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Well, that certainly explains it! | New World Order

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published August 14, 2015

Well, that certainly explains it! | New World Order

Adultery is illegal in Japan -- except, as a Tokyo District Court judge ruled in a "psychological distress" lawsuit filed by the jilted wife, when it is done by a company to retain a good customer. A night club hostess who had carried on with the married man proved that she did so only as "makura eigyo," or "pillow sales tactic." Said the judge, "As long as the intercourse is for business, it does not harm the marital relationship at all." (The ruling, from 2014, was first publicized this year.) [Japan Times, 6-10-2015]

In 1993, the owner of the iconic 5Pointz building in New York City began allowing graffiti artists to use the walls for their masterpieces, but by 2013 had grown weary of the building's look and had the walls whitewashed. In June 2015, nine of the artists filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the owner compensate them, substantially, for destroying their creations -- and they stand a good chance of collecting (under the Visual Artists Rights Act) if they prove their particular works are of "recognized stature" and not merely art of an "ephemeral nature." At its height, 5Pointz attracted more than 350 artists' works from around the world. [New York Daily News, 6-12-2015]

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