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Published Jan. 2, 2020

Wait, What? | Weird 'Science'

Zhang Binsheng, 30, of Harbin, China, finally sought a doctor's attention after three months of struggling to breathe through his nose, Metro News reported in early November. Zhang told doctors at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University that he couldn't sleep and also had a constant smell of decay in his nostrils.

X-rays revealed Zhang had a tooth stuck in his nostril. The tooth, which Zhang had lost when he was 10 years old after a fall from the third floor of a mall, had somehow rerooted and continued to grow in his nasal cavity. It was removed in a brief surgery, and Zhang is said to be recovering. [Metro News, 11/11/2019]

Beware medical advice derived from Instagram, we always say. "Metaphysicalmeagan," who boasts nearly 10,000 followers on the social media site, is advocating a new "ancient Taoist practice that has been around for a while": perineum sunning.

"Many of you have been asking about the benefits of this practice," she writes, "30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on!"

She goes on to say she has experienced energy surges, better sleep and more creativity, reports IFLScience.com, along with myriad other improvements.

Scientists point out that while sunlight and taking some time to relax are healthful, "there is no evidence that (sunlight) has to be taken as a suppository." [IFLScience.com, 11/26/2019]