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Published Nov. 13, 2018

 Bright Idea |  Questionable Judgment
It's one way to get a ride to lunch: Knox County (Kentucky) Sheriff's deputies responded to a home in Corbin, where Kenneth Ray Couch, 35, had reportedly stolen a handgun.

As they searched for Couch, they learned he had been transported to the hospital in an ambulance after staging a heart attack at nearby Dixon's market.

When police arrived at Baptist Health Corbin, WYMT reported, they found Couch in the cafeteria, which had apparently been his goal all along.

Couch was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary and falsely reporting an incident. [WYMT, 8/27/2018]

School resource officer and part-time police officer Maryssa Boskoski, 32, was called into a classroom at Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, Ohio to help rouse a sleeping student who could not be awakened by the teacher or even the principal.

When Boskoski arrived, The Washington Post reported, her solution was to unholster her Taser, remove the firing cartridge and pull the trigger, causing an electric buzz that woke the student and shocked the school community.

Smithville Police Chief Howard Funk placed Boskoski on unpaid leave and told WEWS news station Boskoski had been disciplined a month earlier, also for a Taser-related incident.

An investigation was ongoing. [The Washington Post, 9/6/2018]