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Bright Ideas | Crime in Floridat

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published June 26, 2015

Bright Ideas | Crime in Floridat

Body cameras for police officers is yesterday's news. At the Sanmenxia canyon rapids in China's Henan province, the issue is body cameras for lifeguards. The all-female White Swan Women's Rafting Rescue Team has complained recently about swimmers deliberately throwing themselves into the water so they could scream for help -- in order to fondle the women when they arrived to save them. Attaching cameras to the women's helmets and legs is expected to deter perverts. [Daily Mail (China), 5-5-2015]

(1) Daniel Palmer, 26, was arrested in Miami Beach in April only after he returned to the crime scene area to berate his victim, a New York tourist from whom he had snatched a "fake" necklace at gunpoint. Palmer initially got away, but was upset and returned to confront the tourist, who pointed out Palmer's car to an officer. (2) Ms. Joey Mudd, 34, of Largo was arrested in May, along with her husband, Chad, on charges that they routinely shared marijuana and even cocaine with their daughters, aged 13 and 14. Deputies said Ms. Mudd freely admitted that she used the drugs as incentives to get the girls to do their chores and do well in school. [WTVJ-TV (Miami), 4-30-2015] [Bay News 9 (St. Petersburg), 5-6-2015]

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