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New Frontiers in American Vacuousness; Least Competent Criminals

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Oct. 16, 2014

New Frontiers in American Vacuousness; Least Competent Criminals

The WE cable network disclosed in August that it had ordered a nine-episode adaptation of a British series, "Sex Box," in which a couple enters a large opaque chamber on stage and has intercourse.

The pair, pre- and post-coitally, are clothed and seated before a panel of probably D-List celebrities, and will respond to questions and comment on their feelings and techniques (likely enduring praise and criticisms about their "work").

The series will debut sometime in 2015.

(However, as the Daily Beast website pointed out, it might also be true that still, in 2015, even a split-second's glimpse of a female nipple on any broadcast TV show would create a national scandal.) [The Daily Beast, 8-21-2014]

(1) Clearwater, Florida, police pulled over a "suspicious" car on July 24 and ultimately arrested the driver and his passenger. The back seat was loaded with potted plants -- in fact, potted pot plants (i.e., marijuana), so crowded that the leaves and branches of some plants were sticking out of the car's windows.

(2) Daniel Warn, 28, was arrested in July in Costa Mesa, California, and charged with the burglary of an El Pollo Loco restaurant -- a caper that was captured on surveillance video. Police were notified later that day when Warn -- wearing the same distinctive hat and bright green shirt worn by the burglar -- came to the restaurant to order a meal. [WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg), 8-6-2014] [KCBS-TV (Los Angeles), 7-18-2014]

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