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06/24/11: The Reckless Folly of the 'Undocumented Immigrant'
06/22/11: Jon Huntsman: McCain on Wheels
06/10/11: The Government Job-Training Juggernaut
06/03/11: The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill
06/01/11: Chasing Sarah: The Boys Behind the Bus
05/27/11: Barney Frank's Friends with Benefits
05/25/11: Porkulus: Cash for Tax Cheats
05/20/11: Adult Baby Syndrome
05/18/11: Waive Me
05/13/11: What Happened on AA Flight 1561
05/11/11: The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again
05/06/11: The Fog of Fog
05/04/11: Obama's Unity Call: Show, Don't Tell
04/29/11: The Obama doctrine: Leading from behind
04/27/11: Maxine Waters: Swamp Queen
04/22/11: Donald Trump's Eminent-Domain Empire
04/21/11: All the President's Funny Money
04/15/11: America, the Dependent
04/13/11: Make 70 the New 65
04/08/11: TSA follies: See SPOT fail
04/06/11: The Dems' Friends 'n Fat Cats Protection Plan
04/01/11: Stop ATF's Anti-Gun Zealots
03/30/11: Project Gunrunner: Obama's Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare
03/25/11: The Weiner Waiver Wormhole
03/23/11: Drilling Ken Salazar
03/18/11: Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey: Capitol Hill's Lindsay Lohan
03/15/11: John Kerry's Recycled Government Slush Fund Recipe
03/11/11: Obama's New Ambassador to China: Not so "Squeaky Clean"
03/09/11: The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners
03/04/11: We, the Unhyphenated Americans: Meet My People
03/02/11: Teachers Unions 101: "A" is for 'Agitation'
02/25/11: Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left
02/23/11: Fleebaggers: The New Cut-and-Run Dems
02/18/11: Apocalypse Now: Wisconsin vs. Big Labor
02/16/11: First Lady of Junk Science
02/11/11: De-Fund the Predators of Planned Parenthood
02/09/11: Who's Policing Amtrak Joe Biden's Rail Boondoggles?
02/04/11: The Interior Department's Culture of Contempt
02/02/11: A Christian Business in the Left's Crosshairs
01/28/11: Waivers for Favors: Big Labor's Obamacare Escape Hatch
01/26/11: Cash for Education Clunkers
01/21/11: The Philadelphia Horror: How Mass Murder Gets a Pass
01/19/11: The Hate Speech Inquisition
01/14/11: Blame Righty: A Condensed History
01/12/11: The Worst Sheriff in America
01/07/11: The Other New Chicago Crony Chief of Staff
01/05/11: Chicago on the Potomac
12/31/10: Big Labor's Snowmageddon Snit Fit
12/29/10: Big Nannies of the Year
12/24/10: The ACLU's Unholy War on Catholic Hospitalsmalkin.php3
12/22/10: Internet Access is not a 'Civil Right'
12/17/10: America, the Crab Bucket
12/15/10: The Dems' Lame-Duck Land Grab
12/10/10: Homegrown Hate Crimes Against our Troops
12/08/10: Small-Biz Killers: Who Pays for Jobless Benefits?
12/03/10: No More Illegal Alien Waivers
12/01/10: The Littlest Victims of Obamacare
11/24/10: Giving Thanks for American Ingenuity
11/19/10: Ray LaHood: Obama's Power-Mad Cell Phone Czar
11/17/10: Dude, Where's My Obamacare Waiver?
11/12/10: Throw Carol Browner Under the Bus
11/10/10: No Illegal Alien Pilot Left Behind
11/05/10: Voters Speak: No to Soak-the-Rich Schemes
11/03/10: Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats
10/29/10: Standing Tall: The Rise and Resilience of Conservative Women
10/27/10: The Left's Voter Fraud Whitewash
10/22/10: Free the Taxpayers: Defund State-Sponsored Media
10/20/10: Extreme Girls: All the President's Radical Women
10/15/10: Public Enemy No. 1: GOP Donors
10/13/10: Look Who's Nativist Now
10/08/10: The Green War on Children
10/06/10: The Two Faces of Michelle Obama
10/04/10: The Shoes Liberal Celebrities Won't Wear
09/29/10: Big Labor, Not Tea Party, Is Workers' Worst Enemy
09/27/10: How Privileged Democrats Pay for Their Houses
09/22/10: The Delphi Disaster: An Economic Horror Story Obama Won't Tell
09/17/10: Harry Reid's Illegal Alien Student Bailout
09/15/10: The Obamacare Inquisitions: A Brief, Brutish History
09/13/10: The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage
09/08/10: Obama's $50 Billion Union Infrastructure Boondoggle
09/03/10: Big Labor's Legacy of Violence
09/01/10: Arizona vs. the U.N. Human Rights Police
08/27/10: Hurricane Katrina and the Race Card: Five Years Later
08/25/10: The White House War on Jobs
08/20/10: And Now: The Stealth Obama Ocean Grab
08/18/10: Obama's Big Labor Ethics Loophole
08/13/10: The Left's Special Interest Human Shields
08/11/10: The Left's Special Interest Human Shields
08/06/10: No Shady Banking Buddy Left Behind
08/04/10: Mad Maxine's Minority Fat-Cat Bankers
07/30/10: Charlie Rangel's enablers
07/27/10: Hide-and-Seek Hypocrites on the Hill
07/23/10: The Dems' War on the West
07/21/10: Dealergate: Destroying jobs in the name of "shared sacrifice"
07/16/10: Ken Salazar Needs Another Behind-Kicking
07/14/10: The National Association for the Advancement of Coddled People
07/09/10: Whitewashing Black Racism
07/07/10: Open-Borders DOJ vs. America
07/02/10: Assimilation and the Founding Fathers
06/30/10: Obama's Coffee House Loophole
06/25/10: The U.S. Department of Illegal Alien Labor
06/23/10: Ken Salazar Gets a Kick in the You-Know-What
06/18/10: Club Fed for Illegal Aliens
06/16/10: Stuck on Stupid: Obama's Czar Fetish
06/04/10: The Summer of Corruption Plot Thickens
06/02/10: The Resurrection of Rod Blagojevich
05/28/10: Obama in Crisis: Zzzz
05/26/10: Look Who's Behind the White House/Sestak Stonewall
05/21/10: The Shady ShoreBank Bailout
05/19/10: Obama's interlocking directorate
05/14/10: Our Busted Deportation System Strikes Again
05/12/10: Michelle Obama: Food Profiteer Turned Food Cop
05/07/10: The Go-Fly List for Terrorists
05/05/10: The Jihadists' Deadly Path to Citizenship
04/30/10: Barack Obama, America's Selective Salary Policeman
04/28/10: How Mexico Treats Its Illegal Aliens
04/23/10: John S. McCain, Will You Please Go Now?
