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Jewish World Review July 26, 2000 / 23 Tamuz, 5760

Chris Matthews

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If Bush is an IPO,
Gore is a store -- BUSH VS. GORE is like a battle between between and the blue chips.

Here's how it works:

People see George W. Bush as more likeable than his rival, and more of a leader. They see Al Gore as a junior partner in the Clinton administration's strong economic record, as more experienced in national and world policy than Bush, as solid on abortion rights.

This clear division of assets will decide the election this Nov. 7.

Forget the poll numbers. Three weeks ago, Bush was ahead in the Gallup by 12 points. Today he's up by two. Two weeks from now, following his bounce from the Republican convention, he'll be flying high again.

These numbers mean almost nothing today. They will mean absolutely nothing come November.

What will matter is the strength of the two men's assets as candidates. Why? Because when voters get down to deciding this first presidential election of the century, they will pick the man with the best chance of protecting their assets. They always do.

They will look at which man, Bush or Gore, is the most solid bet to perform for them.

Bush has some obvious strengths. Unfortunately, most have to do with the promise, the notion of what he might be capable of doing down the road. In this respect, his candidacy — which came out of nowhere two years ago — resembles a high-flying stock like It's not about his past performance. It's about the niche he has created for future sales.

In marketing lingo, George W. Bush has "branded" himself as the young political entrepreneur from the American Southwest. He carries with him the spirit of the hotshot start-up, the IPO about to make a fortune for voters with the moxie to get aboard early.

For months, ever since his Dresden-style bombing of John McCain in South Carolina, Bush has worked at this self-branding. He's America's Sonny Boy, the kid with the sunshine smile, the ready handshake for black and white hands alike. Like Ike, Jack, Ronnie and Bill, he's radiated that same outdoorsy gleam that has always, whenever Americans have had the option, outshined the downtown firm of Dewey, Dukakis & Dole.

Bush owns another ready asset: He's got the look of a leader. As governor of a state, he carries the resume of the guy-in-charge down there in "don't-mess-with-Texas" country.

These are the qualities — likeability and leadership — that pollsters have ID'd as Bush's strengths. People like him because they like him. He's a leader for the undeniable reason that he's not been a follower, a vice president.

By contrast, Gore's strength is of a bricks-and-mortar kind.

The economy is the strongest in world history. When the Democrats took charge, the growth rate was zero. Now, that's the size of the deficit. Seven years ago, middle-class voters had worries. Now they have savings. During the Bush recession of the early '90s, they were angry that their kids, whose colleges cost them so much, didn't have jobs. In 2000, they are a little jealous of what their kids are doing.

Gore has two other assets, both money in the bank.

One is experience. He's been working alongside the likes of Robert Rubin and Robert Reich. He's got the keys to the factory that produced the balanced budget, the free trade, the growth, all those millions of 401(k)s out there.

Second, and men hate to hear this, he's got an issue of direct, personal importance to the largest interest group in the American electorate — women. Gore is pro-choice. Bush is not. Gore backs the constitutional right to an abortion. Bush doesn't.

So don't look at the polls. They're fickle. Assay the assets. Weigh Bush's so-far-successful branding against Gore's bricks-and-mortar. Ask yourself: Which little piggy has built his house with straw?

JWR contributor Chris Matthews is the author of Hardball. and hosts a CNBC show of the same name. Send your comments to him by clicking here.


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