Jewish World Review Dec. 2, 2002 / 27 Kislev, 5763

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A taxing situation | So, how are you fixed for cash this holiday season? Are you in debt like most Americans? According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, a fun place to work, the average debt for every man, woman and child in the United States is $6,000 each, and that excludes any mortgage obligation.

Faced with that knowledge, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a solution: He wants to raise property taxes and reinstate a commuter tax on working Americans who come to New York City to make a living. Bloomberg really doesn't care that the median price for a house in the New York metropolitan area is an astounding $328,000, nor does he care that the average working American makes less than $50,000 a year. No, Mayor Mike wants more money from workers, despite the fact that New York City ALREADY IMPOSES AN INCOME TAX.

And Bloomberg is not alone. All over the country, cities and counties are running in the red. The flush times are over on Wall Street, and the easy tax money on capital gains is history. So, municipalities are going broke, and working Americans are following closely behind.

The reason that most governments, including the federal one in Washington, cannot balance the books is that few officials are watching how the money is being spent. There is no federal agency that automatically oversees government spending. The investigative arm of the General Accounting Office, which is efficient, is called upon by Congress only after there is a massive theft or fraud.

Thus, wise guys all over the United States have figured out that government-spending projects are easy pickings for larceny.

In California, it is estimated by the state that as much as 20 percent of Medi-Cal payments are stolen through a variety of scams. The situation is so bad that California has to spend $50 million a year just to investigate the scam artists.

In Massachusetts, the "big dig" construction project has run over budget by a record-breaking $11 billion. Commonwealth Senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry were instrumental in bringing massive federal funding to the big dig, where the people's money has been looted by modern day pirates. Why haven't Kennedy and Kerry raised hell about the corruption? And, while we're on the subject, why are people living in Nevada being forced to pay for a road in Massachusetts anyway?

Let's go back to Mr. Bloomberg for a moment. Right now, in New York City, about more than 11,000 city workers are receiving disability payments costing Mayor Mike close to $175 million every year. So I say this. Have all of those receiving disabilities reexamined by city doctors. I'm willing to bet you a trip on the mayor's private jet that the city could cut disability payments drastically if that happened.

But it won't happen, because the unions would scream, the lawsuits would fly, and Mayor Mike would hear the gnashing of teeth outside his multi-million dollar Manhattan brownstone, from which he is safely protected from his beloved proposed commuter tax.

For the mayor knows it is much less complicated to take more money away from people who have to buy ordinary homes than it is to root out endemic fraud and waste. Need more money, let's gut people's take-home pay. It is far easier to come up with more tax ideas instead of imposing discipline and honesty in the spending arena.

And so it is the holiday season, and the tax geese are getting fat. Would you please put a penny in Mayor Mike's hat? If you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do. And if you haven't got a half penny -- you are pretty much like everyone else in America -- $6,000 in the hole.

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JWR contributor Bill O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor," and author of the new book, "The No-Spin Zone: Confrontations with the Powerful and Famous in America" Comments by clicking here.


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