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Gives 'What a babe!' new meaning; Readers' Choice

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Dec. 8, 2014

  Gives 'What a babe!' new meaning; Readers' Choice

Amanda Collins, 28, took "beauty pageant mom" to the next level (down) earlier this year when she entered her daughter Luna in Britain's UK Princess and Prince International -- based entirely on Luna's ultrasound scan at age 20 weeks.

Said Collins, "As soon as I saw her image on the screen ... I knew she was a stunner." Contest officials had accepted the scan application, and six weeks after birth, Luna was named runner-up in the Princess and Prince, and on top of that, four weeks later, runner-up in Miss Dreams UK. "All she has to do," said Collins, "is lie in my arms and smile as I stroll down the catwalk." [Daily Mail (London), 10-26-2014]

(1) Ashley Tull, 30, was arrested in Selbyville, Delaware, in October after her 4-year-old daughter showed up at Hickory Tree Child Care Center with more than 200 baggies of heroin in her backpack, innocently sharing them with classmates. (2) Chula Vista, California, police officers in August rescued a woman and her adult daughter, who had screamed to 911 that they were trapped in the mother's bedroom, unable to leave because her house cat had turned bad and was "guarding" the door. (Officers repeatedly called "Cuppy" by name, softly, until he finally walked away.) [WCAU-TV (Philadelphia), 10-7-2014] [KGTV (San Diego), 8-12-2014]

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