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Things You Thought Couldn't Happen

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published November 27, 2014

  Things You Thought Couldn't Happen

A Practical Use for Trigonometry: When a stampede killed pigs and induced sows' abortions on a farm near York, England, two years ago, the operator of a noisy hot-air balloon denied responsibility, referring to a court order keeping balloons 500 meters away. Using GPS coordinates and the location of dead pigs, a mathematics professor at York University (employing trigonometry, he said) proved that the balloon could not have been more than 300 meters away. After the professor "showed his work" on the problem, the balloon's insurer upped the settlement to almost four times its initial offer. [The Northern Echo (Weybridge, England), 10-13-2014]

Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis reported in October that, even after many heroic saves, they had never heard of a dog like Adam, who is apparently allergic to humans. Following a blood test to determine why he remained so sickly despite therapies, a doctor reported that Adam is allergic to human dander, and researchers told WRTV that a special serum was being prepared. [WRTV (Indianapolis), 10-14-2014]

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