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The Continuing Crisis; The Miracle of Meth

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published November 3, 2014

The Continuing Crisis; The Miracle of Meth

Order in the Court: Signs went up in August in the York, Pennsylvania, courtroom of District Judge Ronald Haskell Jr. addressing two unconventional problems.

First, "Pajamas are not (underlining 'not') appropriate attire for District Court." Second, "Money from undergarments will not be accepted in this office."

Another judge, Scott Laird, told the York Daily Record that he'd probably take the skivvy-stored money anyway.

"The bottom line is, if someone's there to pay a fine, I don't see how you can turn that away." [York Daily Record, 8-13-2014]

Three terrified people screaming out of an upper-story window at a house outside Dothan, Alabama, on Aug. 24 drew police in a hurry. They were trapped, they yelled -- unable to escape because intruders were still inside, shooting at them.

One "victim" said she had been stabbed -- and the blade broken off inside her. With their own shotgun, the three had blown out several windows and walls defending themselves.

They had even ripped out an upstairs toilet and sink and dropped them on an intruder outside.

Police calmed the situation and later told reporters that there never were intruders -- that the "hostages" had imagined the whole thing, except for the estimated $10,000 damage and the woman's superficial, "defensive" stab wounds. (The home's methamphetamine lab apparently remained intact.) [Dothan Eagle, 8-25-2014]

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