May 19th, 2024


Minor Annoyances That Drive Me Mad

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published March 1, 2024

Minor Annoyances That Drive Me Mad


Okay, tens of millions of illegals have crossed over our border and continue to do so, many of whom are dangerous. They deal in drug trafficking and human trafficking of children. They have spread themselves out over the entire country and many of them are living on government aid paid for by US citizens. We have immigration laws already in place to manage this, but our government continues to ignore those laws. MAJOR ANNOYANCE.

Our once proud and beautiful cities have turned into cesspools of filth populated by the so-called homeless, which are comprised primarily of drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill. They shoot heroin on the sidewalks in broad daylight, their used needles litter the streets, as do they feces and urine. They have set up encampments along major avenues and along thoroughfares. These pathetic people are endangering not only themselves, but all of society. Our authorities do nothing to stop this. MAJOR ANNOYANCE.

Living expenses have skyrocketed. Gasoline, food, heating, clothing, housing, eating out, medicine, healthcare, and just about anything else you can name has shot up in price in these past 3 years. Our government leaders tell us it's the fault of the greedy companies. Of course that's a lie, but it lets the government, the real culprit, off the hook. MAJOR ANNOYANCE.

Oh, there are so many other major annoyances that I might add to the list, but I don't want to go there this week. Most of us know what they are anyway. My focus today is on the minor irritants, the small stupid stuff that drives me nuts. For me, a lot of them are words. I will list a couple of them. Perhaps some of you have been bothered by the same things I have? Or maybe not. Maybe I'm just a cranky curmudgeon. Which itself is an irritant.

1. Why do so many young women find it difficult to pronoun the letter "d" in Biden? The name itself is a relatively easy name. BI-DEN. Two syllables. Bi, like in bicycle, den like in den mother. Biden. The e is soft, pronounced as if it were spelled BIDIN. So why do these women drop the "D" altogether when saying the name? "Earlier today, President Joe Bi-en attended a pro Hamas rally calling for the extermination of the state of Israel." "President Bi-en left for a five day retreat to his Delaware mansion for some well-deserved R & R." Both Democrat and Republican young women pronounce it the same way. So it's not a partisan thing, it's a young woman thing. Young men appear to have no trouble at all pronouncing the name correctly.

2. Is it really so very difficult to use a turn signal when driving an automobile? It can't be because if I can do it, believe me, anyone can do it. So what happened to drivers today? Too busy with the texting? I notice you're not too busy to change lanes erratically at high speeds without giving warning to cars around you. And by the way, why is it that so many lousy drivers are driving Teslas? Or black BMWs. Elite rich privilege maybe. Rules are for the bourgeoisie, not for me.

3. Getting back to language and the mispronouncing of same. Every election cycle I'm irritated by the moronic talking heads on TV who are bound and determined to pronounce "candidate" as CANDIDATE. Where the hell did that come from? I don't know where it started, but I can tell you this, it's been going on for years. Somehow or other "date" became "dit." But wait. According to the Urban dictionary, dit is slang for idiot. So maybe the broadcasters have stumbled on to something when they refer to those running for political office as "candidits."

4. Why does the United States Postal Service hire mail carriers who don't understand English? I'm not against immigrants (not the legal ones). Go ahead, hire all the immigrants you want, but please put them in jobs where English is not an important element of the work. But no, there they are, on the front lines delivering mail in a language they can barely speak or read themselves. What a government we have!

5. Who does the smarmy, slick, overbearing, smirky, lying crook who Peter Falk as Lt. Colombo always manages to arrest at the end of the show remind you of? He reminds me of Gavin Newsom. Gavin Newsome would be the perfect oily-tongued, self-serving phony who murders his partner to get control of the company. Every time I see the bum, he reminds me of a typical Colombo villain. And he irritates me.

I wish Peter Falk could arrest him.