04/21/10: All the President's Goldman Sachs Men
04/16/10: The Obamacare Inquisition Is on Hold . . . for Now
04/14/10: Alinsky's Avenging Angels: Tea Party Saboteurs
04/09/10: The Pfleger-ization of the Catholic Church
04/07/10: True Confessions from America's Census Workers
04/02/10: An American Family's Cancun Horror
04/01/10: Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill
03/26/10: How the Left Fakes the Hate: A Primer
03/19/10: The Deem-o-crats' Towering Deception
03/17/10: The Slaughter on the Southern Border
03/12/10: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Deficient Cleaning Service
03/10/10: Desperate Dems Cling to Human Kiddie Shield
03/05/10: The Obama Way: Bluster, Bully, Bribe
03/03/10: Andy Stern and Barack Obama: Fiscal Responsibility Fraudsters
02/26/10: Oba-Kabuki: A Box-Office Bomb
02/24/10: Corruptocrat Eric Holder's National Security Cover-Up
02/19/10: It's All the Tea Party's Fault
02/17/10: The Other Stupid Things John Brennan Said
02/12/10: John Murtha: Requiem for a Corruptocrat
02/10/10: Porkulus II: Return of the Phony Jobs Boondoggle
02/05/10: The Super-Sized Census Boondoggle
02/03/10: SEIU Fat Cats Behind First Lady's Anti-Obesity Campaign/
01/29/10: Courtroom Cirque du Jihad
01/27/10: The Spender-in-Chief's Fiscal Freeze Follies
01/22/10: Conservatives: Beware of McCain Regression Syndrome
01/20/10: The Dems' Massachusetts Meltdown
01/15/10: Phony Fruits in the Obama White House Garden
01/13/10: Martha Coakley: The Voice for Fat Cats and Corruptocrats
01/08/10: Why Is Hillary's State Department Getting UndyBomber Pass?
01/06/10: Obama and the Vampire Congress
01/01/10: Underreported stories of 2009
12/30/09: Bleeding Hearts and Jihadi Revolving Doors
12/25/09: Nanny State Gone Wild: Defining Dependency Up
12/23/09: Beltway Christmas: Cash for Corruptocrats
12/18/09: Welcome to the Democratic Party's Civil War
12/16/09: Obama Brings the Gitmolympics Home
11/25/09: Turkeys of the Year
11/20/09: When Big Labor Bullies and Volunteers Collides
11/18/09: Obama's Doubletalk on Political Dissent
11/13/09: Another Bogus ACORN Lawsuit
11/11/09: Blind Diversity Equals Death
11/06/09: The Death of Deliberative Democracy
11/04/09: Who Are You Calling 'Extremist'?
10/30/09: The Obama White House: Bundlers' Paradise 10/28/09: How the FCC and Liberal Churches Are Scheming To Shut You Up
10/23/09: The Bogus Death Statistic That Won't Die
10/21/09: The Volunteerism Scandals Hollywood Won't Be Broadcastin
10/16/09: An ACORN-Friendly, Big Labor-Backing, Tax-and-Spend Radical in GOP Clothing
10/14/09: Who's Behind the White House War on Fox News?
10/09/09: Crime, Census and Censorship
10/07/09: Spin Doctors for Obamacare
10/02/09: The Noble ‘Sacrifice’ of Michelle Obama
09/30/09: All the President's Olympic Cronies
09/25/09: The Three R's in the Age of Obama: Rappin', Revolution and Radicalism
09/23/09: Still Handling Homeland Security With a 9/10 Attitude
09/18/09: ACORN's Illegal Alien Home Loan Racket
09/16/09: ACORN Watch: A "Sting"-ing Indictment of Media Hypocrisy
09/11/09: How Obama Cronyism Threatens Rail Security
09/09/09: The K Street Tax Cheat Who's Lobbying to Save Obamacare
09/04/09: Why Parents Don't Trust the Educator-in-Chief and His Comrades
09/02/09: Obama's Classroom Campaign: No Junior Lobbyist Left Behind
08/28/09:Gadhafi's Camping Trip Is a Bloody Outrage
08/26/09: ACLU: Spying for America's Enemies
08/21/09: Corporate Shills for Hope and Change
08/19/09: The Pay Czar's Power Grab
08/14/09: The etiquette czar's rules for patriotic protest
08/12/09: ‘Brown Shirts’ vs. Purple Shirts
08/07/09: Behind the Internet Snitch Brigade?
08/05/09: Tea Party-Bashers Gone Wild
07/31/09: Dodd and Obama: Corrupt Birds of a Feather
07/29/09: Bully Boys: A Brief History of White House Thuggery
07/24/09: Ghoulish science plus Obamacare equals health hazard
07/22/09: Obamacare for Illegal Aliens
07/17/09: Inside the Monstrous Obamacare Bureaucracy
07/15/09: Two scientists, two standards
07/10/09: The Bankrupt Party of Porkulus
07/08/09: Let's Mourn the Real American Heroes
07/01/09: Welcome to Obamacare Theater
07/01/09: Who railroaded the Amtrak inspector general?
06/26/09: EPA's Game of Global Warming Hide-and-Seek
06/24/09: Who's Funding the Obamacare Campaign?
