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Names & destiny?

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Feb. 5, 2016

Names & destiny?

Arrested for burglary, in Porthcawl, Wales, November: Christopher Badman.

Charged in two shootings in Medina County, Texas, November: Shane Outlaw.

Arrested for allegedly having sex with a child, in Springfield, Massachusetts, December: Mr. Long Dinh Duong.

Arrested for trespassing at a Budweiser brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, December: Mr. Bud Weisser, 19.

Credited with rescuing two women from a man who was terrifying strangers on the street in Toronto on Nov. 22: the local professional clown Doo Doo (Shane Faberman). (Bonus: Doo Doo was in costume when he made the rescue.)

(Also in the news was a "Vietnamese man" supposedly named Phuc Dat Bich, who had trouble getting Facebook to register his name. Despite having several mainstream-media outlets gullibly cover his complaint in mid-November, he admitted a week later that the name is bogus.) Badman: [BBC News, 11-10-2015]

Outlaw: [, 11-22-2015] Duong: [The Republican (Springfield), 12-5-2015] Weisser: [KTVI-TV (St. Louis), 12-4-2015] Doo Doo: [Washington Post, 11-24-2015] Bich: [CNN, 11-25-2015]

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