May 28th, 2024


The Way the World Works

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By News of the Weird

Published May 13, 2024

The Way the World Works

In 1973, Nissim Kahlon was living in a tent on a beach north of Tel Aviv, Israel, the Associated Press reported.

He started scratching into a sandstone cliff wall along the beach, and eventually excavated a cave and moved in.

Fifty years later, his created home is a sandcastle, with multiple floors, staircases, detailed mosaic floors and plumbing.

But now Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry is moving to evict Kahlon, saying the structure is illegal and threatens the coastline. He said he first got a demolition order in 1974, but since then the government has left him alone, even connecting his home to the electrical grid.

"I am not leaving here," Kahlon, 77, said. "I am ready for them to bury me here. I have no other home." [AP, 7/12/2023]