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Jewish World Review Dec. 13, 2002 / 8 Teves, 5763

Tony Snow

Tony Snow
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We also want to be sure that we're fighting for right | The conflict in Iraq has turned into a war of words --- for now.

The government of Saddam Hussein, having said it has no weapons of mass destruction, is challenging the US to prove otherwise. It's a fascinating development, and it cuts to the heart of things.

The President said he has hinted that it has incontrovertible evidence that Iraq has such weapons, and that he or his team will reveal it to the public at a suitable time. Frankly, he has a political and moral obligation to do so before any hostilities commence.

The president doesn't have to disclose evidence that will compromise sources or disclose methods but a few pictures or anecdotes wouldn't hurt. We Americans will accept sending our young servicemen and women into harm's way if we know that by so doing, we'll keep our country safe and free.

Without such knowledge, public opinion could shift radically and often as in Vietnam.

We also want to be sure that we're fighting for right: for liberation and dignity. Saddam Hussein has adopted a strategy the president has used this year: He's trying to call our bluff.

Well, sooner or later, we'll have to answer.

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