Legal Technicalities; Too Much Information

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published November 21, 2014

  Legal Technicalities; Too Much Information

When a van on official business for the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, accidentally hit Megan Campbell's Nissan Pathfinder in August, Campbell, naturally, filed a claim against the city for the $1,900 damage -- normally just a cost of business for a city and one of about 400 claims St. Paul has processed this year.

However, the van happened to be driven by the same Megan Campbell, an employee of St. Paul Parks and Recreation, who apparently could not avoid hitting her own parked SUV.

At press time, the city was investigating but expected to handle the claim as routine. [St. Paul Pioneer-Press, 10-9-2014]

Pauline Chai and her estranged husband, Khoo Kay Peng (a Laura Ashley executive), are battling in a London courtroom in a very expensive divorce, with the current issue to determine whether the English judge has jurisdiction instead of courts in the couple's native Malaysia.

In the course of bringing the British judge up to date, Chai casually described how she has supported her husband's relentless nature -- by revealing that he would do copious amounts of work (for four hours at a time) at home while sitting on the toilet.

Khoo "got backache there," she said, "so I got the idea of (a) padded toilet seat" for him. [Daily Telegraph (London), 10-2-2014]

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