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The Classic Middle Name (all new!); Dying to Get a Date

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Jan.19, 2015

The Classic Middle Name (all new!); Dying to Get a Date

Arrested recently and awaiting trial for murder: Jason Wayne Autry, Holladay, Tennessee (April); Dennis Wayne Brooks, Robertsville, Missouri (November); Jimmy Wayne Estes, Charlotte, North Carolina (June); Jestin Wayne Hooker, Lubbock, Texas (July); Walter Wayne Howard, Portland, Oregon (November, for 1988 cold case); John Wayne Mackay, James City County, Virginia (indicted January); Thomas Wayne Martin, Huntsville, Alabama (indicted November). Convicted of murder: Allen Wayne Densen Morgan, Munford, Alabama (June); Darrell Wayne Frederick, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (November). Sentenced for murder: Gregory Wayne Hill, Sydney, Australia (June); Stephen Wayne Jamieson, Sydney, Australia (November); Christopher Wayne Robin, Beaumont, Texas (March). Execution for murder imminent, pending clemency hearing: Robert Wayne Holsey, Baldwin County, Georgia (November). [Autry: The Tennessean, 4-30-2014] [Brooks: Sullivan Independent News (Sullivan, Mo.), 11-25-2014] [Estes: Charlotte Observer, 6-17-2014] [Hooker: KJTV (Lubbock), 8-26-2014] [Howard: KOIN-TV (Portland, Ore.), 11-13-2014] [Mackay: [Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, 1-16-2014] [Martin: (Huntsville), 11-7-2014] [Morgan: CBS News, 4-15-2014] [Frederick: The Oklahoman, 11-12-2014] [Hill: Sydney Morning Herald, 7-31-2014] [Jamieson: The Age (Melbourne), 11-25-2014] [Robin: Beaumont Enterprise, 3-19-2014] [Holsey: WMGT-TV (Atlanta), 11-25-2014]

Like many in society's subgroups, people who work in "death" industries or professions in the U.K. may believe it difficult to reach "like-minded" suitors. Hence, Carla Valentine established Dead Meet earlier this year and told in October that she has drawn 5,000 sign-ups among morticians, coroners, embalmers, cemetery workers, taxidermists, etc., who share her chagrin that "normal" people are often grossed out or too indiscreet to respect the dignity of her industry's "clients." We might, said Valentine, need a sensitive companion at the end of the day to discuss a particularly difficult decomposition. Or, she added, perhaps embalmers make better boyfriends because their work with cosmetics helps them understand why "many women take so long to get ready." [, 10-28-2014]

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