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Names in the News; Inexplicable

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published August 25, 2014

Names in the News; Inexplicable

In May, News of the Weird mentioned a Floridian with drug charges named Edward Cocaine. In June, in Lake Wales, Florida, Ms. Crystal Metheney, 36, was arrested on a (BB-)gun charge -- but she also has a drug arrest (marijuana) on her record. In July a northern California wildfire investigation turned up suspect Freddie Smoke III, 27. And for less-mature News of the Weird readers, Ryan Smallwood, 26, was arrested in Rock Hill, South Carolina, for making obnoxious sexual comments in a restaurant. [The Smoking Gun, 6-12-2014] [Associated Press via The Guardian (London), 7-15-2014] [Rock Hill Herald, 5-12-2014]

(1) Alonzo Liverman, 29, was arrested in June in a Daytona Beach, Florida, police sting on prostitutes' johns. "I'm hungry," was the female officer's come-on. Responded Liverman, "I got a salad." Even though no salad was found on Liverman, police determined the banter constituted a sufficient offer for paid sex. (2) The robber of a Chase Bank in Tucson, Arizona, in March is still on the loose even though surveillance video has been widely distributed. An additional detail from the video: The man pulled the holdup while carrying a small dog in a basket. [The Smoking Gun, 6-11-2014] [Tucson News Now, 3-28-2014]

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