06/19/09: The Obamacare horror story you won't hear
06/17/09: Obama's AmeriCrooks and Cronies Scandal
06/12/09: Dear David Letterman
06/10/09: Cold cash, hot Democratic mess
06/05/09: The U.S. Department of Injustice
06/03/09: Climate of hate, world of double standards
06/01/09: The truth about ObamACORN
05/27/09: Not all 'Compelling Personal Stories' are Equal
05/22/09: The jihadi virus in our jails
05/20/09: All the News That's Fit to Suppress
05/13/09: Big Labor's Investment in Obama Pays Off
05/08/09: 'Battered Hedge Fund Managers' Syndrome
05/06/09: The Selective Transparency of Barack Obama
05/04/09: Double Standard Couture
04/29/09: 100 Days of Reckless Photo-Op Hubris
04/22/09: Civility and Tolerance in the Age of Obama
04/17/09: The Million Taxpayer March
04/13/09: CBC: Congressional Bootlickers for Castro
04/08/09: Transparency killer at HUD: Another Disastrous Obama Nominee
04/03/09: Obama Census Plan: No Illegal Alien Left Behind
04/01/09: The Shut Up and Swallow Congress
03/27/09: The New Vigilantes and Their Unaccountable Enablers
03/25/09: To GIVE and To SERVE: The $6 Billion National Service Boondoggle
03/20/09: Look beyond the bogus bonus smokescreen
03/18/09: The Kabuki Theater of AIG Outrage
03/13/09: Maxine ‘Poison’ Waters: Banking on Hypocrisy
03/11/09: Queen Nancy: Fly as I Say, Not as I Fly
03/06/09: Cube-Steak Americans vs. the Wagyu-Beef White House
03/04/09: ‘Going Galt’: America's Wealth Producers Vs. Wealth Redistributors
02/27/09: Obama's New Commerce Secretary Nominee: Not So ‘Squeaky Clean’
02/25/09: These Foreclosure ‘Victims’ Deserve No Sympathy
02/20/09: Rebel Yell: Taxpayers revolt against gimme-mania
02/18/09: ACORN and Obama: Together Again
02/13/09: The ‘Tiny’ Trillion-Dollar Turbaconducken You Don't Care About
02/11/09: Barack Obama's savior-based economy
02/06/09: Ashley Judd: Clown in Wolf Guardian's Clothing
02/04/09: All the President's Tax Cheats
01/30/09: Stimulus slush fund for housing entitlement thugs
01/28/09: GOP: Time To Get Things Undone
01/23/09: The John Murtha Jihadist Correctional Facility
01/21/09: And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Spending Orgy
01/16/09: A Government of the Goofs, by the Goofs, for the Goofs
01/14/09: Obama's Recession Remedy: Tax the Poor!
01/07/09: The Generational Theft Act of 2009
01/05/09: The State of Our Borders 2008
12/31/08: The UAW's Money-Squandering Corruptocracy
12/29/08: Tale of Two Presidential Workout Fanatics
12/24/08: The Divine's gifts
12/19/08: No Mercy for Jihad Johnny
12/17/08: The Real Housewives of Crook County
12/12/08: Democratic culture of corruption
12/10/08: Democratic culture of corruption
12/05/08: Truthers to the Left of Me, Truthers to the Right
12/03/08: Say no to newspaper bailouts
11/28/08: Giving thanks for self-reliant Americans
11/26/08: Playing games at Gitmo
11/21/08: The eHarmony Shakedown
11/19/08: The insane rage of the same-sex marriage mob
11/14/08: Hank Paulson, Naked Emperor
11/12/08: Lame duck prez's latest outrage
11/07/08: The Cowardly Character Assassination of Sarah Palin
11/05/08: Peggy the Moocher
10/29/08: Notorious Obamedia Moments of 2008
10/24/08: Boot Murtha: The Change America Deserves
10/22/08: The Increasingly Erratic, Super-Gaffetastic Joe Biden
10/17/08: The Left Declares War on Joe the Plumber
10/16/08: The Rage That's Not On Your Front Page
10/10/08: The Obama Witch Project
10/08/08: The ACORN/Obama Voter Registration ‘Thug Thizzle’
10/03/08: Dear Congress: Put the Gun Down
10/02/08: A debate ‘moderator’ in the tank for Obama
09/26/08: The Ant and The Grasshopper, 2008 Edition
09/24/08: Illegal immigration and the mortgage mess
09/19/08: Obama releases his ‘in-your-face’ hounds
09/17/08: The Book Banners Hollywood Ignores
09/15/08: The World Still Blames America
09/10/08: Sisterhood of the protected female liberal journalists
09/05/08: Why Obama's ‘community organizer’ days are a joke
09/03/08: The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse
08/29/08: Barack ‘The Silencer’ Obama's Gangland Assault on Free Speech
08/27/08: What I Saw At the Discombobulation
08/22/08: Abu Ghraib-i-fying America's Schools
08/20/08: Democratic Platform's Hidden Soros Slush Fund
08/15/08: Cheating ChiComs, Crouching IOC
08/13/08: Pelosi and the Big Wind Boone-doggle
08/06/08: What America's daughters need to know about Nancy Pelosi
07/30/08: The Brangelina-fication of the Obamas
07/23/08: The man who could topple Jack Murtha
07/16/08: Diplomas won't make jihadis go away, Barack
07/10/08: 15 Things You Should Know About ‘The Race’
07/02/08: Interview with a Hollywood Patriot
06/25/08: The ACORN Obama knows
06/18/08: The Marines Vs. Haditha Smear Merchants
06/11/08: D'OH-bama's mortgage industry mess
06/04/08: Planned Parenthood's obscene profits
05/28/08: Rachael Ray, Dunkin' Donuts and the Keffiyeh Kerfuffle
05/21/08: Barack Obama: Gaffe Machine
05/14/08: Beyonce's New Brand of Pedophilia Chic
05/07/08: Barack Obama's Bitter Half
04/30/08: Obama's Un-Disownable Preacher of Hate
04/23/08: The Dems' Jimmy Carter Problem
04/16/08: Snob-ama Is Not Alone
04/09/08: Absolut's Left-Wing Liquor
04/02/08: Meet a Left-Wing Housing Thug
03/26/08: The Clintons' Truth Deficit Disorder
03/19/08: Say Goodbye to the Glowbama Mystique
03/12/08: The Left's Escalating War on Military Recruiters
03/05/08: The Death Cry of Gloria Steinem
02/27/08: The Suicide of Emma Beck and Silence No More
02/20/08: Michelle Obama's America — and mine
02/13/08: In defense of conservative talk radio
02/08/08: The failure to nominate a true Republican unifier does not spell ideological defeat
02/06/08: Berkeley Vs. America, again
01/30/08: The Politics of Foreclosure
01/23/08: John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican
01/16/08: Wanted: A ‘Suck It Up’ Candidate
01/09/08: The Clintons in Crisis
01/03/08: The Flawed but Useful Iowa Caucuses
12/27/07: Top Story Of 2007: The Surge, The Military, And The Media
12/19/07: The incredible disappearing border fence
12/12/07: Meet the GOP's Border Control Cross-Dressers
12/05/07: Bad Medicine: Hillarycare for the Housing Market
11/28/07: Fuzzy Math: A nationwide epidemic
11/21/07: Stop Before You Gripe
11/14/07: The Politics of Racial Insult: Who Decides?
