Donkeys Rising; The jailed life still ain't good enough

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published August 26, 2014

Donkeys Rising; The jailed life still ain't good enough

(1) In Turkey, some shepherds have outfitted their sheep-monitoring donkeys with solar panels and battery packs to illuminate nighttime isolated fields in emergencies. Thus, for instance, pregnant animals can be aided during field births and not have to return to the farms. (2) In an interview with Vice.com, the Swiss founder of Eurolactis touts donkey milk as the preferred substitute for cow milk -- since donkeys have only one stomach, as humans have. (Cows, goats and sheep have multiple stomachs to break down their complex milk, but that milk gives humans digestion problems.) On the other hand, as Vice.com pointed out, milk-drinkers, especially, must learn to ignore the A-word nickname for "donkey." [Mother Nature News, 7-22-2014] [Vice.com, 7-25-2014]

The most recent murder suspect to whine about his oppressive jail conditions appears to be Adam Landerman, 21, awaiting trial in the grisly 2013 murders of two people. In July, his patience apparently exhausted, he filed court papers in Joliet, Illinois, complaining that the jail's towels are too small, the jail offers no barber or beautician services or shaving cream, and the food is "monotonous and undiversified," among other inadequacies. [Joliet Patch, 7-15-2014]

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