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Published Nov. 27, 2019

Overreaction | Wait, What!?

Truck driver Cesar Schmitz of Eneas Marques, Brazil, was just trying to make his wife happy when he launched an effort to rid their backyard of cockroaches.

"She ... begged me to destroy their nest under the ground once and for all," Schmitz, 48, explained.

After chemicals failed to do the job, The Daily Mail reported, Schmitz decided setting fire to the hole would work, so he poured a capful of gasoline into the hole and tossed in a lighted match.

After a couple of misfires, caught on his home's security camera, a match landed, and Schmitz and his dogs are seen ducking for cover as the resulting explosion sends turf and lawn furniture flying through the air.

The gasoline itself had ignited but it had also set off the highly combustible methane from the bugs' venom that had accumulated in an air pocket under the grass.

"I wish I'd thought this through," Schmitz said.

He admitted it made a huge mess, but said, ultimately, his scheme was a success: The cockroaches are gone. [Daily Mail, 10/22/2019]

Twenty-year-old Cody Christopher Meader of St. Petersburg, Florida, entered a Pinellas Park Target store on Oct. 22, where he sought a large Olaf stuffed doll from the Disney movie "Frozen," the Smoking Gun reported.

Meader placed the doll on the floor and climbed on to have his way with poor Olaf, according to the criminal complaint.

After finishing, he returned the character to the shelf and proceeded to the toy department, where he "selected a large unicorn stuffed animal" and repeated his offensive behavior.

Meader was detained in the store and later charged with criminal mischief.

Meader's father told police that his son "def has a history of this type of behavior."

Meader posted bond and was released from custody. [Smoking Gun, 10/23/2019]