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Jewish World Review March 15, 2000 / 8 Adar II, 5760

Chris Matthews

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Scary Gore vs. hopeful Bush -- HERE'S MY PREVIEW of the battle between Al Gore and George W. Bush:

Gore will try to scare the voters, especially women and old people.

Women will be the easiest to scare. Gore will tell them that the next president could well appoint a majority of the nine-seat U.S. Supreme Court. If Bush gets to fill those seats with strict constructionists, that will mean an overturn of Roe vs. Wade an end to abortion rights.

Next will come the old people. Gore will call Bush's plan to privatize Social Security a threat to the system itself. In the darkest possible tones, he will warn seniors that a program built by Franklin Roosevelt, and opposed from the very outset by Republicans, now stands in dire danger.

He will not stop there. More than threatening our rights and entitlements, Gore will say, the Republicans threaten our basic quality of life, both economic and cultural.

A prime target will be the big Bush tax cut. Slashing federal revenues, Gore will warn, threatens to explode the budgetary discipline of the Clinton-Gore years. It will jeopardize the country's economic growth, drive up interest rates, and demolish the working family's 401(k). Savings and wealth, the hallmark of late 20th century American life, will morph back to the paycheck-to-paycheck world of the first Bush presidency.

Gore's final forecast of fear will concern human rights. Let the candidate of Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell into the White House and we invite a government of, by and for the religious right. No bedroom, bar room or boardroom will be safe. A new theocracy, modeled on Salem and Tehran, will emerge in this land of the free.

If the Gore message will counsel fear, the Bush voice will speak of hope. Change, in this Texas governor's vocabulary, will sound a positive note. Bush's first reform will deal with the White House itself. He will scrub the stain of Bill Clinton from the floors, walls and desks of the Oval Office, showing it the same reverence his father and Ronald Reagan once did.

His second, government-wide reform will deal with the lumbering liberal establishment. Education will be the epicenter. Bush will promise to detonate the country's education system by cracking the iron grip of the teachers' unions.

No more will parents be mandated by law to enroll their children in school, most of them limited by finance to the public schools. Under a Bush administration, the kids of working- and middle-class families will have a monetary edge on the education establishment. They will get the leverage to spend their education dollars where they want. In George W. Bush's lexicon, "school choice" will rival abortion "choice" as an election-eve battle cry.

Pushing the reform agenda even wider will be Bush's unrelenting drive for a giant tax cut. The money belongs to the people, he will argue, not the government. Far from giving away federal dollars, Bush will say, he is letting taxpayers keep, save and invest more of their own!

Lastly, in a son's tribute to his father, the Texas governor will demand a rebuilding of American's military strength. He will score Clinton for jeopardizing the country's security by extending U.S. commitments but failing to bolster our armed forces.

It will be a tough contest, with each campaign exploiting the points that work, discarding those that don't. The victor will be the candidate, whether Gore or Bush, who wins the minds and hearts of those voters who see truth in both their pitches.

JWR contributor Chris Matthews is the author of Hardball. and hosts a CNBC show of the same name. Send your comments to him by clicking here.


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