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Cathy Young Archives

02/08/21: Institutionalizing hate: Where the only U.S. history worth celebrating is of historically oppressed groups
08/10/20: Men are always to blame?
05/25/20: Putin's Russia: 20 years in the making
02/24/20: Double standard on abuse allegations
02/10/20: American culture warriors' toxic climate
11/24/18: Backlash against Devos' proposed guidelines on campus sexual assault and harassment is loud --- and misguided
12/19/17: Notion that lecherous sexism did in Hillary is a blinkered and simplistic view of gender dynamics
11/20/17: What's behind effort to awaken claims against Bill Clinton?
10/24/17: Hey, progressive cultural warriors: Don't ruin our post-Weinstein world
10/24/17: The Soviet experiment's rise and fall
03/21/17: The Other Women's Movement: They voted for Donald Trump. Their European sisters are supporting nationalist movements of their own. And they're not who you think they are
08/24/16: In our current cultural climate, there's no way for a man to shake the charge of rape, even after he's found not guilty
07/04/16: Feminists treat men badly. It's bad for feminism
09/17/15: The Internet troll had a familiar username
06/23/15: The Most Radical $10 Bill Candidate Yet
06/16/15: A bad sexist joke shouldn't kill a career
01/26/15: The spy we know might be better than the hacker we don't
09/30/14: What women still want in a husband
09/01/14: U.S. must pick and choose where it can help
08/25/14: Don't be blinded to our progress on race
08/06/14: Daughters of Feminism strike back
07/21/14: The NSA's data dragnet in clearer focus
06/26/14: America's difficult but crucial role in the world
05/29/14: Males taking their place in campus sexual-assault mess
05/15/14: World focus on Nigerian girls at what cost?
04/10/14: Russia, a victim of its own past
04/03/14: Carter's latest anti-American affront
02/07/14: Woody Allen: Predator or Victim?
01/27/14: Make politics less toxic? Start by discounting Dem report on gender inequality
01/09/14: Rather than fight inequality, seek opportunity
12/19/13: Fact checking feminism
12/12/13: News media flop on 'knockout game'
12/05/13: Katy Perry's dance should remind us to let artistic expression bloom
11/21/13: Neither side is innocent of gender bias
10/28/13: Mean girls test biases about women
10/01/13: Yes, Patriarchy Is Dead; the Feminists Prove It
09/17/13: Putin conveniently forgets Russian exceptionalism
09/13/13: Is Syria the end of U.S. interventionism?
09/10/13: Right and left play fast and loose when talking about race
09/03/13: Civil right leader, turned conservative
08/14/13: And now the truth: A cautionary tale about the dangers of zealotry for a noble cause
08/12/13: Making Fed appointment about gender is truly sexist
08/05/13: Private interests should step up on voter id, abortion
07/25/13: What all of those anti-Zimmerman yammerers don't want you to know
07/17/13: Disagree with the George Zimmerman jury? At least study the facts
07/10/13: Beware of extreme critics of government surveillance
06/27/13: Don't overlook sexual assault on men in the military
06/20/13: Fathers can't be treated as equal only when convenient
06/13/13: Anonymous Is No Hero
06/06/13: Online hate speech goes two ways
05/29/13: Sexual assault: When the government turns the accused into the victim
05/24/13: Stirring diversity, hostile environment 08/24/00: Why are liberals still squeamish about judging other nations by American standards?
08/10/00: Are all govrnment snoops evil?
07/28/00: Whining like a baby, because you don't have one
07/14/00: Do boys need to be liberated from patriarchy or from feminism?
06/28/00: Rethinking the Central Park 'wilding'
05/01/00: Preoccupation with difference can obscure truth --- and often does
04/19/00: Time to get real about guns
04/07/00: Something is really wrong when the NOW Gang is advising the police on policy
03/31/00: Will Russia remain free?
03/10/00: Report from the 'feminist' frontlines
03/10/00: When children without a moral center kill
02/25/00: Maybe it should have been called "When Good Multi-Millionaires Go Bad"
02/10/00: Giving feminists a taste of their own medicine
01/21/00: Federal attention: Rape suits fuel showdown over state rights, violence and gender issues
01/13/00: Peace maker or dupe?
01/06/00: Womyn's movement wish list
12/31/99: 20th Century reality check
12/22/99: You are NUTS!
12/15/99: Elian Gonzales, poster boy -- literally -- of the fathers' movement?
12/08/99: Rebirth of idealistic civic activism?
12/02/99: Female agression --- domestic violence's 'dirty little secret'
11/29/99: Real liberation
11/19/99: The most important moral battle of our time
11/04/99: Milking tragedy
10/29/99: NOW and later: After three decades the 'womyn's movement' is still out of touch
09/30/99: Do 'protection orders' actually violate civil rights?
09/24/99: Making sense of the Miss America flap
09/17/99: Subsidizing corruption may have been unavoidable in Russia
09/14/99: Women Who Play Sports and the People Who Hate Them
09/08/99: There's more to Dubyah's cocaine story
08/27/99: Womyn's movement is bankrupt
08/06/99: Silence on marriage penalty speaks volumes for women
08/02/99: Essentially wrong?
07/23/99: Speaking too soon
07/16/99: Hypocrisy is rife in womens' sports
07/06/99: The underlying problem of the Americans with Disabilities Act is its logic
06/25/99: Dissin' dads
06/21/99: Stop oversimplifying gun debate
06/11/99: It's rayning Rand
06/04/99: Clash of the PC titans
05/28/99: Majoring in porn?
05/25/99:Solving the 'NEA-problem'
05/14/99: Feminists lost the war of ideas when they dismissed Friedan
05/07/99: Littleton lesson: Even in tragedy there's 'gender politics'
04/29/99: Question 'reality'
04/21/99: ‘If you get caught in NYC ...
04/16/99: ‘This is the way we shoot down Americans!’
04/12/99: Who drives away drop-out dads?
03/31/99: Time for a battle for ‘men’s reproductive rights?’
03/26/99: Left refuses to let bygones be bygones
03/18/99: Do both sides in the ‘mommy-wars’ misuse science?
03/12/99: EXTRA! EXTRA! Va. court rules violence is an equal-opportunity offender
03/04/99: Do even known-liars deserve the presumption of innocence?

©1999, Cathy Young