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Things You Thought Would Happen; You ain't kidding?

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Dec. 1, 2014

  Things You Thought Would Happen; You ain't kidding?

Britain's The Guardian reported in October that repairing the "fashion" holes in earlobes is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the U.K., as millennial generation radicals tire of their half- to 3/4-inch, see-through lobes. Doctors charge up to $3,000 to remove the entire area around the hole (originally created by stretching the tissue) and connect the healthy parts back so they fuse together. (A Hawaiian man, not currently a patient, supposedly has the largest ear hole, nearly 4 inches in diameter.) [The Guardian, 10-18-2014]

South Carolina is one of at least 20 states to have enacted "stand your ground" defenses for use of deadly force, but prosecutors in Charleston are refusing to recognize it in one logical category -- "standing your ground" in the home against life-threatening assaults by one's spouse.

The legislative history of the South Carolina law, and a recent state Supreme Court decision, show (said a prosecutor) that it was to be used only against intruders and not against people with a right to be there, even to ward off a vicious assault by, for example, a husband against a wife. [Post and Courier (Charleston), 10-12-2014]

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