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Jewish World Review


01/13/05: At last, a chance for peace
10/26/04: Ban on head scarves make sense? Mais oui!
09/27/04: Big mistake to get cozy with Syrians
06/02/04: Beware of the terrorist moles
05/18/04: Iran's a growing danger in Iraq
04/21/04: Sharon's changing Mideast his way
03/24/04: I'm not shedding any tears for Sheik Ahmed Yassin
03/09/04: Time to get serious about Iran's nukes
02/03/04: Israel's swap is dumbest deal in a long time
12/16/03: A changed ball game
12/05/03: A shared Holy Land is bum idea: Palestinians would soon overwhelm Israel
11/17/03: French fried: From its economy to its cinema and cafés, France is losing that certain je ne sais quoi
10/27/03: Syrians still play footsie with terror
09/22/03: Self defense killings
08/25/03: The last thing we should even consider is pulling our forces out of Iraq
08/05/03: A refugee has lessons for Arabs
07/28/03: Israel's fence aids security — and peace
06/16/03: Truce with terrorists is impossible
05/12/03: The Syrian double cross
04/14/03: Victory in Iraq may spur Mideast peace
03/31/03: War will give Iraq a better future
02/28/03: Palestinian silent majority gets louder
02/11/03: Syria's charade: America's 'ally' promoting terrorism
12/13/02: 'Reality TV' Arab-style
10/18/02: Global terror's Hezbollah thread
09/17/02: It's all but over for Arafat
08/14/02: Europe is soft in head for Saddam
05/28/02: New Peril: Hezbollah's Wider War
05/07/02: Now, France's real work begins
04/19/02: Road to Mideast Peace Detours Around Arafat
04/05/02: Sharon had to declare war
03/13/02: Al Qaeda's Iranian escape hatch
02/22/02: Iranian mullahs are sponsoring a course in Lebanon for Palestinian terrorists on how to operate SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles
01/30/02: Iran & Syria up the ante in Arafat's war on Israel
01/14/02: Temple Mount desecration on Arafat's hands
12/07/01: In search of a peace partner
11/19/01: Our partner Syria? Give me a break
11/11/01: Crush American web sites of terror
08/29/01: Arafat's hate is the bar to peace
08/10/01: Getting it straight
07/09/01: Tales of the Gaza goniff: How Arafat Rips Off His Own People
06/06/01: Reszo Kasztner: Villain or hero?
05/30/01: Syrian prez goes Nazi
05/23/01: Dubyah must act in Mideast
05/17/01: Next to Europe, US is riding high
05/11/01: Suha, Assad fan flames of hatred
05/04/01: New life for the peace process? Up to Yasser
04/18/01: Arafat to be guest of honor at terrorist conference
04/06/01: Slobo's rightful place: In the dock
03/28/01: Bush can't ignore Iran's terror outposts
03/15/01: Odd couple is Arafat's best chance
02/22/01: Unity gov't in Israel key to strength
02/09/01: Sharon the peacemaker can now show his face
01/25/01: Government report: Holocaust victims were forced to pay compensation for Nazi crimes
01/10/01: Saddam Threat Looms, Thanks to Papa Bush
12/22/00: Latest peace offer may be no winner
12/22/00: Non-Americans dubious about nonworldly Dubya
12/14/00: A method to Barak's madness
11/30/00: Battle plan for Barak: Make a deal
11/21/00: Take back Arafat's Peace Prize
11/14/00: Europe worries as U.S. re-counts
10/19/00: Once a terrorist ...
10/13/00: Advice from rock victim: KNOCK IT OFF, YASSER!
09/13/00: Is Bashar Wimping Out?
09/06/00: Europe Must Confront New/Old Hatreds
08/18/00: Sharing but not dividing
08/15/00: The rabbi could learn from Lieberman
08/07/00: Arafat Misses Shot At Peace, & Peres Loses
07/25/00: Saddam's Cruel Drug Scam
07/17/00: Going For Broke: Barak and Arafat gamble on a future both sides will accept
07/13/00: Europe's Euro Takes a Dive, What a Shame!
05/31/00: Israel's Left Lebanon — Iran & Syria Must Go, Too
05/08/00: Justice is on Trial in Iran
05/02/00: French Still Duck War Guilt
04/17/00: Pope's Healing Touch Helps Mideast Some…
04/12/00: For Assad, Time's Running Out
03/22/00: Al Gore Leaves Voters Guessing on Foreign Policy
03/02/00: GOP Candidates Offer Little New on Foreign Policy
02/23/00: The Forest That Haunts Austrian Politics
01/26/00: Second look at Nazi loot
01/20/00: Foreign Policy: Do Candidates Even Have One?
01/03/00: Sudden Interest in WWII Justice Has Many Causes
05/20/99: Barak Can Deal From Strength
04/13/99: Is U.S. Right in Kosovo? Yes, We Can't Accept Genocide
02/10/99: King Hussein Was Truly Gentle Man of Peace . . .
01/19/99: Europe's Really Worried Now
12/30/98: Despite Critics, Nazi Loot Hunt Is Right & Proper
12/21/98: To Beat Saddam, Sustain the Raids
11/24/98: Iran's Meddling Is a New Danger for South Africa
11/05/98: Saddam's a ticking time bomb
10/29/98: Pollard's Release Is a Key to Peace Deal
10/15/98: Hawkish Sharon May Bring Home the Dove of Peace
10/07/98: Flake of Araby Won't Make Deal on Pan Am 103
8/25/98: Embarassed to be a journalist
8/24/98: Clinton Sent Right Message With Those Missiles . . .
8/17/98: Fair Settlement For Survivors of the Holocaust
7/27/98: When hopes collide with reality
7/22/98: A lesson about peace Auschwitz
7/15/98: What Hitler tried todestroy, the 'Net helped put back together
7/8/98: Love -- and leave -- thy neighbor
4/9/98: The US Navy's two faced Pollard policy
4/2/98: A breakthrough in Lebanon?
3/30/98: Full rights for all Israelis?
2/27/98: America's Schindler
1/30/98: A last chance for the Mideast?
1/11/98: The Moment for Restitution Has Arrived