October 24th, 2021


Won't Make That Mistake Again

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Jan.27, 2015

Won't Make That Mistake Again

(1) Ralik Hansen, 28, suspected in a dramatic New York City jewelry robbery, heard a knock at the door of a Brooklyn home in October, squeezed down under a couch and accidentally shot himself to death. (He thought he was hiding from police; it was a delivery man.)

(2) Dennis Emery, 57, according to neighbors a frequent gun-brandisher at home in Pinellas Park, Florida, accidentally mishandled one during a November domestic argument and fatally shot himself in the face.

(3) A 26-year-old woman in St. Louis, who had recently purchased a handgun to protect against potential violence in Ferguson, was waving it around while riding in a car with a friend, causing him to grab for it, and a shot fatally struck her. (However, police still have not closed that case.) [WCBS-TV, 11-14-2014] [ (Tampa), 11-25-2014] [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11-28-2014]

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