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'The Pervo-American Community

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published July 8, 2015

'The Pervo-American Community

Footnotes: (1) Rusty Sills, 56, previously an "underwear bandit" in West Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested in Pinellas Park, Florida, in March and charged with stealing women's shoes -- sometimes "replacing" them with shoes he no longer fancied. (Police found about 100 pairs in his van.)

(2) James Dowdy, 43, on parole for an earlier sock theft, was arrested once again in Belleville, Illinois, after police received reports of socks missing in burglaries. Authorities said Dowdy had been involved in "other types of sock-related incidents (and) using socks in an inappropriate and obscene manner," but details were not reported. (Found in a search of Dowdy's home were notebooks of children's names, ages and types of socks worn.) [WFTS-TV (Tampa), 3-16-2015] [Belleville News-Democrat, 5-20-2015]

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