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Jewish World Review April 15, 2003 / 13 Nisan, 5763

Anita Gold

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Consumer Reports

Patriotic Songs and Memories of Long Ago Wars | Q. How can I find out the value of World War I and II sheet music that I recently found in an old piano bench among my grandfather's possessions that I inherited along with boxes of other wartime-related memorabilia he saved? James Robertson, Decatur, IL

A. World War I and II songs in all their glory, along with countless other types of sheet music in other categories (including Advertising, Black, Black Face, Blues, Deco, Dedication, Disney Tunes, Dixie, Indian, Irish Songs, Jazz, Lindbergh, Marches, Military Personnel, Patriotic, Political, Pre-1900, Presidents, Ragtime, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Signed Sheet Music, Sports, Titanic, and Transportation (all of which are great for encouraging the memory) can be found listed, described, and priced with their updated values, in "The Sheet Music Reference & Price Guide - Second Edition" by Anna Marie Guiheen & Marie-Reine A. Pafik" available in a large 320-page edition with more than 275 full color photos, and over 13, 000 listings each with the date, artist, lyricist, composer, and updated value, for $22.95 postpaid, from AMI Publications, P.O. Box 500, Western Springs, IL 60558. Other memorabilia including World War I and II posters, flags, eagles, campaign, and Uncle Sam items, plus much more, can be found pictured and priced in the new 2003 "Official Price Guide to American Patriotic Memorabilia" by Michael Polak, available for $20.45 postpaid from AMI Publications, P.O. Box 500, Western Springs, IL 60558.

Q. I have a set of Russel Wright dishes by Knowles dating from the 1940's. Are there any books where I can find information regarding their value? Esther Bernhardt, Columbia, SC

A. Knowles patterns are marked with a gold stamp on Russel Wright china, and therefore such pieces are easier to identify being that the name of the pattern is usually found in the mark. Knowles patterns and pieces designed by Russel Wright can be found pictured in color with their descriptions and values, in the "Collector's Encyclopedia of Russel Wright - Identifications & Values, Third Edition" available in a huge 304-page hardcover edition, for $32.95 postpaid from Collector Books, P.O. Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009.

Q. Our house is furnished with beautiful antique furniture and furnishings. At a farm auction, we recently bought an antique armoire with the intention of using it in our guest room. However, when got it home, and took it out of its packing, we noticed sawdust droppings from little holes in the wood, and was told (by the auctioneer we bought it from) that the little holes was a sure sign of antiquity. It wasn't too long afterwards, that an antique table in the same room had the same little holes dropping sawdust. We called the auctioneer again who said he didn't know what to make of it. Do you? Marylee Johnson, Stockton, CA

A. A fabulous and much raved about safe and harmless oil is Conrad's Furniture and Wood Youth Food Oil (being an old family secret recipe made from plants, seeds, herbs, and roots) that'll remove the most disgusting smells from wood and upholstered furniture as well as from interiors and exteriors of dressers, cabinets, armoires, desks, drawers, trunks, and everything else made of wood, and which kills insect infestation in antique furniture made by powder post beetles, termites, and worms which burrow in the wood, leaving a fine dropping of sawdust such as in your case. To treat such furniture and destroy the infestation, first completely saturate or spray the inside and outside with the oil.

Then at least 24 hours afterwards, lightly wipe the furniture off with a cloth slightly dampened with denatured wood alcohol and a little of Conrad's oil. By doing this any insects, wood boring beetles, worms, and their eggs will be killed. The oil softens the eggs so they cannot hatch and wood becomes inedible. The oil (which has a delightful scent) is extremely penetrating, and should be applied to furniture by LIGHTLY wiping it on the surface, but should NEVER be rubbed into the furniture to avoid damaging the finish. The oil will also remove warps in furniture over time with repeated use, and restores dried out crackled furniture leaving the pieces beautiful, clean, and completely odor and insect free. Conrad's Furniture and Wood Food Oil is available in a 16-ounce bottle for $17.50 postpaid, two 16-ounce bottles for $30 postpaid, 1/2 gallon for $40, 1 gallon for $75, or a 5 gallon pail for $290 all postpaid from Kurt Conrad (to whom checks should be made payable) 1622 Commerce Pines Dr., Walled Lake, MI, 48390-1515. Or phone 248-668-9577 or 1-800-655-5850 toll free, giving pin or access number 58. I knew Kurt's father John Conrad who worked for the Henry Ford Museum using the oil to keep the antique furniture and wooden floors looking their best. John's ancestors (who made windmills in Saxony) developed the oil to keep the gears running, and over the years John (now deceased) told me all the amazing things the oil can do which I hope to share with readers in this column upon request. The same goes for the equally amazing MAAS Metal Polish, which does numerous, but different jobs as well.

Q. I'm an Elvis fan and heard on the radio while driving my car, that his hair will be auctioned. Can you fill me in on the details? Gloria Frank, Green Bay, WI

A. To see two incredible auction catalogs in color, offering the Best in sports and Americana including Elvis' hair, and countless other items that'll be auctioned on April 23, and April 24, 2003, that you'll ooh and aah over, and can place bids on, visit Or phone 630-472-1200.

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Anita Gold has been writing this column for over 30 years. To comment or ask a question, please click here.


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