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News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Dec. 29, 2014


The law finally caught up, partially, to squatter Darrell Beatty in September, as he was charged with grand larceny for forging a deed to a home owned by Jennifer Merin, 70, in Laurelton, New York.

However, he bailed out of jail on Oct. 22 and immediately returned to the house.

In fact, Beatty's two sons had remained "at home" even while Beatty was locked up. The home has been in Merin's family since 1930.

"Mind-boggling," she said. [New York Daily News, 11-4-2014]

The Law Works in Strange Ways: (1) The Gothamist news site reported in October that bicyclist John Roemer, who was rear-ended by a driver in Brooklyn in May (and whose intensive-care bill was paid by the driver's insurance company), is now being sued by the driver in small claims court for $2,000 damage to her car. (2) In November, a civil court in Lindau, Germany, ordered Rory Gray to pay Dr. Daniel Ubani for calling Ubani "an animal" (for having injected Gray's father with 10 times a drug's safe dose in 2008, which led to his death). The court found the epithet unwarranted and ordered Gray to help pay Ubani's legal expenses. [The Gothamist, 10-16-2014] [BBC News, 11-7-2014]

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