11/07/07: Punked: Faking the hate, manufacturing the news
10/31/07: Public School Follies: Y Is for Yoga
10/24/07: ‘Profile’ foreign donors? Of course!
10/17/07: Sinking SCHIP: A defining moment
10/10/07: The Dems' unhealthy poster child abuse
10/03/07: MoveOn bullies crack down on critics
09/26/07: Mahmoudapalooza: The Good, the Bad and the Craven
09/19/07: Sally Field doesn't speak for me
09/12/07: John Doe in Post-9/11 America
09/05/07: The Dems' foreign funny money
08/29/07: The Return of the Eagles
08/22/07: Beltway-itis: When politicians attack
08/15/07: Sanctuary Nation or Sovereign Nation: It's Your Choice
08/08/07: Winter Soldier Syndrome
08/01/07: The Martyrs No One Cares About
07/25/07: The Dems' Gun Owner-Bashing YouTube Moment
07/04/07: The Forgotten ‘A’" Word: Assimilation
06/27/07: Clear the damn backlogs first
06/20/07: Behead all those who insult Islam
06/13/07: It ain't over 'til the alien wins
06/05/07: Children of Jihad vs. Children of the West
05/30/07: Doing the Booing Americans Won't Do
05/25/07: Tiny minority, big problem
05/16/07: Not all undercover journalists are equal
05/09/07: Jihadists exploit our hospitality and open borders . . . again
05/02/07: A Lesson in open-borders math
04/25/07: Hillary's Reverse “Sister Souljah” Strikeout
04/18/07: Wanted: A culture of self-defense
04/11/07: The Culture of ‘Bitches, Hos, and Niggas’
04/05/07: Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools
03/28/07: The John Doe Manifesto
03/21/07: The witch hunt against gun owners
03/14/07: All the News That's Fit to Pay For?
03/07/07: The “Peace” Brigade vs. the Stryker Brigade
02/28/07: A Gathering of Eagles
02/21/07: Hillary's phony coat of armor
02/14/07: Obama: Wasting his own breath
02/07/07: The Left's Definition of a “Hero”
01/31/07: A CBS story “too important to ignore”
01/24/07: The coming amnesty disaster
01/17/07: What I saw in Iraq
01/03/07: All the abortion lies fit to print
12/27/06: The bipartisan Katrina boondoggle
12/20/06: 2006: The year of perpetual outrage
12/13/06: Beware of illegal aliens seeking hazmat licenses
12/06/06: Gwynnie's anti-American script
11/29/06: The rumor-mongering media
11/22/06: The American press should count its blessings
11/15/06: How Dems ‘clean house’
11/08/06: The Dems' pre-emption strategy
11/01/06: The Dems' military disdain
10/25/06: Blabbermouth media, blabbermouth Dems
10/18/06: A reality check for Angelina Jolie
10/11/06: Liberal media allergic to American values
10/04/06: It's the predation, stupid
09/27/06: Where have all the good girls gone?
09/20/06: The Associated (with terrorists) Press
09/13/06: Kill Bush mania
09/06/06: A post-9/11 vocabulary test
08/30/06: No more ambulances for terror
08/23/06: Conservative women are consumers, too
08/16/06: Fauxtography: The media scandal continues
08/09/06: The Reuterization of war journalism
08/02/06: The Theater of Jihad
07/26/06: ‘Peace’ activists gone wild
07/19/06: Hezbollah is already here
07/12/06: ‘La Raza‘ schools: Your tax dollars at work
07/05/06: The newspaper of wreckage
06/28/06: Incident is only latest for terrorist-tipping Times
06/21/06: Laura vs. unhinged librarians
06/14/06: American troops in shackles
06/07/06: It's the jihad, stupid
05/31/06: The truth about Haditha
05/24/06: Another fake soldier tale debunked
05/17/06: 9/11, the Pentagon, and our borders
05/10/06: Reconquista is real
05/03/06: Reconquista is real
04/26/06: The victims of illegal immigration
04/18/06: No tears for terrorists
04/11/06: Public school teachers gone wild!
04/05/06: The party of police-haters
03/29/06: Racism gets a whitewash
03/22/06: Who will save Abdul Rahman?
03/15/06: 7-year-old poisonous ‘poet’ is in demand
03/08/06: The illegal alien ‘Gold Card‘
03/01/06: The Right plays the race card
02/22/06: They are all profilers now
02/15/06: American clown journalism 101
02/08/06: The government junkets you fund
01/25/06: Fight the bullies of Islam
01/25/06: Save Haleigh
01/18/06: The ‘D’ stands for demagogue
01/11/06: Hillary wraps herself in armor
01/04/06: A leak is a leak is a leak
12/28/05: The New York Times vs. America

12/21/05: Privacy hypocrisy

12/14/05: The strange tales of Paul Mirecki
12/07/05: Hillary vs. Moonbats
11/30/05: Who are you calling angry?
