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Jewish World Review April 29, 2003 / 27 Nissan, 5763

Anita Gold

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Consumer Reports

Collectors can tyg this one on; value of a weird PEZ candy dispenser | Q. I'm enclosing a photo of a large three-handled drinking jug, in perfect condition with no chips or blemishes, given to me many years ago when my wife and I resided for a brief time in England. I was told it was very, very old, and was probably used by workers or miners, who formed, or were part of three member teams. There are no markings on the bottom or elsewhere on the jug. How can I find out its history, age, origin, and possible value? Raymond O. Hathaway, Green Valley, AZ

A. Such a drinking vessel appears to be a tyg described as a wide straight-sided pot or jug with two, three, four, or more handles (depending upon diameter) for passing from hand to hand, and often, when full of beverage, requiring two-hand usage. It is said to have been an early type of communal mug dating from the 15th century, but is especially known in its 17th century Staffordshire red-ware form, with slip decorated designs of tulips, birds, and figures, which were often dated with the name of the potter and some verse or sentiment.

Tygs were also made in the Derby-shire potting district. Both kinds were brought to the colonies by settlers, and counterparts were attempted in 17th and 18th centuries colonial potteries. During the late 1800s and 1890s many examples of original English making were purchased by antiques dealers and shipped back to England where the tygs were bringing high prices.

To check out your piece, write Andre Ammelounx (who buys, sells, auctions, and specializes in drinking vessels of all types and materials) c/o The Stein Auction Company, P.O. Box 136, Palatine, IL 60078. His upcoming auction will be held May 8, 2003 for which catalogs picturing and describing 583 lots in color and black and white, are available for $15, and which includes fabulous steins made of various materials (including Mettlach steins, beakers, plaques, vases, and other pieces) or phone Andre at 847-991-5927 for information regarding any mugs, jugs, steins, or related items you may wish to inquire about, put up for auction, or place bids on.

Q. Is there an Eminem doll, and if so, where can I get one? Also, is there an Eminem collectors club? Marylee Peterson, Virginia Beach, VA

A. You can ask the rapper by writing Eminem c/o Shady Records, 270 Lafayette, Suite 805, New York, NY 10012. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply. Or e-mail: Incidentally, did anyone see the home videotape taken outdoors of eminem when he was a darling, blond-hair little tiny baby being adored and cuddled by his father? If you have a copy let me know.

Q. Is your Little House on the Prairie cookbook still available? Last summer at a picnic, we made delicious hoecakes over a fire (like the Ingalls did) from a Little House recipe copied (we were told) from your book. Paula Andrews, Munster, IN

A. The recipe with specific instructions on how to make and bake hoecakes outdoors on a hoe before a fire, as well as indoors in a baking pan placed in the oven (which also includes Ma's Vanity Cakes, Laura Ingalls Wilder's Original Gingerbread for which she was famous, Hobo Bread made in coffee cans, Blue Berry Buckle, an irresistible cake recipe that is over a hundred years old, that Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't resist, eating a whole sheet pan of little squares that was cut for readers to taste at a book signing where he signed his book, and I signed mine) can be found along with countless other old fashioned and original yummy-for-the-tummy easy to make recipes, as well as photos of the Little House site, and all of the Ingalls, plus songs and poems, and much more in "Prairie Recipes and Kitchen Antiques" by Wilma Kurtis and Anita Gold with a foreword by Michael Landon, available in a hardcover edition for $17.95 postpaid from Anita Gold, P.O. Box 597401, Chicago, IL 60659. Please indicate if you want it signed and to whom.

Q. How can I find out the value of a weird PEZ candy dispenser shaped like a human eye in a rose at the top, that I picked up at a garage sale some years back, that my friend thinks might be valuable? Chuck Johnson, Columbia, SC

A. If its an original showing no date, and not a remake dated 1967, such a Psychedelic Flower PEZ dispenser is worth between $450 and $550 depending on its condition, according to the new "Collector's Guide To PEZ - Identification & Price Guide - 2nd Edition" by Shawn Peterson, available in a large, full color, 192-page edition loaded with important, accurate, helpful, and invaluable information, for $28.99 postpaid from Krause Publications, P.O. Box 5009, Iola, WI 54945-5009. Or phone (800)-258-0929 toll-free to order. The book also lists PEZ conventions, and websites including one for a PEZHEAD LIST.

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Anita Gold has been writing this column for over 30 years. To comment or ask a question, please click here.


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