00: Doing 'anything to win'
11/15/00: Enough is enough, Mr. Gore
11/13/00: Al Gore: Thy country or thyself?
11/08/00: Bill and Al: Your time is up
11/06/00:The impending Bush mandate
11/01/00: Can't stop thinkin' 'bout tomorrow
10/30/00: George: Give Gore the ball back
10/25/00: Mr. Gore: A few more questions
10/23/00: It's the big government, stupid
10/18/00: Gore's down, so will he panic?
10/16/00: We're fresh out of new Al Gores
10/11/00: Gore: Fuzzy math = dirty politics
10/10/00:Gore: Renaissance man or unbalanced?
10/04/00: Where have you been, Albert Jr.?
10/02/00: Clintonís fragmented presidency
09/27/00: Liberal media doth protest too much
09/25/00: AlGore: Turning dreams into nightmares
09/20/00: Something fishy's going on
09/18/00: It's the liberalism, stupid
09/13/00: An open letter to open-minded cynics
09/11/00: The virtues of going negative
09/06/00: On a mission for marriage
09/04/00: Al Gore's 'Trivial Pursuits'
08/30/00: Lieberman and the paradox of liberal 'tolerance'
08/28/00: A campaign divided against itself
08/23/00: Al Gore's trickle-down populism
08/21/00: Prosperity without a clue
08/16/00: AlGore can run but he can't hide
08/14/00: When hate speech is OK
08/09/00: Bush: The pundits' enigma
08/07/00: GOP convention: Live or Memorex?
08/02/00: The first attack dog
07/31/00: The Cheney taint?
07/26/00: The anti-gun bogeyman
07/24/00: The raging culture war
07/19/00: Is Hillary 'Good for the Jews'?
07/17/00: How dare you, George?
07/12/00: Jacoby's raw deal
07/10/00: The perplexities of liberalism
07/05/00: Big Al and big oil
07/03/00: Partial-birth and total death
06/28/00: Some questions for you, Mr. Gore
06/26/00: Supreme Court assaults religious freedom
06/21/00: Waco: We are the jury
06/19/00: "Outrage" just doesn't quite cut it anymore!
06/14/00: Al Gore: Government's best friend
06/12/00: Say goodbye to medical privacy
06/07/00: Elian: Whose hands were tied?
06/05/00: Who, which, what is the real Al Gore?
06/01/00: Legacy-building idea for Clinton
05/30/00: Clinton: Above the law or not?
05/24/00: Not so fast, Hillary
05/22/00: Gore's risky, fear-mongering schemes
05/17/00: Can Bush risk pro-choice running mate?
05/15/00: Right to privacy, Clinton-style
05/10/00: Patrick Kennedy and his suit-happy fiddlers
05/08/00: Don't shoot Eddie Eagle
05/03/00: Congress caves to Clinton, again?
05/01/00: The resurrection of outrage
04/28/00: A picture of Bill Clinton's America
04/19/00: President Clinton: Teaching children responsibility
04/17/00: Elian, Marx and parental rights
04/12/00: Elian, freedom deserve a hearing
04/10/00:The fraying of America
04/05/00: Noonan: End Clintonism now
04/03/00: Bush: On going for the gold
03/29/00: Phantasma-Gore-ia
03/27/00: Treaties, triggers, tobacco and tyrants
03/22/00: Media to Bush: Go left, young man
03/20/00: Stop the insanity
03/15/00: OK Al Gore: Let's go negative
03/13/00: Deifying of the center
03/08/00: The media, the establishment and the people
03/01/00: McCain's coalition-busting daggers in GOP's heart
02/28/00: Bush's silver lining in McMichigan
02/24/00: A conservative firewall, after all
02/22/00: Bush or four more of Clinton-Gore?
02/16/00: Substance trumps process
02/14/00: The campaign finance reform mirage
02/09/00: President McCain: End of the GOP as we know it?
02/07/00: From New Hampshire to South Carolina
02/02/00: SDI must fly
01/31/00: Veep gores Bradley
01/26/00: The issues gap
01/24/00: GOP: Exit, stage left
01/20/00: Nationalizing congressional elections
01/18/00: Do voters really prefer straight talk?
01/12/00: Media's McCain efforts may backfire
01/10/00: Conservative racism myth
01/05/00: Just one more year of Clintonian politics
01/03/00: McMedia?
12/27/99: Al Gore: Bullish on government
12/22/99: Bradley's full-court press
12/20/99: Bush: Rendering unto Caesar
12/15/99: Beltway media bias
12/13/99: White House ambulance chasing
12/08/99: Clinton's labor pains
12/06/99:The lust for power
12/01/99: In defense of liberty
11/29/99: Are Republicans obsolete?
11/24/99: Say you're sorry, Mr. President
11/22/99: Architects of victory
11/17/99: Trump's tax on freedom
11/15/99: GOP caves again
11/10/99: Triangulation and 'The Third Way'
11/08/99: Sticks and stones
11/03/99: Keyes vs. media lapdogs
11/01/99: Signs of the times
10/27/99: The false charge of isolationism
10/25/99: A matter of freedom
10/20/99: Clinton's mini-meltdown
10/18/99: Senate GOP shows statesmanship
10/13/99: Senate must reject nuclear treaty
10/11/99: Bush bites feeding hand
10/06/99: Jesse accidentally opens door for Pat
10/04/99: Clinton and his media enablers
09/29/99: Reagan: Big-tent conservatism
09/27/99: The Clinton/Gore taint?
09/22/99: Have gun (tragedy), will travel
09/20/99: Hillary's blunders and bloopers
09/15/99: GOP must remain conservative
09/13/99:Time for Bush to take charge, please
09/10/99: Bush's education plan: Dubya confounds again
09/07/99: Pat, savior or spoiler?
09/02/99: Character doesn't matter?
08/30/99: Should we judge?
08/25/99: Dubyah's drug question: Not a hill to die on
08/23/99: Should Dubyah start buying soap ... for all that mud?
08/16/99: 'W' stands for 'winner'
08/11/99: The truth about tax cuts
08/09/99: Hillary: Threading the needle
08/04/99: What would you do?
08/02/99: No appeasement for China
07/30/99: Hate Crimes Bill: Cynical Symbolism
07/26/99: Itís the 'moderates', stupid
07/21/99: JFK Jr. and Diana: the pain of privilege
07/19/99: Smith, Bush and the GOP
07/14/99: GOP must be a party of ideas
07/12/99: Gore's gender gap
07/08/99: Clintonís faustian bargain: our justice
07/06/99: The key to Bush's $36 million
06/30/99: Gore: a soda in every fountain
06/28/99: 'Sacred wall' or religious barrier?
06/23/99: GOP must lead in foreign policy
06/21/99: Crumbs of compassion
06/16/99: Compassionate conservatism: face-lift or body transplant?
06/10/99: Victory in Kosovo? Now What?