11/23/05: The thankful tree
11/16/05: Homeland security: Red alert
11/09/05: The media and the unhinged Marine
11/02/05: All the news that's fit to omit
10/27/05: 2,000: A bogus number, a bitter cause
10/20/05: All the news is a stage
10/12/05: Nothing to see here. Move along
10/06/05: The coffee-and-donuts defense
09/28/05: The Democrats go dumpster diving
09/21/05: Not another Homeland Security hack
09/14/05: Monumental surrender
09/07/05: Not another damned commission
08/31/05: The gangstas in my neighborhood
08/24/05: Racial profiling for dollar$
08/17/05: Helping Al Franken find a swindler
08/10/05: The Democrats' 9/11 slush fund
08/03/05: Air America and the race hustlers
07/27/05: Beware of strange men with rocket launchers
07/20/05: Why the FBI watches the Left
07/13/05: Curse of the language corrupters
07/06/05: The Muslim hate crime that wasn't
06/29/05: Namby-pamby nation
06/22/05: Debunking another Gitmo myth
06/15/05: Snobbish women of ‘The View’
06/08/05: The desecration of Ground Zero
06/01/05: The truth about Guantanamo Bay
05/25/05: ‘Educational’ smut for kids
05/18/05: It's not just Newsweek
05/11/05: In praise of the police
05/04/05: Why I'm not a ‘South Park Conservative’
04/27/05: Bipartisan bungling on borders
04/20/05: Victims of the blackboard jungle
04/13/05: Pandering to the crackpot Left
04/06/05: Hanoi Jane rides again
03/30/05: The ACLU vs. America
03/23/05: The MSM's life and death distortions
03/16/05: Moonbats on parade
03/09/05: The ransom of the red reporter
03/02/05: Gang land
02/23/05: The new youth craze: Self-mutilation
02/16/05: The U.N.'s rape of the innocents
02/09/05: CNN slimes our troops
02/02/05: Jacko and Snoop Dogg's America
01/26/05: A heartless homeland security screw-up
01/19/05: The truth about the cop-killing Marine
01/12/05: This column is not for sale
01/05/05: A salute to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln
12/29/04: Homeland insecurity: The year in review
12/22/04: Christians in the crossfire
12/15/04: The air marshals' mess
12/08/04: AWOL and AINO (American in name only)
12/01/04: What part of ‘enforcement’ don't they understand?
11/24/04: Grace, gratitude, and G-d
11/17/04: 'There is no sound, no cry in all the world, that can be heard unless someone is listening'
11/10/04: The media's Barack Obama fever
11/04/04: Democratic voter delusions
10/27/04: The illegal alien swing vote
10/20/04: Hysterical women for Kerry
10/13/04: Democrats gone wild!
10/05/04: The elephant in the room
09/29/04: Mr. Perfect for President
09/22/04: Anti-homeschooling bigots strike again
09/15/04: The death cry of snob journalism
09/08/04: Remember 9/11: Stop sanitizing the killers
09/01/04: The Times' bias against conservative Christians
08/25/04: Bipartisan betrayal at the border
08/20/04: Racial profiling: A matter of survival
08/18/04: The Left's war on the FBI
08/18/04: The Left's war on the FBI
08/11/04: The forgotten internees of World War II
08/04/04: The Malkin Media Diversity Test
07/28/04 5 reasons to reconsider your habitual vote for the Dems
07/23/04 Candidates ignore 'security moms,' at their peril
07/21/04 The dangerous game of catch-and-release
07/14/04 The Mollycoddling Milksops of Manila
07/07/04 Just your average Democrat donors
06/30/04 2 Lazy 2 Teach
06/23/04 The lost patriots of Hollywood
06/16/04 America's insane asylum for terrorists
05/25/04 The skanks on Capitol Hill
05/19/04 For English, please press "1"
05/12/04 Noble Americans and knuckleheads
05/05/04 CAIR's war on talk radio
04/28/04 A message for Ashley Judd
04/21/04 Repent, repent Ye(e), America! Do it now!
04/14/04 The liberals who cried "Didn't Do Enough!"
04/08/04 Tawana Brawley goes to college
03/31/04 A closer look at left-wing thuggery
03/24/04 Hollyweird's deadly love affair
03/17/04 The Dems' ‘First Responders’ Fake-out
03/10/04 America, land of the Ashcroft-haters
03/03/04 The new face of the lawless left
02/25/04 Hollywood's Death Row fetish
02/18/04 Shame on you, Lynn Woolsey
02/11/04 New York City hates gun owners
02/04/04 Beware of vaccine bullies
01/27/04 Howard Dean in a dress
01/21/04 The weird world of Gwyneth Paltrow
01/14/04 Homeschoolers vs. Big Brother
01/07/04 The criminal raid on Social Security
12/31/03 Whiners of the year
12/17/03 Meanwhile, back on the homefront …
12/10/03 Lee Malvo, Muslim hatemonger
12/03/03 The predators of Planned Parenthood
11/26/03 The better angels of our nature
11/19/03 Terrorists with tofu breath
11/12/03 Antidotes for Jessica Simpson Syndrome
11/05/03 Starvation nation
10/29/03 Who's guarding our military equipment?
10/22/03 Alec Baldwin's new best friend is a GOP strategist — no, really!
10/15/03: Liberal bigotry, Louisiana politics, and the New York Slimes
10/08/03: P.C. insanity at the Pentagon
10/01/03: Christian soldier, Muslim soldier
09/29/03: Hollywood's favorite child molester
09/19/03: The most powerful smiles in the world
09/17/03: The Moose in on the loose
09/12/03: P.C. vs. the Indian Princesses
09/10/03: Spitting on their graves
09/05/03: Madonna and the children
09/03/03: GOPers don't need a Chappaquidick — step down, Bill Janklow
08/29/03: Home loans for illegal aliens?!
