Jewish World Review Nov. 4, 2002 / 29 Mar-Cheshvan, 5763

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The Attorney General blues | Where have you gone, Bobby Kennedy? In the early 1960s, the brother of President John F. Kennedy was appointed attorney general of the United States, and he seized the job with a vengeance we have not seen in this country since.

RFK attacked organized crime over the objection of his own father, Joseph Kennedy, who thought it would be bad politically because the mob-dominated unions in New York and Illinois had backed JFK. Kennedy ignored his father and ruthlessly prosecuted the mob, despite the fact that FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover offered little cooperation. Hoover was big on hunting down Communists, and not real keen on dismantling the Cosa Nostra.

But Kennedy's anger over corruption brought down teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa and a host of other bad guys. RFK also used his office to protect the rights of blacks in the South and to root out corrupt state law enforcement people nationwide.

Simply put, Bobby Kennedy did his job as the top law enforcement official in the country. Now, we have the likes of Janet Reno and John Ashcroft.

Under President Clinton, Ms. Reno presided over perhaps the most inept and some say corrupt Justice Department of the twentieth century.

A few questions for you, Ms. Reno: What exactly did Wen Ho Lee do? Why was U.S. attorney Steve Mansfield pulled off the Al Gore-Buddhist Temple investigation? Why did Mansfield quit Justice a short time later? Why was U.S. attorney Charles La Bella denied a meeting with you, Ms. Reno, after he compiled evidence of illegal campaign contributions to the Democrats? Why was Johnny Chung ignored when he told Justice Department investigators he himself carried suitcases full of cash from the Chinese military to the White House, and handed them to Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Maggie Williams?

I've got plenty of other questions for Ms. Reno, but chew on these for a while, please.

Paging John Ashcroft.

Why, sir, did Seattle Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Chief Blake Brown order the Border Patrol to change the illegal immigrant designation of accused sniper John Lee Malvo last December when he was apprehended in Washington State?

And when the Border Patrol refused the order, why did Brown unilaterally change the arrest report himself, thereby allowing Malvo to be released from custody?

You, Mr. Ashcroft, oversee the INS and its boss, former Paine-Webber executive James Ziglar.

Oh, and by the way, can you tell us exactly why Ziglar is in that position? Is he selling zero coupon bonds to illegals after they cross the border?

Also, Mr. Ashcroft, how's the Marc Rich pardon investigation going? We know Rich's ex-wife contributed about $450,000 to Bill Clinton's library in Little Rock, Ark., any possible quid pro quo there? How about the money Denise Rich's pal Beth Dozoretz gave the Clintons? You know, the cash Ms. Dozoretz won't talk about as she exercised her Fifth Amendment right in front of a grand jury.

What's up with all that, Mr. Ashcroft?

And what exactly did Senator Robert Torricelli get from David Chang, Mr. Attorney General?

And how about that anthrax guy, who is he? And ... well, I'm running out of breath here.

The sad truth is that Janet Reno and John Ashcroft couldn't hold Barney Fife's holster, and we will never get answers to any of those questions from those two.

Bobby Kennedy would be appalled, I believe. The attorney general of the United States is supposed to be a crime fighter and a corruption buster. RFK knew that and did that. We haven't come close since.

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JWR contributor Bill O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor," and author of the new book, "The No-Spin Zone: Confrontations with the Powerful and Famous in America" Comments by clicking here.


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