News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published July 6, 2022


Darbi Boddy, a Lakota School Board member in Butler County, Ohio, was asked to resign after she apparently mistakenly directed visitors on her "Boddy for Lakota" Facebook page to a pornographic website, WLWT-TV reported.

On April 26, she created a post about topics being taught in classrooms and included a link, but she spelled it wrong. Other school board members recognized that it was a mistake but said she was negligent; board president Lynda O'Connor called the error "absolutely unacceptable."

In response, Boddy said, "This is a ruse, a political ruse. I did nothing wrong," and called the meeting a circus designed to shut down conservatives.

Before the website incident, Boddy had been the subject of a petition, signed by 1,500 people, seeking her censure for "continued disrespect and aggression toward Superintendent Matt Miller."

She said she will never resign.