08/27/03: The looters libs ignore: Part II
08/13/03: Gone fishin' — guilt-free
08/08/03: "Little doors" for flying terrorists
08/06/03: Hypocrisy, thy name is Rockefeller
08/01/03: Letting it all hang out
07/30/03: Liberal segregationists in the schools
07/25/03: President Bush's Secret Service buffoons
07/23/03: The foul-mouthed poster boy for liberal double standards
07/18/03: The N.Y. Times' 9/11 scam
07/15/03: Vile 9/11 vultures
07/11/03: Day care and dead toddlers
07/07/03: America's spy software scandal
07/04/03: What makes an American?
07/02/03: Grateful for patriot acts
06/27/03: Cancer cluster bluster
06/25/03: Asian-Americans have nothing to celebrate
06/20/03: Hillary's Hollywood flim-flam man
06/18/03: Charles "Show Me the Money" Moose
06/13/03: Who let "Enrique Sosa Alvarez" loose?
06/11/03: The mother of all financial scandals
06/05/03: Ashcroft vs. the Chicken Littles — again
06/04/03: Malibu Babs: Snapshots of an eco-hypocrite
05/30/03: Faking it: More Muslim hate crime myths
05/28/03: Myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic
05/23/03: Remember the dead — and the living
05/21/03: Impostors in the air
05/14/03: Hillary's Big Nanny hotline
05/09/03: The real shape of motherhood
05/07/03: Eleanor Holmes Norton: The Jailer
05/02/03: The looters libs ignore
04/30/03: Ashcroft vs. the Chicken Littles
04/25/03: The 'boys' of Gitmo and 'boy' Malvo
04/23/03: Chinagate II: Time for GOP action
04/21/03: While Jean Chretien golfs…
04/16/03: Brainwashing preschool peaceniks
04/11/03: Persistent pockets of liberal media resistance
04/09/03: When antiwar speech turns seditious
04/04/03: If Seattle could edit history...
04/02/03: Keep Iraqi POWs off American dole
03/28/03: Where Helen Thomas's heart lies
03/26/03: MSWA: Muslim soldiers with attitude
03/21/03: American eco-terrorists declare war
03/19/03: How to be a liberty shield
03/14/03: TSA: Taxpayer-soaking agency
03/12/03: The weasel next door
03/07/03: Send the human shields "home"
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02/28/03: Not another clueless banker
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02/21/03: Tough questions about Jesica's transplants
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01/31/03: In praise of the Pinewood Derby
01/29/03: Teddy Kennedy's pro-terror agenda
01/24/03: The State of the Borders 2003
01/22/03: Dear American soldier
01/17/03: Next: Get rid of racial boxes
01/15/03: Hip-hop hogwash in the schools
01/10/03: Plundering 'for the children'
01/07/03: The other terrorist manhunts
01/03/03: Who's watching the White House?
01/02/03: Invaders on the loose
12/27/02: Whistleblower of the year
12/20/02: Zoning out the Christmas spirit
12/18/02: Hate crime hoax at Ole Miss
12/13/02: Vacant Lott
12/11/02: No tears for dead cops
12/06/02: Flying high on the public's dime
12/04/02: Dumbing down national security
11/22/02: Judging Michael Jackson
11/20/02: The Iraqi infiltration
11/15/02: "Look, Mama, she's naked!"
11/13/02: Who'll protect the whistleblowers?
11/08/02: Winona and the Wichita Massacre
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11/01/02: What to do about Malvogate
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10/25/02: Who let Lee Malvo loose?
10/23/02: The shambles in South Dakota
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10/09/02: The rise of religious radio
10/04/02: Lawmakers who love law-breakers
10/02/02: It may be post 9-11, but taxpayers still picking up the tab for anti-American writer's "art"
09/27/02: Remembering an American insurrection
09/25/02: The story of Doug and Mike
09/20/02: Letter from a reservist
09/18/02: Hillary & the Great Clitoridectomy hoax
09/13/02: End sanctuary for illegal immigrants
09/11/02: 9-11: Surrendering the domestic front
09/06/02: Protect America: Stop marrying terrorists!
09/04/02: The Homeland Security bill's poison pill
08/30/02: Olympic boondoggle: Careful what you wish for
08/28/02: The other energy scandal: Ethanol
08/23/02: Crusading to keep kids clueless
08/21/02: Please, President Bush, another soft-on-crime Beltway back-slapper won't do
08/16/02: Bloodshed at the border: Not "Headline News"
08/14/02: Get out your reparations calculator
08/09/02: What's bugging the environmentalists?
08/07/02: The deafening silence about the death of an affirmative action 'hero'
08/02/02: The Wall Street Journal's immigration foul
07/31/02: The friends of James Ujaama
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07/23/02: Protecting squid before sailors
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07/17/02: Free ride for foreign ship-jumpers
07/14/02: Airline security: One big joke
07/10/02: Deadly diversity, dumb program
07/05/02: The Democrats' bad, bad boy
07/03/02: What about "one nation?"
06/28/02: Another Bay Area abomination
06/21/02: The Forest Service smokescreen
06/19/02: A world without "F's"
06/14/02: "He was a good man"
06/12/02: Meet your fellow "Americans"
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06/05/02: The media's immigration blinders
05/31/02: Dysfunctional dad of the year
05/29/02: Borders, cyanide, and terrorism
05/24/02: From Flanders Fields to Roberts Ridge
05/22/02: Foreign student tracking fiasco
05/19/02: A Mexican visa-vending scandal
05/15/02: Cigarette taxes and terrorism
05/10/02: Crack down on criminal aliens
05/08/02: A lesson for GOP panderers
05/03/02: The thong reaction
05/01/02: White and Wong profiteers
04/26/02: After the riots: L.A.'s forgotten angels
04/24/02: Terminate this, Arnold
04/19/02: See Dick and Jane weep
04/17/02: Sick: Kiddie suicide bomber chic
04/12/02: MTV's drunken stupor
04/10/02: Battered truth syndrome
04/06/02: On Bataan and Balikatan
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03/22/02: The Wall Street Journal: Bordering on idiocy
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03/08/02: Just wondering
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02/27/02: Paying tribute to Rick Rescorla
02/22/02: Battle of the Beltway buttinskis
02/20/02: Lest we forget
02/15/02: The illegal alien Pander-lympics
02/13/02: The woman who helped launder Al Gore's Buddhist temple money has not served a single day in jail --- and she probably never will
02/08/02: Behind the Environmental Working Group
02/06/02: It's hip to be square
02/01/02: Who's speaking up for life?
