'Absolutely NOT! I drive a Prius.' | Weird Science

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Published Nov. 14, 2018

'Absolutely NOT! I drive a Prius.' | Weird Science
After trying repeatedly on Sept. 12 to pull over a Toyota Prius driving with expired tags on I-5 near Marysville, Washington, a Washington State Patrol officer finally caught up to the car at an intersection and verbally instructed the unnamed 42-year-old woman driver to pull over, reported the Everett Daily Herald. "I will not. I drive a Prius," was the woman's reply. The officer then asked her to step out of the vehicle, which she also refused to do, so he forced her out. "I will own your bank account," she told him. "I will own your house." When he asked her name, she responded, "None of your business." Finally, she was arrested for failing to obey instructions, failing to identify herself and obstruction. [Herald.net, 9/16/2018]

It's been a banner year for the spider population of Aitoliko, Greece, according to the Associated Press. Fueled by a huge increase in the numbers of lake flies, which the spiders eat, the spiders reproduced unusually fast and have covered coastal trees, bushes and low vegetation with blankets of thick, sticky webs. The webs run along a few hundred meters of the shoreline in the western Greek town and, according to residents, have the unexpected advantage of keeping mosquitoes away. [Associated Press, 9/21/2018]