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Jewish World Review June 6, 2001 / 16 Sivan 5761

Teaching kids about the Creator, when parents aren't observant; 'wonderful woman' 'fesses up about her broken engagement; How do I find a matchmaker for my 'beautiful daughter?'

By Wendy Belzberg -- Q: My husband and I just had our first child. We are not observant Jews, but we are spiritual people and our identities as Jews are important to us. In the absence of ritual and practice, how do we teach our son about the concept of G-d?

A: Some of the most essential constructs in your child's life will be perfectly concrete, like cookie or television or dump truck. But your child will learn about many other critical components despite the fact there is no concrete reference to which to point. Like love. And trust. And respect.

The presence of G-d falls into this category. If you sit down to explain "G-d" as a concept, you are sure to fail. But you can point easily to flowers, soufflés, triplets and cashmere. If your belief in G-d is a part of how you and your husband view the world, your child will easily absorb your faith; his understanding of G-d will be as integral as his understanding of your love for him.

You child is an infant so I will end my answer here. But, if your identity as a Jew is important to you and something you wish to pass to your child as he grows, I must suggest that you join some kind of a community --- even if you do not choose to join a synagogue. Write back when you are ready for part 2 of this lecture.

Q: I have been dating a wonderful woman for the past month. She recently confessed that her previous engagement broke off when the stress of the wedding brought about symptoms of OCD (excessive hand washing in particular). She has been off medication for several months and there has been no recurrence. I care for this woman deeply, and we are both marriage-minded. I strongly wish for this relationship to continue to grow, but wonder if she could handle the stress of a relationship, marriage, and children. How do you suggest I proceed?

A: If there were such thing as guarantees in life, I could imagine opting for stability. But what are the chances you will find another woman for whom you care deeply who does not bring other issues to the table? As my bubbe used to say, "everybody has something." You could break off this relationship, but who's to say the next girlfriend won't develop OCD after your first child is born? Or agoraphobia or MS? Will you then consider trading in your wife for a (seemingly) healthier model? The good news is that OCD is treatable with medication, your girlfriend's case appears to respond to medication, and the two of you are able to discuss these matters after only one month's acquaintance. This is as close as you get to a guarantee in life; I'd jump on it.

Your girlfriend was brave enough to tell you the truth; she deserves to be with someone who will love and reward her for her honesty. And you don't know what the ex-fiance was like, do you? Maybe you'd be washing your hands, too.

Q: How do I find a matchmaker? I have a beautiful daughter, age 36, who has been divorced for a few years. She has a good job working as a legal secretary and lives on Long Island, NY. I would appreciate an answer and any information you could give me.

A: I'll answer your question after you answer mine: does your daughter know you wrote to me and that you are looking for a matchmaker on her behalf?

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