May 18th, 2022


Wrest control of America from those who would destroy her

Laura Hollis

By Laura Hollis

Published Dec. 30, 2021

The last year has pretty much been a dumpster fire, and I'm glad to see it go. G od only knows what 2022 holds, but the past year has provided some invaluable lessons we can - and must - use, to wrest control of America from those who would destroy her.

No. 1: On many important issues, the media deliberately lies or disseminates inexcusably false information.

Trump did not "collude" with Russia. COVID did not emerge in a wet market. The COVID shots do not prevent anyone from catching or transmitting the virus. Ivermectin is not just veterinary medicine. The border isn't secure. Higher prices aren't the result of companies "gouging" customers. Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot three Black men. We did not evacuate all Americans in Afghanistan before the disastrous military pullout. The Jan. 6 mobs at the Capitol last year were not part of an "insurrection." The Virginia gubernatorial election was not about white supremacy. Parents at school board meetings are not "domestic terrorists." President Joe Biden is not in excellent health. (How many presidents routinely speak from a fake Oval Office?)

The national media is either professionally deceitful or completely incompetent, or both. They cannot be trusted.

No. 2: Sweeping mandates like those proposed by the Biden administration are unconstitutional.