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News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published August 20, 2015

The 90-Minute Day | Too Much Information

The whimsical premise of the iconic movie "Groundhog Day" (that someone can wake up every day believing it is the previous day) has largely come to life for a patient of a British psychologist writing recently in the journal Neurocase.

Dr. Gerald Burgess' patient, following anesthesia and root-canal treatment, was left with a memory span of only about 90 minutes and awakens each day believing it is the day he is to report for the same root canal. He has been examined by numerous specialists, including neurologists who found no ostensible damage to the usual brain areas associated with amnesia. The patient is able to manage his day only by using an electronic diary with prompts. [University of Leicester press release, 7-14-2015]

At a charity event in Philadelphia in July, in the course of attempting to set a Guinness Book record for pogo-stick workouts, Jack Sexty, 25, bounced 88,047 straight times (over a 10-hour, 20-minute session) -- to add to his several previous Guinness records.

Sexty, who said he was physically uncomfortable at times during the 10-hour ordeal, suggested that he may have "inadvertently" set yet another pogo record -- as maybe the only person ever to answer a "number two" call of nature while pogoing. He explained that a guy had offered to hold a pot underneath him as he jumped and did his business -- but Sexty confessed, "I couldn't be very accurate (aiming for the pot)." [Bristol Post (Bristol, England), 7-4-2015]

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