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Published Dec. 5, 2017

FAN-antic    Inexplicable

Jeffrey Riegel, 56, of Port Republic, New Jersey, left 'em laughing with his obituary's parting shot at the Philadelphia Eagles. In it, Riegel asked that eight Eagles players act as pallbearers, "so the Eagles can let me down one last time." Riegel owned season tickets for 30 years, during which the Eagles never won a Super Bowl. [Associated Press, 8/24/2017]

An Arkansas Highway Patrol officer spotted "an unusual sight" on Aug. 23 on I-30: a black Hummer with a casket strapped to the top of it. When the officer pulled over Kevin M. Cholousky, 39, of Van Buren, Arkansas, he took off and led police on a chase along I-530, where his vehicle was eventually stopped by road spikes. Although the casket was empty, Cholousky was charged in Pulaski County with fictitious tags, reckless driving and fleeing. [Arkansas Online, 8/24/2017]