Not, again!

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Jan., 30, 2017

Not, again!

Most old-time liquor restrictions have fallen in America, but Utah continues to hold out. The new Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, opened in October, has an elegant lobby with several floors of balconies overlooking it, but its liquor license was delayed briefly when it was realized that visitors on the upper floors could peer down at the lobby and witness beer and wine actually being poured from beer and wine bottles -- a violation of state law, which allows serving only in ordinary glassware. (At lobby level, there was a "Zion Curtain" to shield drink preparation, but the theater realized it would also need a "Zion Ceiling.") [Fox13now, 9-27-2016]

True "Florida": (1) In October, sheriff's deputies in Pinellas County, detaining the 350-pound Columbus Henderson, 45, discovered (in one of Henderson's "orifices") a glass "crack pipe" stuffed with steel wool. (A week earlier, Henderson had shoplifted two 40-inch TV sets from a Wal-Mart in Fort Lauderdale, and fled, though he was identified when his loosely worn pants, containing his ID, fell completely off as he "dashed" through the parking lot.) (2) Police said Ms. Taccara Nauden, 28, had no contraband, but was using an "orifice" for her ID card, during a traffic stop in Hollywood in October. She did not want police to know that she was Taccara Nauden, since there was an arrest warrant on her. [The Smoking Gun, 10-5-2016] [WKMG-TV (Orlando), 10-3-2016]