October 16th, 2021



News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Jan. 29, 2016


Sweet: (1) As deputy leader of Scotland's South Lanarkshire Council, Jackie Burns was instrumental in the budgetary closing of all 24 public toilets in the area. In November, Burns was fined (the equivalent of about $60) after he, out on the town, could hold it in no longer and urinated in the street.

(2) Hector Segura, 29, in town for a Washington, D.C., conference on drug policy reform (with most attendees certain that the "war on drugs" has failed) was found by police naked in a flower bed in a neighborhood near his hotel in Arlington, Virginia, with (according to police) "bath salts" the culprit. It required two Taser shots to subdue him as he pounded on a squad car. [New York magazine, 11-12-2015] [WRC-TV (Washington), 11-23-2015]

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