01/30/02: Invasion of the anarchists
01/25/02: The charmer and the torturer
01/23/02: Ramsey Clark's bloody resume
01/18/02: What we owe our country
01/16/02: Colin Powell "hooks up" with MTV
01/11/02: The abortion empire strikes back
01/09/02: Cover-up at Columbine
01/04/02: Kick this baby-killer out
01/02/02: Osama's medical welcome mat
12/28/01: Stop giving America a bad rap
12/24/01: Defenders of the faith --- all faiths (PROFILE OF JWR)
12/19/01: N.Y. Port Authority's forgotten heroes
12/14/01: Yet more groups milking 9-11
12/12/01: Grave matters for America's vets
12/07/01: Hostile fire from eco-extremists
12/05/01: Stop throwing money at CDC
11/30/01: Banking on American stupidity
11/28/01: A professor is falsely accused
11/26/01: Once hired, never fired
11/21/01: A Thanksgiving prayer in wartime
11/16/01: Tears and Toughness
11/14/01: An INS horror story
11/09/01: Fallen veteran of an undeclared war
11/07/01: Terrorist visas for sale
11/02/01: More Muslim enemies from within
10/31/01: Of Halloween spoilsports and spiders
10/26/01: Real heroes don't broadcast it
10/24/01: No more jury trials for terrorists
10/19/01: Charles Schumer and the Chicken Littles
10/17/01: Who hates the drug industry now?
10/12/01: A forgotten day of infamy
10/11/01: Just tell us the truth
10/05/01: The boy who cried "Muslim"
10/04/01: American journalism's true colors
10/04/01: American journalism's true colors
09/28/01: Isaac Stern's inspiration
09/26/01: Hillary Clinton in crisis
09/24/01: Berkeley vs. America
09/20/01: No more terrorist welcome mat
09/12/01: My generation's bloody wake-up call
09/07/01: The end of American citizenship
09/05/01: Teachers, guns, and zero-tolerance tyranny
08/31/01: Hard labor, soft laborers
08/29/01: Powerball's biggest winner
08/24/01: No, Liddy, no
08/22/01: A really bad case of gas
08/17/01: The trouble with tax-free holidays
08/15/01: The perks of being "disadvantaged"
08/10/01: Publik skool biggotz
08/08/01: The Defrauders Next Door
08/03/01: Dredging up junk science
08/01/01: MTV: No thanks for the memories
07/27/01: Apartheid for Native Hawaiians
07/25/01: A killer in P.C. clothing
07/20/01: A tale of Senate obstructionism
07/18/01: How Communists compete
07/13/01: Reflections of a former intern
07/11/01: Showdown at Chicken Bone Beach
07/09/01: Racism charge is a clunker
07/05/01: Playing games at EPA
06/29/01: Subsidizing self-esteem statues
06/27/01: China's Olympic-sized victory
06/25/01: Tragedy at Tommy Lee's
06/21/01: Bill & Hill & Bob & Ted's fugitive pal
06/15/01: Once upon a rhyme
06/13/01: "Male Stimulant's" Day?
06/08/01: CNN's "compound" interest
06/06/01: Big Nanny takes a bath
06/01/01: Kids, condoms, and guns
05/30/01: The Department Of Embezzlement
05/25/01: Fire in the "Frankenforest"
05/23/01: Patriotism and Pearl Harbor
05/18/01: Home-schooling under siege
05/16/01: W. wimps out on guns
05/11/01: The horrors of motherhood
05/09/01: Que pasa, Senor Bush?
05/04/01: Breeding a eugenic culture
05/02/01: Asian American pity party
04/27/01: The GOP has only itself to blame for the curse of Christie
04/25/01: Pauline's puny punishment
04/20/01: An Earth Day horror story
04/18/01: P.C. vs. B.C.
04/13/01: Yawning at black-on-white violence
04/11/01: Not a good IDEA
04/06/01: The Indian giving loophole
04/04/01: Bush's baseball tax fetish
03/30/01: A child's nightmare in China
03/28/01: The Senate's charity case
03/23/01: Humorless at Harvard
03/21/01: Hollywood's Bush-bashers
03/16/01: Why is trial involving marathon torture session by gays against a teen being ignored?
03/14/01: George W. Gore?
03/12/01: Ralph & George & Fannie & Freddie
03/08/01: Sen. Robert Byrd, ex-Klansman
02/28/01: Backstreet Boy's off-key crusade
02/23/01: Don't fund dubious reading programs
02/21/01: Freedom and "the Freak"
02/16/01: Mr. Bush, give back this church
02/14/01: Torricelli turns on his friends
02/12/01: The FICA tax fakeout
02/07/01: In search of honorable men
02/05/01: Ally McBeal's trophy baby
02/01/01: Mel and Bill: Bosom buddies
01/29/01: Gun shows under fire
01/24/01: American citizenship for sale?
01/22/01: Look who supports AmeriCorps
01/17/01: Some questions about Elaine Chao
01/15/01: What America owes me
01/10/01: Temptation and trash TV
01/05/01: Cop-haters welcome in Hollywood
01/02/01: Ignoring a hate crime in D.C.
12/26/00: Use ultrasound to combat abortion
12/26/00: Pardon Clinton? Just say no!
12/21/00: Smacking down free speech
12/18/00: Brace yourselves for Floridation
12/14/00: Blame enviros for electric mess
12/11/00: UNICEF's deadly mission
12/06/00: The Amish vs. the feds
12/04/00: Downey and the Drug War
11/29/00: Let the sun shine on the Supremes
11/22/00: Peace prize for a murderer?
