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Jewish World Review Dec. 5, 2002 / 30 Kislev, 5763

Tony Snow

Tony Snow
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I'm a commander in the right wing coup | I love the claim most recently initiated by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and picked up by former vice president Al Gore that right-wingers are controlling the media.

I've got a unique perspective on the controversy, because I've worked with all the major players in the purported coup.

I came to Washington 15 years ago as editorial page editor of the Washington Times, worked in the first Bush White House, spent five or six years as the principle substitute host for Rush Limbaugh, and now have the privilege of working for Fox News. I can tell you with perfect assurance that Messrs. Gore and Daschle have a bad case of the fevers, and they know it.

Let's be practical: In our business, we thrive when we tell you things you didn't know and need to. If we spout party lines or distort the facts, people will catch on and we'll fail.

The so-called mainstream press has become a trickling tributary because its practitioners have gotten lazy.

But they'll snap out of it -- and when they do -- they, and we, will be stronger for it.

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