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Jewish World Review Dec. 9, 2002 / 4 Teves, 5763

Tony Snow

Tony Snow
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President Bush fired me | The hot political news in Washington: The White House has fired Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and National Economic Adviser Larry Lindsey.

Lindsey actually got a double-snub because the Washington Post referred to him merely as "a top adviser."

I know what these guys feel because I was fired by the first president Bush as his director of speechwriting.

Here's how the thing goes down. First, you get wind of rumors. Once friendly colleagues avert your gaze and aides inform you that they don't have to help you anymore. You have a tense meeting or two in the Oval Office and then, after extended agony ... the Call.

A designated executioner phones late at night, and suggests a face-saving ruse, that fools no one. The press proclaims your fall worldwide, citing malevolent, anonymous sources and you have to keep your yap shut out of loyalty to the president.

But there's a silver lining.

Lindsay and O'Neill will discover that life continues after the White House, in new and wonderful ways. Someday, those now whispering insults to reporters, will feel the same agony.

So my advice: Chin up guys. You'll be fine.

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