11/20/00: Baby Boom parents are asleep on the job
11/15/00: Fog horns of the Fourth Estate
11/10/00: Who cares about election fraud now?
11/08/00: Ms. Houston, you have a problem
11/03/00: The Million Mom Murmur
11/01/00: GOP revolutionaries head for the hills
10/27/00: My impeachment referendum
10/25/00: Gore's Good Daddy Gambit
10/23/00: Tribulations of a dubious 'tribe'
10/20/00: Pharmaceutical butchers of Beijing
10/16/00: How the West was seized
10/12/00: Fight the anti-pesticide pests
10/10/00: Moochers at the multiplex
10/05/00: Pay for your own day care
10/02/00: Not every senior demands a handout
09/27/00: Racial hype at the Olympics
09/25/00: Watch the other Washington
09/20/00: Textbook case of media arrogance
09/18/00: New York: Land of medical pork
09/13/00: Voices from the womb
09/11/00: No cure for generational pain
09/08/00: Notes on a West Coast wilding
09/06/00: Race matters at Washington Post
09/01/00: For those who labor 24/7
08/28/00: There's something about Rudy
08/25/00: A conservative case against Napster
08/22/00: Death Row Marv mocks justice
08/18/00: The party of Maxine Waters
08/14/00: "Make-A-Wish" shoots down dreams
08/10/00: Who will stop Bill Lann Lee?
08/07/00: Emily Dickinson's lesson for rude drivers
08/03/00: Leave the slogans behind
07/31/00: Hey, GM: Build cars, not quotas
07/28/00: Stop milking The Juice
07/24/00: Silencing Jeff Jacoby
07/21/00: Score another one for TV execs who want to keep us brain-dead
07/17/00: Can somebody say McStupid?
07/12/00: Beware of Ugly Building Syndrome
07/10/00: The miracle of a lead pencil
07/07/00: Partying on the people's dime
06/29/00: When "Indians" exploit their own
06/23/00: Kids in a public school daze
06/21/00: Fed up with Fannie and Freddie
06/19/00: D.C.'s gag order for Christians
06/16/00: Dads, daughters, and PETA's spoilsports
06/13/00: Tune out Eminem's pitiful "poetry"
06/07/00: "Pained" Dem leader Torricelli deserves to feel some; Why hasn't he?
06/05/00: Tom Green's hidden health-care lesson
06/01/00: Farming out the pork
05/30/00: The perils of medical quackery
05/26/00: Awarding medals by race is a disgrace
05/22/00: Have Simon & Schuster execs lost their minds!?
05/17/00: Sports plebes vs. plutocrats
05/15/00: Whitewashing Red China's record
05/12/00: Our mothers' hands
05/08/00: Focus on the real Waco
05/05/00: An Internet victim's sad story
05/03/00: Phony pooh-bahs of journalism
05/01/00: Zoo tragedy triggers dumb reaction
04/24/00: Ecoterrorists on the loose
04/19/00: Beware of Elian's psychobabblers
04/17/00: The truth about Erin Brockovich
04/13/00: In defense of an armed citizenry
04/10/00: Playing hardball with taxpayers
04/06/00: Read W.'s lips: More new spending
04/04/00: The liberal media-in-training
03/31/00: Sticking it to the children
03/28/00: Declaring war on HOV lanes
03/22/00: Clinton and the Echo Boomers
03/17/00: Is Bush a Liddy Dole Republican?
03/13/00: Katie and the politics of disease
03/10/00: Maria H, Granny D, and the media Z's
03/07/00: Bubba Van Winkle wakes up
03/03/00: Double standard for day traders?
02/28/00: Sluts and nuts --- and our daughters
02/24/00: Zoning out religious freedom
02/15/00: The Baby Brain Boondoggle
02/10/00: Buddhist temple untouchables
02/08/00: CDC: Caught Devouring Cash
02/04/00: Hillary's poisoned poster child
02/01/00: Corporate welfare on ice
01/28/00: The silly sound of silence
01/26/00: The Old Media meltdown
01/20/00: The pied pipers of KidCare
01/18/00: Our imperious judiciary
01/14/00: Tune out Columbine chorus
01/12/00: Dying to be an American
01/10/00: Time for smokers' revolt?
12/30/99: Reading, writing, PlayStation?
12/27/99: Fight money-grubbing mallrats
12/23/99: Christmas for Cornilous Pixley
12/20/99: Who will help the Hmong?
12/16/99: Shame on corn-fed politicians
12/13/99: EPA vs. the American Dream
12/09/99: Look behind the Pokemon curtain
12/06/99: Amateur hour in Seattle
11/30/99: Stop the Ritalin racketeers
11/23/99: Welfare for a sports fatcat
11/19/99: Jeb Bush's political ploy of the week
11/16/99: Ben & Jerry serve up junk science
11/12/99: A monumental waste of our veterans' resources
11/10/99: Tax-and-spend schizophrenia
11/05/99: Spooky Guy Haunts the Capital
11/02/99: Mourning the loss of the last Liberty Tree
10/27/99: AOL goes AWOL on parents
10/22/99: The persecution of Harry Potter
10/20/99: Don't doctor the law
10/14/99: The trouble with kids today
10/12/99: Pro-animal, pro-abortion, anti-speech?
10/07/99: Beltway press corps needs more skunks
09/30/99: ESPN overlooks athlete of faith, grace, and guts
09/27/99: Personal freedom going up in smoke
09/15/99: Farewell, "Miss" America
09/10/99: Will George W. work for a color-blind America?
09/03/99: Feminization of gun debate drowns out sober analysis
08/27/99: America is abundant land of equal-opportunity insult
08/10/99: Protect the next generation from diversity do-goodism
08/04/99: Sweepstakes vs. state lottery: double standards on gambling
07/21/99: "True-life tales from the Thin Red Line" (or "Honor those who sacrificed their lives for peace")
07/21/99: Reading, 'Riting, and Raunchiness?
07/14/99: Journalists' group-think is not unity
06/30/99: July Fourth programming for the Springer generation
06/25/99: Speechless in Seattle
06/15/99: Making a biblical argument against federal death taxes