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Jewish World Review May 16, 2001 / 23 Iyar 5761

The gift was counterfeit; settling for the daughter; the lush and the ostrich

By Wendy Belzberg -- We received a beautiful mezuzah and scroll as a gift. Our sofer (scribe) pointed out that although written on kosher skin, some letters were written backwards, several words were in the incorrect order, and the hecsher on the plastic wrapping was counterfeit. We do not want to offend the gift giver but we feel obligated to alert her and the synagogue that sold it to her that the parchment is not kosher. What do you suggest?

Would you worry about telling someone their tires had been found to have a defect and were being recalled? I suggest you choose your words carefully and remember to express your appreciation. Beyond that, your friend and her synagogue store should be grateful for the information. Someone should be ashamed of him-or herself, and it isn't you.

My daughter was ten years old when I married for the second time. My new husband never wanted to fill the role of stepfather; in fact, he paid very little attention to my daughter. But now that we're divorced (after 17 years of marriage) he calls her frequently and lavishes gifts on her. Recently he bought her a car. What do you make of the alliance and what do you think I should do?

If he can't have you I guess he's decided to settle for your daughter. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

The good news is that you're divorced from him and no longer need to give a second thought to your ex husband's motives. Even if they are rather transparent. Your daughter is another matter. It isn't everyday that someone offers to buy you a new car. On the other hand, this may be your daughter's way of getting back at you while getting what she never got from your ex when he was her father. Without making a federal case of it, ask your daughter what is going through her head. Talk to her about your concerns -- are there strings attached here? -- but don't let the discussion turn into an argument. You are no longer married to this man. Don't let him come in between you and your daughter and, whatever you do, don't let your ex draw you back in. You divorced him for a reason, didn't you?

A close friend of my husband came to dinner with his wife. She proceeded to get falling-down drunk at the table. She literally fell of her chair. Her husband helped her up and dinner proceeded as if nothing had happened. My husband has yet to mention the incident to his friend, claiming he doesn't want to pry. I say he has a moral obligation to raise the matter.

May I remind you that your husband isn't the only one burying his head in the sand in this case? One might have expected his friend to call the next day to apologize, if not to explain. The fact that he did not leads me to believe that this is far from the first time his wife has lost her balance publicly. Which is all the more reason why your husband should be on the phone right now expressing his concern (read shock and disbelief). It may turn out to be the only conversation your husband and his friend have about the matter-it sounds as if they are both experts at denial-but at least your husband will have done his duty.

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